Report February 2012

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Moving Beyond The Automobile

The Moving Beyond the Automobile movie screening and panel event happened on February 20, 2012 at the Metro Cinema at Garneau Theatre. 85 people showed up. $275 was raised through donations at the door. The cost of the event was $262.

Outstanding Sponsorship debts Michael Janz and the EFCL still owe $50 The Transit Ninjas owe $50

After some technical difficulties the movie played and the panel went well. I believe this was a positive event for the organization.

Planned meeting with Tony Caterina

I've scheduled a one-on-one meeting with councillor Tony Caterina. Since Bikeworks North will be in his ward I want to introduce what EBC and Bikeworks are and have a low-key relationship building chat.

First Advocacy Committee of 2012

Only three attendees. Duncan Kinney, Chris Chan, Michael Cenkner Meeting minutes can be hound here.

Looking to build attendance. Positive steps taken include adding people who ticked off communications and advocacy on their membership forms to the EBC Advocacy Group. Batted around some ideas that are being presented to the board at the March board meeting.

Advocacy Proposals

Since I'm just getting my feet wet with the committee and I have a fairly broad TOR I wanted to run two ideas by the board.

A Call for Ward Reps This is essentially cribbed from Bike Calgary. You can see their call for Ward Representatives here Asks for ward reps would include reporting on cycling issues in your area. One meeting a year with your councillor as a citizen to raise cycling and other issues. Want to have a brief discussion about ward rep responsibilities at the board level

Velo-City Edmonton Contingent + Sponsor a Truculent Anti-Bike Councillor to go Velo-City Velo-City is the largest urban bike planning conference in the world and for the first time ever it's coming to North America, Vancouver in fact. I'm interested in organizing an Edmonton contingent (perhaps to go down via train?). I know people from the Alberta Bicycling Association are going and at least one person from the city (Will have to confirm with Audra) will probably go as well. I'd love it if someone from the EBC board came, however the cost is exorbitant, $995 ($500) for students. While I have inquired about a non-profit rate they haven't gotten back to me. In order to raise the profile of the Edmonton contingent and send someone from our board to go I propose we create a Sponsor a Kerry Diotte campaign. At our programming and in the shop we can have signage telling people about Velo-City and the opportunity to send the message to one of Edmonton's most truculent anti-bike councillors that this is an event he should go to and an issue he should learn about. I have confirmed with his office that he isn't going to this event so ideally the board member we send in their place should sit down with Kerry and give a re-cap afterward