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  • Chair: Paul Govenlock
  • Members:

Terms of Reference

General Purpose

The purpose of the membership committee will be to assess what EBC has done well with regards to growing its membership base, and where it can improve. Membership renewal rates as well as new membership subscriptions will be assessed with a primary focus on making an EBC membership which is more attractive to new and old members.

Key Duties and Responsibilities

To investigate the state of membership, with regards to how applications are filled out, how renewals are organized and pursued, and how to better market the EBC membership so as to entice new and old members to join.

Level of Authority

Members of the committee will have authority to approach community organizations for the purpose of forming specific business relations (ie. discounts at their business when EBC members present their membership cards).

Reporting Relationship

The committee will report to the board at monthly meetings. The chair of the committee or someone appointed by the chair will give the report. Reports will be written. They will be submitted five days before board meetings.

Composition and Appointments

The committee will include a mixture of board members and members of EBC in general who are interested in EBC membership issues. The committee will be led by a chair, selected from the EBC board for a 1 year term. Members are welcome to show up to any meetings and to contact the committee chair and any other member of the committee in regards to membership.

Minimal need for additional staff.

volunteer EBC staff – assist in brainstorming and assessing the most appropriate avenue to deal with the plateaued membership numbers, forge business relations with community businesses to increase attractiveness of membership card, develop and implement.


Meetings will occur once a month or every two months. To be determined at the first committee meeting.


The committee may apply for appropriate grants to support their efforts. The committee may also require occasional funds for printing and development.

Specific Annual Objectives

Forge community relations with specific businesses in order to add incentives to an EBC membership.

Reports and Target Dates

We will report bi-monthly on our progress. Reports will include the meetings held, progress made, etc.

Meeting Minutes