Board Minutes November 2014

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These minutes were approved at the Dec 2014 board meeting.

EBC Board Meeting Minutes for November 22, 2014

Board meetings are open to the EBC members and the public.

  • Location: Rm 113 Ed S, UofA
  • Start Time: 10am

Please RSVP to [[email protected]] if you plan on attending. Please include a brief summary of any agenda item you would like to table. Thank you!


  • Meeting Chair: Bernadette
  • Minute-taker: Anna
  • Food by: n/a - BYO
  • Board attendance: Bern, Matt, Kristen, Leila, Alex, Alexey, Caylie, Jonathan, Steve, Chris Co (1037)
  • Staff attendance: n/a
  • Regrets: Sarah, Doug
  • Absent: n/a
  • Guests: Rachel, Michelle, Geoff, Chris H

Call to Order

  • Meeting called to order by Bernadette at 10:12am.
  • Introductions for new and current board members, as well as guests
  • Meeting things:
    • speakers list (chairperson will add you to the queue, or you could jump the queue to speak directly to the comment)
    • if you agree with something without having to speak = "happy fingers" or "twinkling"

Approval of Agenda, Minutes, Reports (5 min)

  • via email vote on October 28-31: Motion: To approve the October 2014 minutes. Moved by Anna, seconded by Steve. Abstentions: Chris Co, Doug, Sarah, Matt. Motion Carried.
  • Motion: To approve this November agenda and reports as presented below. Motioned by Matt, seconded by Kristen. Motion Carried.

Treasurer's Report

Executive Director's Report

BikeWorks Report

Current & Completed Business

Updates on Action Items From Previous Meeting (5 min)

  • Everyone log your 2014 board volunteer hours for the past month.
  • Everyone sign reports that you have reviewed each month.
  • Committee Chairpersons to post all committee meetings to EBC calendar - public ones go on "EBC Events", other committee meetings go on "EBC Internal" calendar.
  • Nov 2013: Executive Committee (Leila, Sarah, Anna, Carlos) will pursue a Servus credit card for EBC in the name of the Executive Director. June 2014: Anna will check with Servus to clarify what status of card application is...
    • Anna not sure what Servus would approve - Chris Ch not a signing authority so may not be able to get card
    • Jonathan: met with Neil, he said it is not a pressing issue.
    • Coreen: Chris and Janine are personally putting thousands of dollars on their own CCs, not ideal, but pressing.
  • Feb 2014: Kristen/Policy Committee will incorporate petty cash max in future Financial policy.
    • Related to credit card issue. Petty cash max could be lowered if we have a credit card.
  • April/Jun/Aug 2014: Chris Co will draft an Advocacy Coordinator description by April 25 and pass to Chris Chan for posting. Chris Co will send to Caylie for review. Final position will be posted to Advocacy listserv. August: Chris Co will send to Caylie before Sept meeting.
    • Caylie would like to meet with Jon, Chris Co, John to discuss what an advocacy role should/could look like
  • May 2014: Executive Committee (Leila, Sarah, Carlos, Anna) will create an info sheet outlining the expense reimbursement process. (i.e. a policy or procedure for how to get reimbursements)
    • Policy Committee to take this on
    • Anna and Leila will meet to get this done as a procedure. Could even approve text image for receipt submission (from Janine)
  • May 2014: Doug will follow up with Bern re: Hazard Assessments and coordinate to get this done.
  • June/Aug 2014: Caylie will write draft job description for bike builder, workshop instructor, admin position and send to staff. Chris, Coreen to present draft to volunteers by end of August 2014. August update: Need clarification about whether this is happening.
    • Anna and Leila working on current employee contracts and 2 new positions. Allow space for new board to decide whether these additional positions go forward after seeing how the new contracts work out...
  • June 2014: Leila will contact Micah and coordinate closing TD and RBC accounts.
    • Leila: RBC account has investments that dont mature until 2015. Asked that when they do mature, they mail us a cheque to pay us out. Small RBC general account sum. Leila will contact Neil on next steps.
    • Jon: send EBC a sign directive to mail us when the accounts mature and close the account and pay us out. Leila: thats what will happen.
    • Rachel commented on possible fees about pulling $ out before GIC matures.
  • Aug 2014: HR Committee will meet with Coreen to discuss solutions to interpersonal issues at BW. Sept update: Coreen has been meeting with individuals. HR Committee could help with creating a more formal process for this would be useful.
  • Oct 2014: Doug will report on status of charitable application completion.


  • Aug 2014: Sarah, Doug will email for some quotes for First Aid training. Will check into getting hazard assessment/safety audits at our location at same time as training.
  • Aug 2014: Carlos will ask Servus if we can get 2 deposit cards. Anna will make a deposit before sept. Sept update: Anna and other signatory will go to Servus to get deposit cards.
  • Oct 2014: Chris Ch will submit updated Annual Report with edits as discussed.
  • Oct 2014: Everyone will engage at least 3 people/places in the next week to recruit board candidates.
  • Oct 2014: Sarah will contact Alexey re appointment for interim board position
  • Oct 2014: Carlos will print, sign, submit motion to Servus to obtain deposit cards for Steve, Jonathan, Chris Ch, Coreen.
  • Oct 2014: Steve will connect with YEG Bike Coalition to determine funding procedure.
  • Oct 2014: Sarah, Kristen, Bern, Jon will prepare retreat/orientation agenda
  • Oct 2014: Sarah will submit ABBCC report to all sponsors by November 10.
  • Sept 2014: Steve will ask his contact (dad) about quote and sourcing used seacans.

Board Candidates (20 min)

  • Overview of existing board positions to be filled
  • Overview of election process for appointed board members
  • Candidate introductions (2 min each)
  • Discussion:
    • Geoff
      • recent member, 4 season commuter
      • worked in mgmt for 17 years in IT (systems dev), well established at work, looking for community volunteer commitment
      • choir = vocal alchemy
    • not interested in treas, sec, policy, grants. Would be interested in IT, strat planning, events, VP Ext.
    • Chris H
      • soccer, water polo, bball, refereeing, coaching soccer team
      • cycle year round, all the time as meditation
      • 3 dogs, 4 cats, 2 snakes
      • good with interpersonal relations, seeing diverse perspectives
      • interested in VP Int, Events
    • Rachel
      • work at UofA as research asst in forestry lab in renewable resources. looking for new work. have 2 p/t jobs - bartend, usher for SU
      • soccer, cycling
      • no board exp, but good at group projects and working as a team
      • good written and verbal communications
      • interested in Events, but many others would be fine
    • Michelle
      • Bix student, 4 yr accounting major
      • year round cyclist for a number of years
      • at City Hall public hearing to remove bike lanes and decided to get involved
      • skills in accounting, interested in Treasurer position and helping with Charitable application
      • disclosure: in relationship w Chris Ch
    • Alexey
      • Electrical Eng
      • volunteered at EBC for a few years, works at MEC as mechanic
      • would like to expand ebc volunteer base, recruit in new groups
      • involved in ERTC,
      • interested in VP Int, Strategic Planning
    • Dan
      • referred by Micah and Adam B
      • interested in VP Int, Strat Planning
      • background in statistical analysis... (not financial record keeping, but analysis of these)
      • going on a long trip... would like more details.
    • John Parkins
      • interested in board, but withdrew and instead be involved in advocacy coordinator role.
    • Adrian Pearce
      • didnt submit official application but would like to be considered
      • videographer for BT / media
      • has some concerns about the time commitment as he has many other volunteer and things
    • Nancy
      • works at NAIT in hospitality as mgmt (Fernie hospitality industry for 60 employees), experience recruiting and terminating employees ("hire slow, fire fast")
      • has been volunteering at BWN, avid cyclist
      • leading teams, admin, policy,
      • interested in VP Int/EXt, Events
  • Motion: To go in camera to discuss appointments. Moved by Steve, seconded by Kristen. Motion Carried. Note that Alexey, Alex, Jonathan invited to participate in discussion just not voting.
  • Motion: To close the in camera discussion. Moved by Steve, seconded by Leila. Motion Carried.
  • Motion: To appoint Adrian Pearce, Alexey Kalinin, Christopher Haworth, Daniel Thompson, Geoffrey Hansen, Michelle Fisher, Nancy Milakovic, Rachel Keglowitsch as interim board members effective immediately until 2015 AGM. Moved by Bern, seconded by Leila. Motion Carried.
  • Motion: To acknowledge the resignations of Bernadette Blakey, Carlos Bautista, Caylie Gnyra, Doug Logan, Kristen Flath, Leila Sidi, Matt Blimke, Sarah Harold, and Steve Anderson as board members effective Dec 1st 2014. Moved by Anna, seconded by Leila. Motion Carried.
  • via email: Motion: To recognize Jonathan Woelber as President, Nancy Milakovic as Vice President, Michelle Fisher as Treasurer, and Anna Vesala as Secretary, each with signing authority to the General and Casino Servus bank accounts effective Dec 1st 2014 and each to receive deposit cards to the General account. Moved by Anna, seconded by Steve. Note only current board (not incoming board) voted. Abstentions from Doug, Matt. Motion Carried.
  • Action Items: Anna will set up new email and wiki accounts, update contact list to Corporate Registries and Servus, add newbies to volunteer hours log.
    • Jonathan: are exec necessarily the same as signing authorities? Bern: Yes, not officially in bylaws but that is what Corp Registries requires.
  • Action Items: Anna will close former board member accounts on Jan 15, 2015. All outgoing board to close up your EBC account before Jan 15 and email anna to confirm this has been done.

AB Bicycle Commuters Conference Report (10 min)

  • Tabled from Oct meeting
  • EBC funded 4 registrations and board asked that they each provide a personal report-back on what they learned.
  • Official report from the organizing committee to all sponsors to be provided by November 10, 2014.
  • Bern gave a verbal report:
    • Amazing guest speaker from ontario - Share The Road. Justin spoke about what STR has done to get document through ON legislature on bicycle infrastructure re construction.
    • He also spoke about Bicycle Friendly Communities, a report card for a community to assess how bike-friendly they are based on 5 categories: education, infrastructure, etc. Full audit. Just beginning in ON, but in full swing in many states in USA.
    • His suggestion was R&D: "rip off and duplicate!" Anything that seems useful from his ON example could be used in AB!
    • Attendees and speakers from canmore, calgary, leth, RD, edmonton
    • # of attendees:
    • # of EBC-sponsored reps ($500): only 1 was used and he only stayed from 1 out of 2 days.
    • EBC also sponsored travel for Justin to attend ($750 of the $1k that was approved)
    • Bern and Sarah have asked for more people to be involved in planning for 2015, scheduled for Oct 2015 in Canmore. Looking for $5-10k funding.

Charitable Status Application (10 min)

  • Update from Doug on status of application.
  • Doug not present, no update.
  • Matt has also worked on it. There is an easy check list to follow of requirements, many already done. Helpful to submit a draft application to CRA office before final submission.
  • Matt and Doug are both willing to stay on to help with this project
  • Jon: once new board comes on, we would be smart to have Matt and Doug and Neil to review the application process in detail.

New Business

Logistics for Next Meeting

  • Date: December 17, 2014
  • Location: Rm 113 Ed S, UofA
  • Chair: Chris H.
  • Minute-taker: Anna
  • Food by: Geoff
  • Michelle has classes on Weds in January.
  • Michelle is vegetarian, Anna is GF

GICs (10 min)

  • From Sept-Oct Financial report comments: Neil says "I think we could, and should, put some more into GICs. I'd suggest $60k or so."
  • Discussion notes:
    • Steve: we have 2 diff types of cash: restricted (casino) and unrestricted. Of the unrestricted, we are looking to put more into GIC.
    • Anna: we could move to approve "up to" $60k. Get suggestion from Neil...
  • Motion: To move up to $60,000 from EBC General account to EBC Casino account with Servus. Moved by Steve, seconded by Chris Co. Motion Carried.
  • Action Items: Steve will get details from Neil about transfer (term, confirm amount) by Dec 1.

U of A CSL Intern Mentor (5 min)

  • In Sept 2014 Kyra was approved as EBC board intern, to do one project for the board before April 2015. Caylie recommended topic of board recruitment process, strategy, tools, etc. Could be diff topic.
  • Caylie is outgoing, need new board contact
  • Action Items: Board will put this on Dec agenda.


  • Motion: To adjourn the meeting at 12:25pm. Moved by Matt, seconded by Steve. Motion Carried.