Board Minutes October 2012

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These minutes were approved in the Board Minutes November 2012.

EBC Board Meeting Minutes for October 17, 2012

  • Time: 6:30pm
  • Location: Law 101
  • Food by: Micah (who remembered just in time)

Call to order

  • In attendance: Bernadette Blakey, Neil Carey, Micah Cooper, James Phillips, Lee Vilinsky, Duncan Kinney, Chris Corrigan, Paul Govenlock, Chris Chan
  • Regrets: none
  • Absent: Steph, Alex C., Brett
  • Guests: Adam, Anna, Leila, Justin, Steve Andersen (left when we established that quota would not be reached), Dan Thompson (ditto), Matt McCrank (for a few minutes about halfway through)
  • Chair: Bern
  • Minute-taker: Micah
  • Time: 6.41

Approval of agenda

Motion: Duncan; Seconded: Chris Corrigan; carried.

Approval of minutes

Motion to approve Board Minutes September 2012 by Micah. Seconded by Lee. Carried.

Next meeting

  • Date: 21 November
  • Location: same
  • Food: Lee

December meeting

  • Date: 12 December
  • Location: same
  • Food: potluck


President's Report

We discussed it.

  • Any concerns with funding considering P3 fiasco with SE LRT? Shouldn't be; money for this project would be from EAC.
  • Lots of donations post-memorial ride; is someone sending thank-you cards? Should we be? Yes; who? To all of them? --> action item for next month's agenda: Duncan will write message for October advocacy mtng thanking them, updating them on Complete Streets Strathcona, send them out.
  • Are donations specifically directed to safer streets? No. But we can let them know what we're doing on the advocacy front (see above).

Treasurer's Report

Executive Director's Report

Executive Director Report October 2012 We discussed it.

  • Can we cut hot water tank and rewire? Pretty complicated. Gas heated but ignition etc needs to be wired.
  • Anyway, we need to talk to the NAA since it seems they now know they can do this. That is, Chris will talk to them.
  • Beverly Optimists' Club gave Spoke 2000$ for helmets!
  • Cops caught latest bike-break-in person - before Chris installed cameras.
  • BWS broken into last night; 1 rental bike poss missing; Coreen assessing. BWS does have camera.

BikeWorks Report

Committee Reports

Advocacy Committee Report October 2012

Old business

Action Items from Last Meeting

Carried forward from earlier meetings

  • board member exec job description
    • Duncan will do it. Thanks Duncan!
    • not done yet. Anna will help!
  • NAA financial troubles - foreclosure?
    • they seem to be confident they'll be ok; meanwhile we have decided it would not be prudent for us to take it over. Registering lease might be a good idea so that we can keep it no matter what happens to ownership of building. Paul will look into it and into filing a caveat against property.
  • BW Manager (not Director)
    • Contract: modifications made on Alex H's latest. Has been given to Coreen to look over. No objections/issues yet known. Pay is same as for predecessor. We need to see contract before approving it though; Chris will email it to us once ready, we'll do a vote.
    • Chris did make modifications but somehow email did not get sent. Will send tonight; all vote by end of week.

New business

Election of new board member

Failed to reach quorum at this meeting. Adam: Conversation with both candidates? Leading questions, help them to realise what the ydo or do not want to do on board or otherwise. General: how do we do this? Anna: Ask them outright? Esp. since neither came to meeting. Duncan: ok who should send this? Should come from board. Bern will send draft around and we will comment etc. Adam: Informal sort of invite to withdraw, though.

Welcome new board members

Yay! Please all read Chris' emails and all that jazz. Leila: super-new to board meetings; lots of questions; designated end time? (Try to cap at 2 hours but could be lots of things on agenda.) Process around who becomes executive board.

Switching to Spark for our electricity bill

Retail electricity cooperative. Do we have to get NAA on board? Nope, we have our own lecky now! Rate: reasonably competitive but not always lowest rate. Floating rate quite competitive. Duncan: even if 5$/month would still consider it worthy. Chris Chan switched a year ago, has saved lots of money, and would recommend it to us. James: will advantages diminish over time if company grows? Potnetially. Chirs Chan: in talks with Paul Cabaj (ED of SPARK) about maybe getting a referral programme; if ppl say we referred them we get discount. Duncan: I move we switch to SPARK as our electricity retailed. Seconded: Chris Corrigan. Further discussion: potential conflict of interest with referral programme. General consensus is that it's not a conflict of interest. Request: can we have until next meeting to look into company? James: I make a procedural motion to defer to next month; Seconded: Micah. Four in favour four against. Tie but decision made to defer. A bit more discussion to explain. Chris Chan: should we become members, not just customers? Duncan: yes. All: do your research. Motion not withdrawn; still exists; just deferred. Add separate motion whether to become coop members as well.

Setting up a regular monthly donation program

Duncan: was in Calgary last weekend, visited Good Life (sort of EBC); we do have a monthly donation thing set up; ought we to consider this? We do have it but should we really push it, make literature, etc? Right now this is just a bringing-it-to-our-attention kind of thing. Adam: potential part of solution to What does it mean to be a member? Problem with saying small amounts every month, as a non-charity, is getting nicked every time (service fees). This is an operational thing though... Duncan and Chris can mull this over and prepare info, etc for next month. Anna: should this be dumped on Chris? Leila: Good Life way less money, run differently, memberships are free etc. Anna: Jackie Mann core member of official organisation; can invite her, connect her with us. Cool. Bern: reason Chris not board is it's how organisation runs. We can take our time with this. Duncan can talk with Jackie next time in town and can do research in meantime.

Financial risk management

May wish to formalize these basic measures into policy. Cwc (talk) 00:57, 16 October 2012 (PDT)

  • Bank reconciliations reviewed and approved via signature by a person other than the person who prepared the bank reconciliation
  • Expenses are reviewed and approved on a regular basis
  • Receipts, invoices and/or cheques are numbered in sequence
  • Office doors, filing cabinets & desks containing files are locked when not in use
  • Password is required for computer use
  • Segretation of duties -- e.g. receipt of cash is separate from banking/deposit of cash

Would require someone to look over stuff on a regular basis. Neil can do this if can pass off regular treasurer duties. We can figure that out in December when we determine new exec.

Will we do a fall board retreat?

Can't pick a date now as four current members absent. Shortish full day. Duncan: would like am to be informational, pm focused with agenda, hammer out a couple of policies that have been on the back-burner. Adam: might be a step before that, especially for new board members to talk about what they want to accomplish during time on board. Visioning. Bern will send poll to work on date, begin email discussion to see what we want content to be. Adam: remember last year we had two days in Oct and 1,5 days in Jan and still only managed to accomplish so much... so we can't skimp too much on the time. OK well we can always start earlier in the day, rather than block off two whole days. Set personal goals: on agenda for retreat! Also: membership policy! Space: probably this very room! (Micah can book, as always.)

In Camera

Motion to go in camera: Duncan: I move to go in camera. Seconded: Micah. Carried.

End of Meeting

Motion to adjourn: Micah: I move to adjourn; seconded: Paul; carried.