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Policy (Operational): Policy Content

This policy is effective as of November 14, 2009.


This policy is designed to ensure that the EBC’s policies are clear, consistent, and fair.


By developing policies that are clear, consistent, and fair, the EBC will be able to more effectively and efficiently use its resources to achieve its goal of supporting the bicycle as a healthy and ecologically sound mode of everyday urban travel. Clear, consistent, and fair policy will help to provide organizational consistency and efficiency across future generations of the EBC’s Board of Directors. Sound policy will allow the EBC to address issues of liability, thereby ensuring the maintenance of financial security and the EBC’s good reputation in the Edmonton area.


Each Policy shall include the following:

  1. Policy name
  2. Effective date of the policy and date of any revisions
  3. Purpose of the policy
  4. Philosophy
  5. Policy Statement
  6. Definitions of any key concepts or terms used in the policy
  7. Scope
  8. Scope of Permissible Exceptions
  9. Positions in the organization responsible for implementing and monitoring the policy


  • A policy is any statement that, upon approval by the board of directors, must be adhered to by all individuals who are conducting affairs on behalf of the EBC.
  • Policy name: The name of the policy must include whether the policy is political or operational in nature.
  • Purpose: This statement should answer the question, “What is this Policy intended to promote or achieve?”.
  • Philosophy: This statement should, as specifically as possible, answer the question, “How will this Policy help the EBC to achieve its vision and mission?”.
  • Scope: This statement should answer the question, “Who is affected by this Policy?”.
  • Scope of Permissible Exceptions: This statement should answer the question, “Who is exempt from adhering to this policy and, if necessary, who can authorize exemptions?”.
  • Implementation and Monitoring: This statement should answer the question, “Who is responsible for implementing this policy and who is responsible for monitoring it?”


This policy applies to all members of the EBC.


All policy documents must adhere to this policy.

Implementation and Monitoring

The EBC Policy Committee is responsible for ensuring that all policies presented for approval by the board of directors adhere to this policy.