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Note: Split Information about social media used by EBC to IMC_Social_Media_Integration. This page should only describe the commitee work. Information about the 2010 version of the Committee can be found here.


Information Management Committee 2011-2012

  • Chair: James Phillips
  • Members:
    • (your name here)
    • (call today!)

Topics of focus

  • Document where and how data is stored in the organization
  • Plan data retention and security
  • Maintenance of EBC's IT infrastructure.
  • Network with other organizations experiencing similar challenges

Terms of Reference

General Purpose

While recognising that EBC is not primarily an Information Technology organization, the goal of this committee is to ensure that all functions of EBC relying on timely access to information function smoothly. Because some information is sensitive, planning data security is within the scope of the committee. Since some information is transient, planning data archival and destruction is also within the scope of the committee.

The committee must not overlook Free and Open Source Software (FOSS ), nor open data formats. Using FOSS where practical will increase the reliability of EBC’s IT infrastructure in the long-term. Since the use of FOSS may sometimes involve some customization, EBC will work with other organizations experiencing similar challenges to share the costs of such development.

Key Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Selection and maintenance of computer equipment used by EBC. -staff responsibility
  2. Selection and maintenance of paper/microfiche handing equipment. -staff responsibility
  3. Selection and maintenance of software used by EBC. -staff responsibility
  4. Document any web services used by EBC, including any Terms Of Service or Privacy Policies that apply (review annually). -possible volunteer project, not a board project
  5. Developing a security policy for access to sensitive documents, taking into account Board turn-over. -yes, this is policy:)
  6. Develop a data archival and destruction policy. Automate as much as is practical. -yes, this is policy:)
  7. Improve organizational transparency with open data initiatives ( -possible volunteer project; could be policy work as long as it doesn't commit us to standards beyond our current resources
  8. Collaborate with other organizations facing similar challenges to those above. (For example, the EFF has an almost dead program to track TOS and Privacy Policy changes) Bike Calgary has expressed interest in collaborating with us in the past. has apparently developed some kind of shop management system we may want to investigate. -this is a potential implication of working on any problem.
  9. Work with other committees to help them with any data storage needs -needn't be explicit here
  10. Maintaining websites (stolenbikes, brb, cycleedmonton, edmontonbikes,, -staff responsibility
  11. Find or develop a program to send event notices to Website, (Google) Calender, Facebook, and Twitter all at the same time (Use RSS feed?). -volunteer project in cooperation with staff, not board
  12. Document how we went about opening the second location so that others can benefit from our experience. -a volunteer project
  13. Migrating primary EBC website to new platform (Wordpress) -staff responsibility (volunteer help may be welcome, I don't know)
  14. Maintain phone and network equipment -staff responsibility (volunteer help may be welcome)
  15. Monitoring and archiving media -staff responsibility (volunteer help may be welcome)
  16. Maintain EBC Library/bookshelves -volunteer (this may be Micah's pet project)
  17. Some data entry, collection of photos for EBC use. -volunteer in cooperation with staff
  18. Audit IPv6 compliance. -fine as a pet project, below board level
  19. Audit bandwidth usage as needed. -fine as a pet project, below board level
Level of Authority

Much of this committee's work is very public-facing, and may be the first interaction people have with EBC. Any major, public-facing changes, therefore (such as a website redesign) should be passed before the board for review, though decisions can be made by the committee without a board vote once a reasonable amount of time has been given for review (unless the board indicates otherwise during this review period). --something like a website redesign would be an ED responsibility. Decisions involving a significant new financial cost or liability to EBC must first be recommended to the board for approval. Decisions involving significant privacy or security concerns must also first be recommended to the board for approval. --The committee's work should be to propose new policy and solutions for it's implementation. There's no need for it to be making independent decisions.

Reporting Relationship

The chair of the committee shall submit written reports to the board prior to each board meeting.

Composition and Appointments

The chair will be selected by the board of directors based on open nominations. The chair may appoint anyone to the committee. The president and executive director are ex officio members.


At least once every 2 months.



This committee may spend up to $300/yr on infrastructure. Any larger expenses must be approved by the board and should be properly ammortized. This committee's activities may affect the following budget items:

  • $210/yr for hosting
  • $50/yr for domain names
  • $1600/yr for phone and Internet access (two locations)
  • Office supplies
  • Note: Microfiche conversion is not expected to be a budget item in the near future. The mere act of paginating and removing external dependencies from the information is important.

--This stuff is already part of our operational budget. The committee as such should require no financial resources.


Volunteers to do:

  • web development
  • systems analysis
  • data entry
  • IT support
  • statistics
  • security analysis

--That would be great, but this is all operational, so they'd be working for staff, not for a committee of the board.

Support from the Treasurer and Secretary in ensuring digital copies of documents are properly archived, and that significant paper documents are digitized and/or copied to microfiche (where it is likely to be useful and reasonable).

Specific Annual Objectives

The above list may be too long and general. Things to be accomplished by the AGM should be listed here

Document the establishment of BikeWorks north

By August 31, 2012, the IMC will have added information about setting up the second location to: Chris Chan explains in a January 24, 2012 e-mail: “I know it's additional work to something that's already a lot, but EBC is in a position to really contribute to bike collectives internationally, since (which runs the ThinkTank mailing list and is a hub of discussion for things like Bike!Bike!) is pretty heavily referenced even though it's pretty slim on actual information. So a little bit of info from us would heavily influence all the community bike shops springing up over Canada and the US.” Neil Cary started this documentation on the wiki:

Document where information is stored

By August 31, 2012, the IMC will have documented where information in teh organization is stored. The aim is to develop a strategy for preservation of information that should be preserved and destruction of information that should not be kept.

Website redesign

The web redesign is making progress, and should be done before the AGM.

Reports and Target Dates

Report detailing activity over the year should be available 1 month ahead of AGM (fall).

Review and Evaluation Process

The committee will rely on reports for evaluation at this time. The 'Key Duties and Responsibilities' should be reviewed anually for relevance.

Approval Date and Review Date

  • When was this TOR approved by the board?

Meeting Minutes