EBC Space Use Policy

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Policy Name:

EBC Space Use Policy

Effective date:

Upon board approval.

Purpose of Policy

To develop and implement clear direction in the event an external party seeks to use any of EBC’s premises.


EBC as an organization exists to facilitate community awareness of cycling culture. Visiting EBC's space through an external party's event helps to familiarize people with EBC and may encourage them to access its programs at a later time. Fostering relations between EBC and other likeminded community groups through resource sharing can also support EBC's ability to meet its mission. For these reasons, EBC space may be loaned or rented by community groups.

Policy Statement:

At the Executive Director's discretion, EBC space may be loaned or rented to community groups when such use will not interfere with the operations or reputation of the Edmonton Bicycle Commuters. In making this decision, the Executive Director will consider the effect the rental will have on EBC programs and operations; the risk EBC is incurring to its property, reputation, relationships and liability; legality of the use and shared goals of the third party. The Executive Director shall set rental procedures and conditions so as to protect the interests of EBC, including but not limited to liability, neighbourhood relations, and operations.


EBC space: Any premises owned, leased or rented by EBC which can be legally shared or sublet by others. Community Group: Any person or persons wishing to use EBC space for anything that is not an EBC-sanctioned program, regardless of whether the individuals involved are members, volunteers or staff of EBC.


This policy applies to all parties wishing to borrow or rent EBC space.

Scope of Permissible Exceptions:

Should, due to vacation or other extended absence, the Executive Director not be available to decide if a group is permitted to use EBC space, the President will make the decision in consultation with the Bikeworks Director. In order to maintain consistency and protect EBC, all external parties must follow this policy.

Implementation and monitoring:

The Executive Director is responsible for implementing this policy and ensuring it is followed.