Board Minutes September 2012

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These minutes were approved in the Board Minutes October 2012.

EBC Board Meeting Minutes for September 12, 2012

  • Time: 6:30pm
  • Location: Law 101
  • Food by: Steph / Chris Corrigan

Call to order

  • In attendance: Bernadette, Neil, Steph, Lee, Micah, Duncan, James, Chris Corrigan, Chris Chan
  • Regrets: Brett, Paul
  • Absent: Alex C.
  • Guests:
  • Chair: Bern
  • Minute-taker: Micah
  • Time: 18.38

Approval of agenda

  • Motion to approve by Steph. Seconded by Bern. Carried.

Approval of minutes

  • Motion to approve August 2012 minutes by Steph. Seconded by Duncan. Carried.

Next meeting

  • Date: Wednesday 17 October 18.30
  • Location: Law 101, pending Micah's arrangement
  • Food: Micah


President's Report

President Report September 2012

No great discussion was incurred.

Treasurer's Report

Therefore, we are not down as much as we thought we would be to finish the year.

We still need someone to conduct an audit. James expressed interest; Duncan also. It shall be James.

Executive Director's Report

Executive Director Report September 2012

  • Chris went through it with us.
  • Delay in announcing new BW director was owing to a wait from Coreen on her bio to go with it.
  • Most media mentions positive to neutral (as result of memorial ride/critical mass)
  • People on the Connect2 Edmonton forum are talking about Chris's presentation inspired by Velo-City
  • Sustainable Transportation simply wants to continue building bike lanes despite Chris' research and discussion with ST. Separated bike lane would necessitate removing 2 lanes. They're not against it; it's political.

BikeWorks Report

BikeWorks Report September 2012

  • Actual report to be completed.
  • Need to finish BWN flooring as condition of our lease; Neil says we have a budget.

Old business

Action Items from Last Meeting

Carried forward from earlier meetings

  • EBC Space Use Policy Revision/Approval
    • Up to ED whether or not space to be paid for.
    • Motion to approve: Duncan. Seconded: Micah. Carried
  • board member exec job description
    • Duncan will do it. Thanks Duncan!

New action items from last meeting

New business

  • NAA Financial Troubles - effect on EBC
    • Chris Chan says Festus not sure why power was cut; claims they were not in arrears. Chris said so are you going to be able to handle this? They are having emergency mtng this Sunday. But possibility exists that they will get foreclosed on. Steph: how long does this kind of thing take? Chris: We could ask David Feldman. Duncan: Could we purchase the bldng? Neil: We'd probably have to mortgage it and our bylaws would require majority membership approval. Would need to give two weeks' notice of meeting; this AGM would count. Bldng worth 350-450 000$. + property taxes. Me: we could rent out the front! We don't know what kind of shape it's in... Neil: So, do we want to prepare putting this forward at the AGM as a possibility if it comes up for sale? If we put down less than 20% deposit have to pay CHMA insurance. Neil: remember, if we can is not the same as if we should try. But if we lease out the front we could make a lot of money up for the monthly payments. Could actually be a good financial decision. Steph: do we need a motion to put forward a motion at the mtng? So, we are agreeing to research and maybe put together a little something to present at the AGM.
  • Need new VP
    • Who wants it? Duncan: I nominate Lee Vilinski. Lee: I accept! Acclamation.
  • AGM
    • Is everybody able to make it? James: no. All else present: yes.
    • Chris Chan and Duncan will prep agenda etc. Duncan as president will chair.
    • Who can help cook beforehand? Budget = 100$, for about 80 ppl. Micah: baking (vegan); Bern: baking; Chris Corrigan: fruit & veggies, chips & dip; Steph baking. Lee will help with on-site prep.
    • We have to be out by 4.30; our meeting is scheduled to end at 4 so let's be super-quick; aim to wrap up at 3.30.
    • Be there at 11.00 to get ready!
  • BW Manager (not Director)
    • Coreen Shewfelt!
    • Contract: modifications made on Alex H's latest. Has been given to Coreen to look over. No objections/issues yet known. Pay is same as for predecessor. We need to see contract before approving it though; Chris will email it to us once ready, we'll do a vote.
    • Paying for courses? She's good! And the only one who currently teaches any. We could give her more hours and still make $ off what ppl pay to take courses. We will allow Coreen to teach classes at her salary rate in addition to existing hours; Chris will adjust contract accordingly; we will vote as planned.
    • We already discussed everything else.

In Camera

Motion to go in camera: Chris Corrigan. Seconded: Steph. Carried.

End of Meeting

Motion to adjourn: Micah. Seconded: Duncan. Carried.