Incident Reporting Log Policy

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Policy (Operational): Incident Report Log

This policy is effective as of November 14, 2009


This policy is designed to shield EBC from potential liability problems, track potential organizational problems, and provide information in transition periods.


By maintaining incident reports, the EBC will be able to address concerns in a timely fashion, ensuring that BikeWorks and other EBC-sanctioned events continues to be well-reputed, safe, and welcoming to all individuals including EBC staff, EBC members, and the general public. By creating a safe, welcoming, and well- organized environment, EBC will be better positioned to achieve its vision and mission.


  1. All incidents in BikeWorks, on EBC property, or those related to EBC's participation in community events which are deemed to be of concern, must be documented by EBC staff or a member of the Board of Directors in the incident log.
  2. All EBC members and members of the public are encouraged to complete incident reports, but their completion is not manditory.
  3. Incident Reports shall include the following:
    a. what should they include??? name, date, incident, location, etc?
  4. Who can view reports? Are they confidential? Can only the board read them? What do you think?


Incidents of concern are any incident which a reasonable person would deem dangerous, illegal, or inappropriate, including, but are not limited to: conflicts between EBC volunteers or staff and members of the public; Injuries; Significant loss or destruction of property; Trespassing; Unattended children in BikeWorks; Theft; Violence; and, Banishments.


This policy applies to all EBC members.


If an incident cannot be entered into the incident report log for reasons of sensitivity or privacy, as determined by the reporter, it should be brought to the attention of the EBC Board of Directors at the next possible board meeting, as an in camera item.

Implementation and Monitoring

The Project Coordinator is responsible for the creation and maintenance of incident report log files. File will be stored in accordance with the Document Storage Policy.