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Policy Statement

A position statement should include a description of the position, a brief rationale, and may include links to a white paper or to selected external resources. Position statements should be drafted in an accessible, positive way understandable to those not yet familiar with the issue. A position statement should fall within EBC’s mandate as articulated in our vision for cycling in Edmonton, and should address issues we wish to actively advocate on or issues to which we will require a response. Position statements should reflect EBC’s tradition of non-partisanship. All position statements, taken together, should reflect a coherent message.

Adopting or striking a position statement requires a vote by the board.

Official spokespersons of EBC must be guided by existing position statements when advocating for EBC’s vision of cycling in Edmonton.

Purpose of the policy

To define the purpose, content, method of adoption, and method of implementation of a position statement.


Creating and maintaining a set of position statements helps EBC develop consensus on issues directly relevant to the cycling community. It gives clarity and transparency to our vision of cycling in Edmonton, and is a starting point for discussion and evolution of that vision. It helps us deliver a message to policy-makers and to the public that is clear, considered, and consistent among official spokespersons and over time.

Definitions of key concepts or terms used in the policy

white paper - An in-depth exploration of the issue at hand, usually citing research.

official spokespersons - As defined in the Official Spokesperson Policy.

non-partisanship - For our purposes, non-partisanship means not explicitly alligning with any particular political party or politician. It allows for supporting or criticizing someone's ideas, but precludes endorsing or opposing parties or politicians in and of themselves (for example, in an election campaign).


Position statements should be confined to topics as outlined above. The scope of their implementation rests with official spokespersons.

Permissible Exceptions

Spokespersons may speak at will on issues not covered by existing position statements as long as their comments remain compatible with our existing vision and positions. Spokespersons may unilaterally diverge from existing positions only if unforeseeable events render the position untenable and consultation with the board is impossible.

Positions in the organization responsible for implementing and monitoring the policy

The implementation of policy statements is in the hands of official spokespersons. Monitoring is by the rest of the board and staff.

Dates of Effect

Approved by the board March 8, 2012.


  • The Position Statement Template facilitates adherence to this policy.
  • A section for Position Statements should be created on the wiki and the website.
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