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Policy (Operational): Policy Creation Procedure

This policy is effective as of November 14, 2009.


This policy is designed to ensure that the EBC’s policies are regularly developed and implemented in a timely manner and in a way that is open to every EBC member.


By ensuring that EBC policies are regularly developed and implemented in a timely manner, the EBC will be able to quickly adapt to changing circumstances and to promptly react to any unforeseen issues. By placing the onus of proposing policy on an appropriate committee, that committee's expertise is effectively used to develop the content of appropriate policy. By placing the onus of developing and refining policy on the Policy Committee, the Policy Committee's expertise is effectively used to ensure that all Policy is clear, consistent, and fair (as outlined in Policy (Operational): Policy Content). By placing the onus of approving policy on the EBC's Board of Directors, democratic process is strengthened by ensuring that only democratically elected representatives (the Board Members) are able to approve policy.


  1. Any EBC member can initiate policy development by proposing a policy to any of the EBC's committees (including the Policy Committee).
  2. The committee with the most relevant expertise shall develop and submit a "Policy Proposal" to the Policy Committee no later than one week before the next Policy Committee meeting; in cases where no specific committee is best suited, or in the case of urgent policy, the Policy Committee will be responsible for developing policy.
  3. A "Policy Proposal" shall include, at a minimum, a draft statement of each of the following:
    a. Purpose
    b. Policy Statement
    c. Implementation and Monitoring
    (as defined by Policy Creation and Implementation 1.1: Policy Content).
  4. The Policy Committee shall meet no more then 10 days before the next scheduled meeting of the Board or Directors to add to and modify the "Policy Proposal" as it sees fit in order to ensure that document's compliance with Policy (Operational): Policy Content).
  5. The Policy Committee will submit a "Policy Proposal for Board Approval" to each member of the Board of Directors no fewer than 5 days before the next scheduled Board Meeting.
  6. The "Policy Proposal for Board Approval" will be discussed and voted on at the next scheduled Board Meeting.
  7. Upon the majority approval of the Board of Directors, the "Formal Policy" will become effective on the date referred to by the new policy document.
  8. Any “Formal Policy” can be amended with majority approval by the Board of Directors at any time.


  • A policy is any statement that, upon approval by the board of directors, must be adhered to by all individuals who are conducting affairs on behalf of the EBC.
  • The Policy Committee is a committee chaired by the EBC's Policy Director.
  • A Policy Proposal is a rough draft of a policy that is submitted to the Policy Committee with the intentions of having that policy approved by the Board of Directors.
  • A Policy Proposal for Board Approval is the draft of the Policy Proposal that has been finalized by the Policy Committee and is submitted to the Board of Directors for approval.
  • A Formal Policy is any policy that has been approved by the Board of Directors.


This policy applies to all members of the EBC.


In urgent cases, the Board of Directors may bypass this procedure by drafting and approving policy as they see fit.

Implementation and Monitoring

The Policy Committee is responsible for ensuring that all policies are presented to the Board of Directors for approval in a timely manner.

The Policy Committee is responsible for maintaining the currency of policy.

The Project Coordinator is responsible for safely storing paper and electronic copies of all policy, as outlined in the Document Storage Policy.

The project coordinator is responsible for creating and distributing/posting any necessary procedural documents relating to new policy.