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Quorum was not reached; informal meeting.

EBC Board Meeting Minutes for November 10, 2011

  • Time: 6:00pm
  • Location: BikeWorks
  • Food by: Duncan!

Call to order

  • In attendance: Bernadette, Adam, Micah, Neil, Brett, Duncan, Paul,
  • Staff in attendance: Anna, Alex
  • Regrets: Steph
  • Absent: Kevin, Derek, Alex C,
  • Guests: n/a
  • Chair: Chris (Bernadette chaired from 6pm-_____)
  • Minute-taker: Anna

Approval of agenda

  • N/A

Approval of minutes

  • N/A

Next meeting

  • Date: Thursday December 1, 2011
  • Location:
  • Free spaces that may be available:
    • APIRG on campus (ANNA)
    • Duncan's board meeting
    • ENTS (105 ave, 114 st)
    • Board members' home
  • Small cost:
    • Hostelling International room
    • Strathcona Library
    • ACTION: Bernadette to confirm space with Anna
  • Chair: Bernadette
  • Minutes: Steph
  • Food: Neil


President's Report

  • Met with Rotary to develop branding and determine content for Spoke website.

Treasurer's Report

Media:EBC Financial Report - October 2011.xls

Executive Director's Report

  • [1] Executive Director October Report

BikeWorks Report

Media:BikeWorks Report October 2011.doc

  • CHRIS: When complete, volunteer descriptions will be made easily accessible on the EBC website, yes? And also posted to volunteering lists, please.
  • CHRIS: "2011 rental program report in the works but not quite done". This is too vague. What's done, what's left to complete, and when will it be complete? Is this what is required for the MEC grant?
    • ALEX: Has the info but needs to put it into formal report. Will complete by Dec 1 meeting.
    • ALEX will get all MEC grant info from DEREK.
  • NEIL: How reliable is the “$ spent on bikes line,” and is it based only on new parts, or all parts? If it’s based on reasonably complete data, I could use it increase the reliability of our cost of new parts line.
    • ALEX to split costs into new and used parts costs.
  • NEIL: On the usage sheets – I’m glad to hear your concerns. If you don’t think this method would work, do you have any alternative suggestions for a loss prevention strategy?
    • ALEX: Will try new sheets. Review in January.

Old business

Action Items from Last Meeting

Carried forward from earlier meetings

New action items from last meeting

New business

Alberta Cycle Building update

  • Did anyone attend the open house?
    • ANNA and ALEX are attending the open house on Nov 14. Will update the board by email thereafter.
      • ANNA will ask Elicia if she is interested in coming.
  • Kris A mentioned that he heard they're aiming for summer 2012 completion of renovations, but he's following up to see what that means
    • CHRIS reviewed Cycle Building info for new board members.
      • AB Cycle Building is on 118 ave and 91 st. EBC has possible opportunity to have short term lease. Mold was found in the building so lease has been postponed until renovations completed.
      • EBC has been seeking alternative short term space on the north side (Eastwood school via Edmonton Police Service)
      • EBC's point of contact for Alberta Cycle is ArtsHab. Need to be proactive in asking about tenancy.
      • With the opportunity for free space in Eastwood, Board must decide its interest in the Alberta Cycle building.
      • The north location is receiving funding for the continued operation of the Spoke
      • Eastwood school is unknown at the this time

Critical Mass

  • We should have a position & policy on CM.
    • Chris has spoken to many members who are not supportive of CM.
    • Chris suggests EBC does not advertise CM (no public statements). May undermine our advocacy position.
    • In the past, EBC has posted it as a community cycling event but not as an EBC event.
    • Could put CM on the calendar, but not explicitly invite our members to it (on facebook, newsletter, etc)
    • What are the benefits of EBC promoting CM? What are the costs/risks?
    • ANNA will no longer post CM on facebook. Individuals may post it on EBC's page.
    • CM will no longer be posted in the EBC newsletter.
    • EBC neither condemns nor condones critical mass.
    • ADAM will draft a policy for Dec 1 meeting


  • Board members interested in fiduciary matters should attend the next GAIN training
    • Neil described what he learned from the GAIN training
  • Paul is interested in the Treasurer position but feels unable to take on the role until February. He will be absent in April and May. Neil could formally be the Treasurer for this year but Paul could be groomed for this position.
  • PAUL will take look at the GAIN dates and register for the spring.

The Spoke

  • Spoke committee vs what EBC needs from the Spoke are different
  • Spoke curriculum meetings are once every 6 weeks. Chris has been attending.
  • CHRIS will complete a draft TOR for Spoke committee
  • CHRIS and ANNA will share draft TOR with Elicia and meet with her for feedback or comments.
  • TOR will be submitted to board for approval at Dec meeting.

Personal & Group Expectations

  • Review and reaffirm expectations from retreat.
  • 2.1 retreat baselines
    • purpose of retreat/meetings
    • group expectations, ground rules
      • Attend meetings. RSVP to the Chair if you will be absent.
      • Honour the time of your fellow board members. Be punctual so meetings may start and end on time.
      • Be prepared for meetings. Ensure your report/task is submitted 1 week before the meeting to allow members to review it. Read the reports, agenda, etc. beforehand. Come with questions or comments about these items.
      • Be attentive. Do not engage in side projects or use your phone (messaging, browsing, etc.) during meetings.
      • Keep discussion on task during meeting. Respect the goals of the meeting by making succinct comments that pertain directly to objectives addressed in the agenda. Evaluate your comments as to whether they assist or divert the direction of the meeting.
      • Assign Chair responsibilities. Empower Chair-person to make the meeting run effectively and ensure bylaws are being followed. This does not mean pointing out minor mistakes, but rather allowing the Chair to exercise organizational control to better the outcome of the meeting.
      • Practice active listening (do not simply wait for your turn to talk; listen, without judgement, to the current speaker). Notice how much you raise your hand and/or speak. Be aware of others who have not spoken and the environment in which they would feel comfortable to do so. If you aren't speaking but have something to add, assert yourself with the understanding that your comment will be heard and respected.
      • Be respectful and grateful of each person's participation, ideas and work. Be aware of how your attitude influences others as well as the effectiveness of the meeting. Make thoughtful comments that maintain a positive and constructive meeting. These meetings would not happen if the people in them weren't committed to similar ideas and held similar values. Keep in mind that this is a joint effort that requires a healthy, positive, give-and-take atmosphere. Our meetings must be productive in order to leave with specific plans and that great feeling of achievement!
      • Practice impartiality. Try not to get personally attached to any discussion, decision or project.
      • Be accountable. Fulfill your responsibilities.
      • Recuse yourself if there is a conflict of interest with a topic being discussed. Ensure transparency by having your name in the minutes noting that you 'stand aside' for the vote on the topic.
  • 2.2 honouring time and energy
    • effective communication and listening (covered in 2.1)
    • time commitment (covered in 2.1 with these additions)
      • Be honest with yourself and the group. What are you able to take on? Is the project/task beyond your current capacity?
      • Board must establish manageable number of goals (Strategic Plan) for the year, not bite off more than we can chew

Board Job Descriptions

  • Review and approve proposed general Board Member job description
  • ANNA to upload Retreat brainstorm of job
  • 2009 AGM also has more description
  • NEIL will draft job description for January meeting
  • Review and approve proposed Executive Committee job descriptions
    • ACTION: ANNA please paste that here.
      • see above, notably ch 4 in first document

Board Resignation & Appointment(s)

  • Elicia Elliott has submitted her resignation from the Board to Anna.
  • Appointments:
  • follow up with existing absent board members
  • ANNA will ask Kevin if he is interested in continuing on the board.
  • Contingent on on the above info, one or two appointments may be made for Dec 1
  • ANNA to send out the board applications from Lee and Chris Co for board review. Decision will be made for who would be approached for appointment.

Board Committees

  • Proposed Terms of Reference for all standing committees due Nov 23 for review and approval on December Board Meeting (Dec 1, 2011)

In Camera


  • N/A