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This policy is designed to ensure that the EBC’s policies are developed and implemented in an accountable and transparent manner. A defined and clear process for policy development will support the EBC as an accountable, responsive organization that operates consistently, fairly and credibly.


This policy applies to all members of the EBC and individuals conducting affairs on behalf of the organization.


  1. Board of Governors – EBC members elected by the membership to govern the affairs of the organization according to its bylaws.
  2. Draft Policy - Policy that has not yet been approved by the Board of Directors and is not in effect
  3. EBC – Edmonton Bicycle Commuters Society
  4. Operational Policy – A policy that outlines the objectives, principal functions and modes of operation of the EBC.
  5. Policy – A principle or course of action that, upon approval by the Board of Directors, must be adhered to by all members of the EBC and individuals conducting affairs on behalf of the EBC.
  6. Positional Policy – A policy that sets the strategic direction or outlines the EBC’s position on a given issue.

Policy Content

  1. Each Policy shall include the following:
    • Policy Name
    • Policy Classification – Operational (O) or Positional (P)
    • Policy Number – Following a sequential number system with policies in the range 100-199 as Operational and 200-299 as Positional
    • Date - Effective date of the policy
    • Table of Contents
    • Purpose – Specifying what the policy is intended to promote or achieve
    • Scope – Who is affected by the policy including who is exempt and, if applicable, how exemptions are authorized
    • Definitions - Any key concepts or terms used in the policy
    • Policy Content – The body of the policy
    • Implementation and Monitoring – Those responsible for monitoring and implementing the policy, including date for policy review
    • Date of Revisions
    • Reference to other policies where applicable
    • Appendices – Optional, may be included for additional history, clarification, etc.

Development and Approval

  1. Any EBC member or committee can submit a draft policy for review and approval to the Board of Directors; a draft policy must be submitted at least five days prior to the next scheduled Board meeting.
  2. The Board may also draft or delegate the drafting of a policy to a committee.
  3. A draft policy shall include a draft statement of each of the basic components of an EBC policy, as defined in section 1.4.1.
  4. Upon the majority approval of the Board of Directors the policy will become effective as of the date outlined in the policy.


  1. Once a policy has been approved it shall be made accessible to members in a timely manner and shall be stored as per the Document Storage Policy.

Review and Amendments

  1. Policies shall include a timeline for review no longer than five years. This does not preclude policies from being reviewed prior to this time.
  2. A policy can be amended with majority approval by the Board of Directors at any time.

Implementation and Monitoring

  1. The Board of Directors is responsible for ensuring policies are current and follow the structure outlined; this responsibility may be delegated to a committee.

Policy Approval Date & Review Date

Date Approved, Revisioned and Active

Approved: March 2014

This policy shall be up for review in March 2017.


Date Expired

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