Transportation Reimbursement Policy

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Policy Statement

  1. Whenever it is practical, transportation while on EBC business should be by bicycle.
  2. No reimbursement will be made for use of a private bicycle, but EBC's rental fleet may be used for EBC business at no cost. Volunteers must leave the standard deposit to use a rental bike.
  3. When transportation by bicycle is not practical, volunteers and employees be reimbursed for the lowest cost option which is practical. Public transit, taxis, and rental cars should be considered in addition to private motor vehicles. Reimbursable trips must be approved in advance by the Executive Director.
  4. The Executive Director will use their judgment to determine whether a given mode of transportation is practical. Factors that should be considered are:
    • Distance traveled and time required for the trip
    • Scheduling constraints
    • Weight and fragility of cargo
    • Weather
    • Individual circumstances of the volunteer or employee
  5. When the lowest cost option is determined to be a private motor vehicle, reimbursement will be made on a per kilometre basis. No additional compensation will be paid for expenses incurred.
    1. The executive director will determine a reasonable reimbursement rate, which must remain consistent throughout a calendar year, and be less than or equal to the Canada Revenue Agency's guideline for a reasonable per-kilometre allowance.
    2. Distance should be tracked either by logging odometer readings at the beginning and end of a trip, or using the shortest distance calculated between the origin and destination using an online mapping service.
    3. A reimbursement form must be submitted to the Executive Director for approval no later than one month following the trip for which reimbursement is being requested.

Purpose of the policy

To clarify in what situations EBC will reimburse employees and volunteers for transportation, and vehicle mileage in particular, incurred in the course of EBC business.


EBC encourages utilitarian cycling, and therefore believes cycling should always be the default option for carrying out EBC business. We do, however, recognize that cycling is not always a practical option in every situation, and therefore will reimburse employees and volunteers for other transportation options when their use is deemed necessary.

Definitions of key concepts or terms used in the policy


All persons conducting EBC business are within the scope of this policy.

Permissible Exceptions

  • Travel which predates this policy may be reimbursed on a case-by-case basis.

Positions in the organization responsible for implementing and monitoring the policy

  • Executive Director is responsible for approving transportation expenses, Treasurer is responsible for ensuring timely payment of approved expenses.

Dates of Effect

Date Approved, Revisioned and Active

Approved June 11, 2012

Date Expired

Still in effect.