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EBC Board Meeting Minutes for May 25, 2011

  • Time: 6:30pm
  • Location: ENTS (#201 10575 114th Street)
  • Food by: Chris

Call to order


Approval of agenda

  • ?? Motion to approve by . Seconded by .

Approval of minutes

  • ?? Motion to approve March 2011 minutes by . Seconded by .

Action Items from Last Meeting

Carried Forward

  • ACTION: Anna to contact ABA about CANBIKE
    • MAR UPDATE: Anna call again.
    • APR UPDATE: Scheduling underway.
    • MAY UPDATE: CANBIKE instructors must pay ABA membership ($40/yr – possibly paid by EBC)
    • if EBC asks instructors to offer program, we will pay for their ABA fee for the year
  • ACTION: All committees to write up their own Terms Of Reference (1-2 pg)
    • MAR UPDATE: Outreach, Inclusion, Adcocacy, Info Mgmt are up. To be done: Education, BikeWorks. Chris to put ones we have on the wiki.
    • APR UPDATE: Chris updated wiki. Missing are: Outreach, Inclusion, Advocacy, Education & Safety. BikeWorks and Volunteer are somewhat incomplete. CHRIS to e-mail everyone to resend if available.
    • MAY UPDATE: Chris will ask board members to resubmit directly to Chris.

New action items

  • ACTION: ANNA to put EBC priorities into online doc
    • APR UPDATE: Not done yet.
    • MAY UPDATE: Partially sent to Chris.

Next Meeting Date

Date: Thursday, June 23, 2011, 6:30pm Location: ENTS

  • Chris will arrange ENTS booking.

Food For Next Meeting

  • James shall bring food but as he brought food in the past few months, other board members should try to take this on.

Intros for new staff

Alberta Cycle building

  • black mould in the building – at least 9 months (Feb 2012) until ArtsHab would take over


  • has received some significant grants
  • need to relaunch by June 15 to keep momentum going – need space to operate in
  • looking at space on 118 ave – possible space behind The Carrot (1600-1800 sqft) to share with another tenant (Spark, a promotions company).
  • MOTION (Neil): To allow EBC delegate (David) to negotiate space for the spoke for temporary use (up to $700 per month for up to 1 year from EBC general funds). Seconded by Alex C. Motion passed unanimously.
    • possible to buy a shipping container ($3,800) and park at EPS (willing to pay power, water, etc) or at a partnering school?

Board retreat and planning for next year's board

  • retreat's main purpose would be to create a mission statement and long term strategic plan
  • discuss and plan what we need from the board, what commitment and responsibility is needed
  • recruitment for next year since many members are leaving
  • spoke position on the board?
  • we will reserve one hour at end of each board meeting (June, July, Aug, Sept) to do the strategic plan. Chris, David, Anna to list what we need to have for the strategic plan.

Charitable Status

  • Anna to have a timeline of completion for charitable status by June 3.


Report from President

  • attended downtown LRT hearing today at City Hall. Very little changes to alignment which will affect bike infrastructure
  • Volunteer party to kick off Bike Month last weekend
  • Staff training on CANBIKE
  • attended Youth Summit on Sustainable Transportation
  • video for Emerald Awards about EBC
  • received $5,000 grant from YES
  • TPRAC meeting – new river valley maps which show which paths are plowed in winter

Report from Executive Director

  • much of the same as Chris
  • keeping up with event requests and coordination
  • summer staff interviews, hiring, training

Report from Treasurer

  • April was a very strong month, particularly thanks to the over-winter bike building program and subsequent bike sale. Bikeworks pulled in almost $10k, which was similar to what we were pulling in for June and July in 2010. Expenses are essentially on par. New parts continues to be a bit of a mystery, as we seem to be spending more on new parts than we earn.

File:EBC Financial Report - April 2011.xls

The Spoke

  • have 15 people on wait list for next program
  • HP has donated time and touch screens for the program
  • participants will have a physical manual about bike repair and access to the touch screens in the shop
  • spoke postcards being printed
  • spoke nominated for RatCreek Connect award. Need board member to attend to represent EBC. May 27 @ Artery @ 6:30pm, tickets are $10. Chris will attend
  • spoke is being highlighted in Edmonton Community Foundation AGM
  • due to Alberta Cycle building renos, all spoke supplies need to be stored somewhere else

Bike Rental Program

  • forms almost finished
  • volunteers need instructions on how to rent the bikes
  • Forms to be done by end of May and volunteer info on how to by end of May
  • numbers for reporting are required asap

Summer hours

  • should not happen if we cannot cover it with volunteers!

NAA Lease

  • Alex sent out NAA contact. Anna to contact them ASAP. Prefer a 2 year lease.
  • $1105 + 300 utilities (we would like to see the utility bills!)
  • We do all of the maintenance (no leasehold improvements have been done). We have been in the space since 2000. Two years ago we lost space (minimal) and paid same price.
  • We are actively looking for a second location. Potential location is being negotiated.
  • Anna to negotiate – must bring the offer to the board for approval
  • MOTION (Chris): To give Anna authority to negotiate a new lease, up to $1200 plus $300 utilities. Seconded by Neil. Motion passed unanimously.

Bike Month MOU

  • Anna to send most recent draft to board
  • Anna to check in with Karly on agreement
  • Anna to update the exact number of hours per week of EBC staff hours that can be for Bikeology.

Signing Authority for Executive Director

  • MOTION (Chris): To rescind the signing authority motion passed in April 2011. Seconded by James. Motion passed.
  • MOTION (Chris): Executive Director to have full signing authority for EBC within the purview of the Society's bylaws, policies and budget. Seconded by Derek. Motion passed.

Staff Reports

  • not getting reports done at all or on time
  • need for legacy purposes, need for board updating, need for identifying issues and projects, need for keeping board meetings to a timely schedule.

Artist In Residence Funding Proposal

  • Kim and Leila presented proposal for a collaborative position.
  • Anna will update them when the board makes a decision.

File:Artist in Residence Business Plan.pdf

File:Artist in Residence Budget.pdf

In Camera

End of Meeting