Cycling Event Promotion Policy

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Purpose of the policy

This policy regulates which events are to be promoted by EBC personnel using EBC resources. This policy is intended to clarify EBC's non-involvement in events inconsistent with our philosophy.


One of EBC's core goals is to promote cycling culture in Edmonton, and the promotion of cycling events organised by other groups is an important part of fulfilling this mandate. However, EBC also encourages all cyclists to use their bicycles in a safe and legal manner, and some cycling events promote riding habits that are inconsistent with this message. Our non-involvement in such events should be clear in order to avoid confusion.


  1. EBC does not organize or promote any event where participants are encouraged to violate traffic or other laws.
  2. No EBC Leader may participate in an event with an illegal component during paid hours, or as a representative of EBC, nor can they promote such an event on behalf of EBC.
  3. EBC's publicity tools, such as our Newsletter, mailing lists, media contacts, etc, may not be shared with the intent of promoting an event with an illegal component.
  4. If an EBC Leader is unsure whether an event contains an illegal component, they are to err on the side of caution. The Executive Committee may be consulted and make a definitive ruling.

Definitions of key concepts or terms used in the policy

  • An EBC Leader includes all staff, contractors, and Board members. Other volunteer roles may be considered leaders, at the discretion of the Executive Committee, if their role in the organization makes this designation appropriate.
  • An Illegal Component is any part of a cycling event where participants are expected or encouraged to violate any of the laws of Canada, Alberta, or the bylaws of the municipality where the event takes place. This includes, but is not limited to, ignoring traffic signals or exceeding the speed limit.
  • A person is a representative of EBC if a reasonable person would identify them as such.


This policy applies to all EBC Leaders and the use of all EBC infrastructure.

Permissible Exceptions

EBC does not moderate all postings to websites or bulletin boards which allow third parties to post event notices, including but not limited to, our website calendar, shop bulletin board, and Facebook “Wall.” However, EBC Leaders may not use any EBC infrastructure to post a notice for events with any illegal component.

Positions in the organization responsible for implementing and monitoring the policy

The Executive Committee is responsible for monitoring the policy.

Dates of Effect

Date Approved, Revisioned and Active

Current an unapproved draft policy.

Date Expired

No Expiry