Policy Template 2014

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In title of policy:

  • Policy Name
  • Policy Classification – Operational (O) or Positional (P)
  • Policy Number – Following a sequential number system with policies in the range 100-199 as Operational and 200-299 as Positional


  • Specifying what the policy is intended to promote or achieve


  • Who is affected by the policy including who is exempt and, if applicable, how exemptions are authorized


  • Any key concepts or terms used in the policy

Policy Content

  • The body of the policy
  • Reference to other policies where applicable

Implementation and Monitoring

  • Those responsible for monitoring and implementing the policy, including date for policy review

Dates of Effect

Date Approved, Revisioned and Active

This policy was approved at the (month)(year) board meeting. It took effect on (month)(year).


  • (month)(year)
  • (month)(year)

Date Expired

Enter Date Information


  • Optional, may be included for additional history, clarification, etc.