Board Minutes November 2010

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Action Items from Last Meeting

  1. ALL: contact Chris for assistance setting up mailing lists, e-mail accounts, etc.
    1. Done.
  2. Neil: supply bank account numbers.
    1. TODO
  3. Neil: set up outsourced payroll system.
    1. Done.
  4. Neil: Investigate changing from RBC to a cheaper bank.
    1. TODO
  5. Chris, Neil, Adrian, Stephanie: Change signing authority.
    1. TODO
  6. Alex and Chris: Complete draft Alberta Cycle application by November 5.
    1. Done.
  7. Someone??: Investigate ABA membership??
    1. TODO
  8. ALL: bring potluck item for November 7 meeting.
    1. Done.
  9. Keith: prepare food for November 24 meeting.
    1. Done.
  10. David: Contact Janz to arrange meeting space.
    1. Done.
  11. Board retreat date: Nov 7, 2010
    1. Done.
  12. Next monthly meeting: Nov 24, 2010
    1. Done.
  13. Following monthly meeting: Dec 15, 2010
    1. Done.

November 7 Board Orientation

November 7 2010 Board orientation minutes

EBC Board Meeting Agenda for Nov 24, 2010

  • Time: 6:30pm
  • Location: 9707 - 110 STREET, SUITE 102
  • Food by: Keith

Approval of agenda

  • Approved.

Approval of minutes

August board meeting minutes

  • Approved.

AGM minutes

September Minutes

  • Approved.

October Minutes

  • Approved.

Tasks From Last Meeting

ABA Membership/ CANBIKE administration

  • ACTION: Anna will send ABA contact info to Steph. Steph will contact ABA.

Volunteer Policy Manual

  • ACTION: Keith will go over with Alex to complete.
  • ACTION: All board committee chairs to look over the policy manual with an eye for their committee. Send to Alex by Dec 22. Alex to have complete manual for approval at January Board meeting (Jan 19, 2011).

Alberta Cycle building application

  • Submitted!
  • We are already a foot in the door there (as our work with The Spoke).
  • Other applicants that we know of include the Edmonton Small Press Association, a ceramics guild, theatre group, dance group.

Board Retreat

  • Structured as a board orientation.
  • Should we have a retreat in 6 months (March) to do our Vision for the next year?
  • ACTION: Mission needs to be formally written up. Sub-committee to do this by Dec 15: Steph, Alex C, Chris.

Meeting Space

  • 102, 9707-110 St (unless a class is booked; David will notify)
  • 6:30pm is best


  • How often should committees meet? Every two months
  • Each committee to set goals (what do we want to see happen?) and milestones (deadlines to help achieve that goal) and what powers do you have (what needs to be approved by Board vs. what can committee decide on its own?)
  • ACTION: All committees to write up their own Terms Of Reference (1-2 pg) before next Board Meeting, Dec 15
  • ACTION: David to send the TOR template by Nov 26.


  • Chair: Bernadette


  • Chair: Keith


  • Chair: Alex C


  • Co-chair: Alex C
  • Co-chair: Bernadette

Information Management

  • Chair: Chris


  • Chair: Derek

Education and Safety

  • Chair: Neil



  • Busy month!


  • Advocacy: downtown LRT downtown consult
  • Edmonton Immigration Services Association is interested in partnering
  • ACTION: Alex: rental program credit card deposits need to be checked through EGS—check if EGS is ok with this and make sure this is written the contract.
  • MOTION: Rental program will be available to members and non-members. Motion passed.
  • ACTION: Rent to minors? We may need additional insurance to rent to minors. Parent must sign? Parent rents it, operated by parent, teen or kid? Chris sent Keith the insurance company contact info; Keith ask insurance company what they would cover. contact info for insurance.
  • ACTION: Derek to send MEC a report to update on rental program grant.
  • ACTION: We want EBC stickers on all bikes sold from BikeWorks, like we used to do. Alex to get quotes for this (to be approved).
  • ACTION: Alex will look in MEC grant for the amount that we specified for branding stickers.
  • ACTION: Bike storage under a tarp outside. Alex to get volunteers to install tarp.


  • ACTION: Neil to send report to Anna.



  • Application for $40,000 grant has been submitted.
  • Operates every Tuesday, 5:30-8pm
  • Sports Central might become a big supporter of The Spoke because they directly deal with low income youth.
  • Will The Spoke committee merge with the Community Liaison Board Committee or the BikeWorks Committee?
  • If EBC does not get the Alberta Cycle space, we will have to review our specific obligations but we want to support it.
  • MOTION by Chris, seconded by Derek: EBC will take on the Spoke with the conditions that Chris outlined in a previous email. Passed.

Ghost bikes

  • Responses to public inquiries (general info), media, and inquiries of a political nature must be handled differently.
  • ACTION: Chris to ask Michael not to send messages from public. We still appreciate that he coordinates media and replies to them.
  • More information on the ghost bikes are required to help tell why the ghost bike is there.
  • Laminate paper with info about the ghost bike program, EBC, website, etc. Zip tie to each ghost bike.
  • ACTION: Anna to write a more detailed webpage about ghost bikes. Get Michael's press release to update if necessary.
  • ACTION: Chris will write an email to the woman who emailed her concern to us saying we will go reassess the location of the ghost bike. Keith will go look at it.

E-mail (info@) policy

  • Professional voice is important!
  • Policy is now that Anna, Alex, Chris will be the only ones to reply to public inquiries. Board and others are encouraged to send their thoughts/feedback to the internal email list but the staff will reply to the public.
  • ACTION: Chris will email info@ recipients to inform of new policy.
  • MOTION by Neil, seconded by Keith: Any response coming to info@ email will be sent by staff or Chris, unless they delegate to someone else. Neil moves. Keith seconds. Motion passed.
  • ACTION: Derek will add outgoing communication policy in wiki before Dec 15.

Time sheets

  • ACTION: Neil to reformat the timesheet to reflect the stuff in David's timesheet template for Dec 15.


  • ACTION: Derek reviewing policies on wiki (ongoing).


  • Edmonton Archives will be coming to our January meeting to discuss how we can better preserve our documents.

Food for next meeting

  • Derek

Next meeting date

  • Bring your agenda for 2011 to Dec meeting so that we can set our regular meeting dates.
  • 6:30pm. December 15, 2010

In Camera

End Meeting