BikeWorks Committee



  • Chair: Micah
  • Members: President and BikeWorks Coordinator (ex officio), Malcolm Roberts. Other potential future members: Keith, Chris Corrigan, Adrian, Coreen, Brett...

Topics of focus

  • policy development for BikeWorks
  • operational oversight of BikeWorks
  • flags serious BikeWorks issues for board review
  • notifies board of policy changes pertaining to BikeWorks
  • resolution of disputes pertaining to BikeWorks
  • oversight of OH&S at BikeWorks
  • investigates best practices for community bike shops (poss. sub-point of policy development)
  • recruits new committee members as necessary to ensure continuity and promote volunteer participation

Terms of Reference (Proposed)

General Purpose

To develop policy that will guide BikeWorks operations, in conjunction with the BikeWorks Coordinator. Propositions for policies may come from anybody but must ultimately be approved by the board.

Key Duties and Responsibilities

Level of Authority
  • The committee's work is public-facing, as BikeWorks is one of the primary public faces of the Edmonton Bicycle Commuters' Society; therefore, the committee does make decisions regarding public-facing matters. Board approval is not required, except for decisions that would make significant changes to BikeWorks operations.
  • The committee may make decisions involving cash, within the approved BikeWorks budget.
  • The committee will have access to member information, and has the authority to make decisions about privacy and security.
  • The committee may not enter into contracts, verbal or otherwise, on behalf of EBC.
  • The committee may pass Bikeworks-related policies that do not constitute a significant change to existing practice without the approval of the board, unless the board chooses to intervene.
Reporting Relationship
  • The Chair will submit reports.
  • This will be done monthly, in written form (via email), in advance of each board meeting.

Composition and Appointments

  • The chair will be nominated at the appropriate board meeting, and the board will select the chair from these nominations.
  • The president and the BikeWorks Coordinator shall be ex-officio members.
  • Members will be self-nominated. Voting members must be approved by the board.
  • The chair cannot appoint members, but voting members must be approved by the board.
  • There should be between 3 and 12 members.
  • All members should represent the best interests of BikeWorks.


  • The committee will meet, at minimum, semi-annually.
  • Quorum shall be represented by a clear majority.



The budget for BikeWorks is approved by the board.

  • The committee may require the Bikeworks Coordinator's attendance at meetings, but both the coordinator and the committee will be judicious about this use of staff time.

Specific Annual Objectives

  • To be determined (for 2012).

Approval Date and Review Date

  • When was this TOR approved by the board?


Meeting Minutes