Board Minutes May 2012

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These minutes were approved in the Board Minutes June 2012.

EBC Board Meeting Minutes for May 10, 2011

  • Time: 6:30pm
  • Location: LAW 101
  • Food by: Lee

Call to Order

  • Time: 6.40 pm


  • Meeting Chair: Bernadette
  • Minute-taker: Micah
  • Board attendance: Bern, Micah, James, Alex Choby, Adam, Duncan, Lee
  • Staff attendance: Chris Chan
  • Regrets: Steph, Neil, Chris Corrigan
  • Absent: Brett, Paul
  • Guests: none

Approval of Agenda

Going over agenda; approval. Duncan: I move to approve this month's agenda. Seconded: Bern. Carried.

Approval of Last Month's Minutes

Last month's minutes: too chatty and informal, stop being so silly. OK. content good.

Duncan: I move to approve last month's minutes.
Seconded by Adam.

Date, Location & Food for Next Meeting

  • Date: [extensive consultation of respective calendars] Monday 11 June @ 6.30
  • Location: Micah will attempt to book same room again, Law 101
  • Chair: Duncan
  • Food: Adam


President's Report

There isn't one because Adam was busy doing exams and has passed most of what he was working on to Chris.

Treasurer's Report

There isn't one owing to fiscal dates not aligning with meeting dates.

Executive Director's Report

Mention of a discussion from last year about changing membership turnover to fixed dates twice a year (i.e. membership good for one year to 18 months).

Duncan questions for clarification.

Adam: what's up with Alex taking June off? Chris: he is, it's on the google calendar which you all have access to.

Bern: do you need any guidance on anything in/to do with your report? Feedback? Chris: not needed, but some points wouldn't mind. [discussed a few points off report]

BikeWorks Report

Alex sent it out, none of us have read it cos it kind of slipped under our respective radars. Going over it now.

Information Management Committee

File:IMC Apr2012.pdf

James filed a quite lengthy report via the wiki (above) but none of us realised it. Going over now. TOR to be approved. Looking over. Some discussion.

Action item: all board members to read James' TOR, edit at will within reason. Or at least initiate email discussion if concerns

Advocacy Committee Report

Duncan's main concern/point discussed in New Business below (LRT bike parking/public art).

Current & Completed Business

Action Items

  • Last month's action items:
    • FB event & advocacy email: got added to newsletter. Add page on website re: ward reps.
    • MBC: shelving: did not follow up, sorry. Chris says he's since obtained shelving
    • reports were a bit last-minute but arrived before meeting. CC said actually did it a couple weeks ago but forgot to send it out.
    • bike parking art stuff: see agenda item below.
    • AB did verily obsess over Cycling Event Promotion Policy
Adam: I move that we pass the Cycling Event Promotion Policy
Duncan seconds
Carried; Alex Choby abstained because she was not at last meeting and has not had chance to read it.
  • New Action items
    • Action item: MBC & CC: still to discuss library-archives

Cycling Event Policy

Cycling Event Promotion Policy

New Business

Casino volunteer recruitment letter (Micah)

  • Bern: forms
  • Micah: I'll resend my draft email for feedback before it goes to the masses action item!
  • Adam: who should work casinos??? parents of Spoke participants! parents of special needs learn to ride course too says Chris!
  • Micah: action item: get back to emails from folks interested in casino volunteering!

Summer Student

  • What's to discuss?
  • CC: May I have authority to make hiring decision? Whose responsibility? HR committee? Chris' responsibility to do hiring, it's only summer staff. Adam: would like Chris and Alex to do it. Would you like us to move to give you the authority to hire a summer student?
Adam: I move to grant Chris the authority hire our summer student.
Bern: I second.

BW North

  • fencing the yard: AH requested 1500$+ for materials. Most of us consider this to be reasonable and we trust Alex's judgment etc. But: can we afford it? If we don't hire 2nd summer student we could def afford it.
Micah: I move to grant permission and no more than 2000$ for the construction of a fence at BikeWorths North.
Bern: seconds.
  • Signage: AH has also requested funds for signage. We are unclear about what Stollery grant can be applied to - things connected to Spoke? Shall we authorise $ for high-quality exterior sign and less $ for lower-quality interior sign?
    • Action item: Chris will tell AH to purchase exterior sign and investigate cheaper alt for interior sign
  • Alarm: purchased security system for BWN motion sensors, all kinds of sensors, to be hooked into phone system, no monthly fee cos it will just call our cell phones (up to 6 numbers). CC: are you concerned that we should get an actual monitored system, considering the area? Bern: does the existing make lots of noise? CC: yes, and it's off-board so you can't just like punch it or something to shut it up.
  • Stollery grant: what do we know? still 5000$ left, to be allocated how? re-allocatable? Kris A might know - AH to talk to him apparently.
    • Action item: Chris to talk to Alex about talking to Kris.
  • Advertising: advertise north shop more so folks know it's there. Folks generally agree this is a good idea. Posters? Handbills? CC says posters in businesses less effective than handbills and more $. And garden opening happening 2 June. Adam says posters could be good, could be more demand, Adam basically volunteering to poster neighbourhood.
    • Action item: CC will make legal-sized B&W posters.

BW South

  • Limiting access: too many in shop at once: dangerous and unproductive, volunteers can't help everyone. AH: perhaps can't have bike in shop if don't have stand. Operational. Desk at front to say oh no stands…… Anyway, Ops so not our purview.
  • Special Needs supports: increase in volunteers with special needs: how to encourage, accommodate without impinging on effectiveness of running shop etc.
AC: it's going to be case by case, probably, because of differences in individuals etc. Have changes talked about by AC and Pals been implemented?
CC: no.
AC: a lot of changes would just be good to have anyway. eg clear system to have volunteers identifiable. would benefit everyone. These things discussed with Pals that are specific and would benefit everyone and should have been done a long time ago, should be implemented with some urgency. But one of the special needs volunteers comes in with aide. Trish wants for people to build relationships with Peter. Meetings on weekly basis? Difficult to accommodate. Should Peter maybe have an aide to help him navigate?
CC: Alex meeting with PP once a week could be reasonable, both are there like every day.
AB: should we tell AH that current level of support is appropriate but when questions arise he request to consult with inclusion committee?
AC: do we need policy about degree to which issues are addresses by project(?) manager?
CC: if it doesn't look like we can handle it we can just say no.
AC & BB: not nice to have someone required to bring an aide.
AC: risk mgmt, liability? We can cross those bridges when we come to them.
    • Proposed changes are in the pipeline; it's a matter of getting all our stuff done, EBN etc. Hence the usefulness of getting a host for EBS. So, under control/in progress for now.
    • Volunteer certification in works will reinforce training.
  • Price Increases: possible need to do this on new parts. Not a board thing! So pass.

LRT Bike Parking/Public Art

  • currently in design phase for SW LRT. DK says we should lead the proposal to have public art = bike parking at LRT stops. organise community members, other citizens, etc. to support this. large contingent of metal artists & sculptors in E'ton. proposals to Strathearn & Cloverdale comm. leagues. DK wants to build a website for this great big proposal/project. Wants to act as spokesperson for this project.
  • Funds for domain and hosting: 20$ and 10$/month respectively unless we share domain and then 'we are laughing'. Subdomain! says CC.
  • interested in helping? come to mtng (yet to be announced)
  • AB: can we just say that sounds like a really good idea.

In Camera Session

(CC to be excused)

Bern: I move for us to go in camera.
Duncan seconds.


Micah: I move to adjourn.
Lee: seconds.
  • I (Micah) regret to note that I failed to write down the time of adjournment. However, based on the save history of the text document I was taking minutes into, it was at approximately 8.11 pm. It was the shortest meeting this incarnation of the board has yet experienced.