Board Minutes September 2009

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Edmonton Bicycle Commuters' Society
Board Meeting Minutes
Sunday September 13, 2009


Voting: Christopher Chan, Bill Sellers, Sharon Barker, Michael Janz, Neil Carey, Erich Welz, Jason Ponto, Derek Pluim, Lauren Price, Keegan McEvoy

Non-Voting: David Feldman,

Agenda Overview

Summary of Action Items

  • Lauren will follow up for next meeting with the volunteer who mentioned he may know someone to audit our financial statement on a volunteer basis.
  • Erich will arrange for new Board members to obtain Bikeworks keys.


  1. Call to Order
  2. 4:28pm

  3. Board Membership
    1. Contact information was collected from each board member
    2. Positions were decided on by consensus:
      President:Christopher Chan
      Vice-President:Michael Janz
      Secretary:Bill Sellers
      Treasurer:Neil Carey
      Janz/McEvoy: motion to grant signing authority to new executive (named above), on TD account (account number omitted) and RBC account (account number omitted).
      Motion passed unanimously.
      Non-executive positions:
      BikeWorks Director: Erich Welz
      Communications Director:Keegan McEvoy
      Volunteer Coordinator:Lauren Price
      Community Events Director:Sharon Barker
      Office/Sponsorship and Fundraising Director:Derek Pluim
      Membership/Registration Director:Keith Hallgren
      Policy Director:Jason Ponto
    3. Board members discussed creating Board Committees and decided we will wait until our roles as directors are more defined. The Board will talk about structure, etc. at next meeting.
      Sharon asked for document created by Chris re: job description to be sent out- should be finalized with regards to policy.

  4. Monthly Meeting
  5. 1st Thursday of each month 6:30pm at BikeWorks.

    Next meeting: Oct 1

    Keegan will bring food.

  6. New Business
    1. Everyone will need keys. Erich will handle getting keys for new members as needed.
    2. David recommended Board Development Program as a valuable experience for the Board
    3. Transportation Master Plan: Jim, the Project Coordinator will be presenting. Derek, Keith and Michael and Bill can be there. Email comments, etc. to [email protected]
      The current Board supports the Project Coordinator in presenting at the Transportation Master Plan hearing on behalf of EBC.
    4. Tax Exemption Regulation
      This issue was brought up by Derek. Chris informed us we do not own the property so we are not tax exempt. Derek will get in touch with the board of directors of EBC’s landlord and let them know they may be tax exempt.
    5. In Camera Item
      Meeting moved in camera
      McEvoy/Barker: motion to move Ex-camera
      Welz/Carey: Motion to delegate Keegan, Bill, Chris and Sharon will follow up with any issues from the AGM.
    6. ACTION ITEM: Audited financial statements? Lauren will follow up for next meeting with the volunteer who mentioned he may know someone to audit our financial statement on a volunteer basis.
    7. Janz/McEvoy: motion to purchase Directors Liability insurance for the board.

  7. Adjournment
    1. Price/Pluim: motion to adjourn.