Has anyone heard this ?

“But you can’t ride your bike in the winter.”

“That’s Crazy.”

“You are going to get killed.”

I hear this from people all the time and it might be understandable as I do live in Edmonton, Canada where winter is spelled W I N T E R, whereas people in Winnipeg spell it the same but add a few !!! as they might be the only folks who see worse weather.

To anyone who is from “The Peg”…I tip my toque to you.

But… we do ride in the winter and some of us ride nearly every day regardless of the temperatures, icy roads, snow, homicidal snow plow drivers, and without regard to those people who think we are certifiably crazy and dodge attempts by family members to have us committed.

We do this for many reasons but for me, it is about getting to where I need to be and most of the time cycling here in the winter is actually quite pleasant and dare I say, FUN!


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