West Downtown Complete Streets

Proposed Roadway Cross-section near 101 Street

West Downtown Complete Streets (WDCS) is a working group composed of members of the Oliver Community League, Downtown Edmonton Community League, students and other community residents, as well as interested stakeholders and the Edmonton Bicycle Commuters’ Society.

WDCS is advocating for safe and comfortable bicycling infrastructure in Oliver and Downtown as highlighted in the Bicycle Transportation Plan.

Get in touch with us & get involved

If you have any questions about the working group or its activities, please contact Steve Andersen, chair of the Edmonton Bicycle Commuters’ advocacy committee.

Name: Steve Andersen
E-mail: [email protected]

What are we looking for?

We want select streets, which are highlighted in the City of Edmonton’s Bicycle Transportation Plan, to be made more bike-friendly. This means making the streets more pedestrian-friendly, and more resident-friendly (less traffic, and slower traffic in front of your house). This is good for property values, but it’s also good for livability: from enjoying your front yard to walking your dog or going for a bike ride, we’re calling for changes that will make community streets safer and more enjoyable.

Key corridors include 102 Ave and 105 Ave, which we’d like to see become bicycle boulevards.

What kinds of changes?

  • Bike boulevards reduce shortcutting traffic
  • Bike boulevards divert non-local traffic away from neighbourhood streets
  • Bike boulevards usually maintain, and often increase on-street parking as part of the traffic calming
  • Bike boulevards slow traffic speeds using speed humps, mini-traffic islands, and other features
  • Bike boulevards include markings and signage to help guide cyclists
  • Bike boulevards use intersection treatments and traffic controls to help bicycles cross major arterial roads
  • Bike boulevards provide direct routes for cyclists
  • Bike boulevards increase walkability, livability, and property values

Interactive Map

Please add your own thoughts to the map below. (A free Google Account is needed.)

To add your own markers to this map, please log in to a Google account and add your thoughts. Just click “Edit” after clicking here to view the map.


To advocate for safe and comfortable bicycling and pedestrian infrastructure in the west downtown area.


Short term areas of concern:

  • Both 102 Ave & 105 Ave from 127 St to 96 St
  • 100 Ave
  • North south connection (121 St?)
  • North/ South connection at Railtown to GMAC

Long term areas of concern:

  • Connect to the Stoney Plain BRZ
  • North/ South connection at Railtown to GMAC
  • Connection to Blatchford field
  • Victoria Park Hill/ U of A connection
Upcoming dates
  • Wednesday, April 9, 2014: WDCS public meeting
    Time: 8pm to 9pm
    Location: Oliver Community League Hall (10326 118 St)
Past dates
  • June 1, 2013: WDCS at Oliver Community Festival
    Time: 10am to 3pm
    Location: 102 Ave, between 121-123 Streets

    Come chat with us about WDCS.

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The following organizations are not all officially affiliated with West Downtown Complete Streets (yet!), but they are all stakeholders.

DECL represents downtown residents in matters of development, parks, politics and other issues as well as planning and arranging community activities in the downtown core. Downtown Edmonton is a great place to “live, learn, work and play” and residency is expanding at an unprecedented rate with the ever-increasing redevelopment.

The North Edge is a vibrant, urban business community rooted in the rich history and diversity of Edmonton’s Queen Mary Park and Central MacDougall neighbourhoods. We proudly support a broad range of authentic cuisines, homegrown arts, and whole-body health & fitness faciities, centred on a core of innovative design and artisanry. (read more…) »

Over the last few years, 124 Street has evolved into one of Edmonton’s most vibrant shopping districts and home to some of Edmonton’s finest restaurants, boutiques, and galleries. Nestled along the north bank of the River Valley at the west end of Jasper Avenue, the 124 Street district extends north along the 124 Street corridor to 111 Avenue. We pride ourselves on being a unique business community, delicately tucked away in our large city, offering an array of services to meet our consumer’s needs.

Promotes the involvement of the residents of the Oliver community through participation in healthy recreational, social and environmental activities.

The Students’ Association of MacEwan University (SAMU) is a student-centered organization governed by the students, for the students! In short, that means every MacEwan student is considered part of the Students’ Association.

The Association is its own organization; acting within MacEwan, while maintaining independence from the University. It is an organization serving students, inspired by students.

The Downtown Business Association of Edmonton was formed through the establishment of a Business Revitalization Zone for Downtown Edmonton in 1985. This zone includes the area from 111 Street to 95 Street and from 105 Avenue to 97 Avenue. Businesses within this Revitalization Zone are members of the Association through an annual business tax levy, as provided for by the Alberta Municipal Act.

The Downtown Business Association’s primary role is to maintain and increase the vitality – both real and perceived – of the downtown core of Edmonton.

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West Downtown Complete Streets Updates

ISL Engineering has been selected to design bike infrastructure for 102 Ave (from 136 St to 96 St) and 83 Ave (from 112 St to Mill Creek Ravine).

From the City of Edmonton:

These routes are intended to be high quality, all‐seasons routes that will be comfortable to a wide range of users, particularly families.

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Join the West Downtown Complete Streets (WDCS) coalition this Saturday, June 1 from 10am-3pm at the Oliver Community Festival (102 Ave, between 121-123 St) for free bike tune-ups from EBC, as well as to chat about ideas for making safe and comfortable bicycling and pedestrian infrastructure in the west downtown area. We’ll have photos, videos, information sheets, and WDCS reps available to talk with you and listen to your ideas and desires.

Our next monthly meeting of our advocacy committee (of which you can be a part!) is on April 3, 2013, at 6:30pm in the United Cycle community room.

Thanks to United for hosting! They’re located at 7620 Gateway Blvd. The meeting room is upstairs–ask the staff for directions.

This meeting is open to anyone interested in helping advocate for a better city for cycling.

West Downtown Complete Streets (WDCS) will be having their second meeting on March 28, 2013 from 7pm-9pm at the Oliver Community League Hall (10326 118 St). This meeting will define the group and its objectives, and is open to all stakeholders. Please feel free to join and participate if you have an interest in bike routes in the west downtown area.

For more information about WDCS, please see the WDCS project page.