Board Minutes March 2014

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These minutes were approved at the April 2014 board meeting.

EBC Board Meeting Minutes for March 19, 2014

Board meetings are open to the EBC members and the public.

  • Location: room 262, Education South, University of Alberta main campus
  • Start Time: 6:30pm

Please RSVP to [[email protected]] if you plan on attending. Please include a brief summary of any agenda item you would like to table. Thank you!


  • Meeting Chair: Bernadette
  • Minute-taker: Doug
  • Food by: Leila
  • Board attendance: Bernadette, Doug, Leila, Matt, Carlos, Steve, Derek
  • Staff attendance: Coreen, Chris
  • Regrets: Anna, Caylie, Chris Co, Kristen, Sarah
  • Absent:
  • Guests: Andy Martinez

Call to Order

  • Meeting called to order by Bernadette at 6:36 pm.

Logistics for Next Meeting

  • Date: Wed Apr 16
  • Location: rm 262 Education South, UofA
  • Chair: Doug
  • Minute-taker: Matt
  • Food by: Carlos

Approval of Agenda, Minutes, Reports (5 min)

  • Motion: To approve March 2014 agenda, February 2014 minutes, and reports as presented below. Motioned by Leila Seconded by Matt Motion Carried.

President's Report

  • I won't be submitting a president's report this month as most of the work I've been up to has to do with reviewing HR policy and HR committee work this month.

Treasurer's Report

Executive Director's Report

BikeWorks Report

Advocacy Committee Report

  • [Advocacy Committee Report (Month) (Year)]

H.R. Committee Report

  • [H.R. Committee Report (Month) (Year)]

Policy Committee Report

  • [Policy Committee Report (Month) (Year)]

Strategic Planning Committee Report

  • Doug and Matt to update

Current & Completed Business

Updates on Action Items From Previous Meeting (5 min)

  • Everyone log your 2014 board volunteer hours for the past month.
  • Oct 2013: Anna to make record of what to do for next AGM.
  • Nov 2013: Executive Committee (Leila, Sarah, Anna, Carlos) will pursue a Servus credit card for EBC in the name of the Executive Director.
    • March update: Anna and Carlos have new forms.
  • Nov 2013: Chris Corrigan to change email name back to "Chris Corrigan" (not "EBC Board Mail").
  • Dec 2013: Sarah will create a google doc for charitable status barriers & needs (strategic planning collaboration).
  • Jan 2014: Committee chairs to post all committee meetings to EBC calendar - public ones go on "EBC Events", other committee meetings go on "EBC Internal" calendar. Ongoing.
  • Jan 2014: Kristen present proposed bylaw change at AGM 2014.
  • Feb 2014: Anna, Carlos to take pics and write bio for website.
  • Feb 2014: Phil will send board the spoke handout that he has been giving out to the public.
  • Feb 2014: Bernadette will ask Chris to determine how much the program uses in petty cash.
  • Feb 2014: Carlos and Caylie to investigate options and associated costs for Electronic Transfers with Servus.
  • Feb 2014: Kristen/Policy Committee will incorporate petty cash max in future Financial policy.
  • Feb 2014: Strategic Planning Committee will continue to gather info to bring a proposal regarding EBC name change to the board in July.
  • Feb 2014: Sarah, Bernadette, Doug will be on ad-hoc Volunteer Appreciation committee. Matt is interested in knowing specific roles when they are determined.
  • Feb 2014: Caylie, Carlos, Neil will meet to review treasurer role and get signing authority names updated.
  • Feb 2014: Carlos, Derek, Anna will meet to do a mini-orientation.


  • Feb 2014: Anna to add Carlos to vol hours log
  • Feb 2014: Anna will set up Carlos' EBC accounts.

Servus Accounts (5 min)

  • Anna and Carlos met with new Servus financial advisor on March 6.
  • Anna added the two words to Feb motion that would allow Carlos to have online 'view only' access to both accounts (General and Casino). Motion reads, "To name Carlos Bautista signing authority and online account admin as EBC Treasurer for Servus General and Servus Casino accounts."
  • Need all current signing authorities (Leila, Sarah, Anna) to sign motion/minutes and scan to Servus.
  • There is currently no option for not-for-profits to have one person with admin authority with the online accounts (i.e. cannot pay bills, transfer funds, etc.). Everything must be done by automatic withdraws (eg. for bills) or by writing a cheque or voucher with 2 signatures.
  • Re: Credit Card. Need to look at bylaws to determine if ED can lend monies.
  • Discussion notes:
    • Met with Jaclyn at Servus. Need a motion to further authorize Carlos.
  • Motion: To name Carlos Bautista signing authority and online account admin as EBC Treasurer for Servus General and Servus Casino accounts. Moved by Leila , seconded by Steve . Motion Carried.
  • Action Items: name will print out meeting motion, have it signed, and fax it to Servus by March 21.

New Business

Next door commercial shop (30 min)

  • Volunteer frequenting Bike Works South proposed to set up a partnership in which he'd like to fix bikes in association with EBC.
  • Discussion notes:
    • Steve - Does it make more sense to hire a mechanic under EBC rather than have a third party mechanic? How does this work with physical resources that are shared? Space? Liability issues?
    • Coreen - Interestd party very valuable as mechanic. Concerns with clarity of relationship between interested party and EBC, as well as affects that relationship would have on other volunteer relationships, relationships with other shops, how does it fit in with our mandate. What are the boundaries with working time? We need to respond to him soon.
    • Leila - torn between separate business from EBC or whether to look at integrated EBC services. Interested in hearing a proposal from interested party with further information.
    • Chris - EBC has control over terms and conditions of contract such as space, inventory (eg: parts being sold). EBC not at risk for new business venture. Suggest giving interested party information about what we'd like the relationship to look like.
  • Motion: The board doesn't have enough information to make any informed decisions at this point, and to ask interested party for more information about what his ideas are and present a proposal to our board in writing. Moved by Matt , seconded by Doug . Motion Carried.
  • Action Items: Doug will contact interested party by phone by March 21.

Treasurer Report Format (4 min)

  • Carlos
  • Discussion notes:
    • Request for feedback on past financial reports: How do you find them? Are they useful? Easy to work with? Is there enough information?
    • Round discussion - reports are ok.

Jane's Walk (3 min)

  • Derek
  • Discussion notes:
    • Jane's Walk, the first weekend of every May, is a movement of independently organized events that move people around in recognition of urban theory, essentially a celebration of the urban environment.

Strategic Planning (6 min)

  • Matt and Doug
  • Discussion notes:
    • Charitable status to be applied for when year end finances are available. Will try draft run in June with CRA to ensure quality of application and increase chances of acceptance. Other info is Q13 and Q18.

ED Feb Report - Need to Know (8 min)

  • Chris
  • What you really need to know:
  • You Can Ride Too (YCR2) Budget proposal:
  • Seeking approval for this program budget: LINK
  • Currently has a surplus of $5825.
  • Entirely grant funded: no cash contribution from EBC for this year.
  • YCR2 grant application: LINK
  • Please review so that I may submit this application ASAP.
  • YCR2 job applications: I have reviewed applications and will hire for temporary contract positions.
  • Changing summer focus from Ride-a-friend-to-work to “Community BikeWorks Network”; see BikeWorks for details.
  • Motion: To approve the YCR2 Budget referred to in the February 2014 ED Report. Moved by Matt, seconded by Leila. Motion Carried.
  • Action Items: Chris will inform YCR2.

Petty Cash Policy (2 min)

  • Bernadette
  • Discussion notes:
    • $200 is not enough, especially for large ticket items that consume this and more. Lack of a fluid source like credit cards are holding up cash flow; waiting on cheques proves stressful, especially for affiliates (YCR2)

Good 100 Representation (5 min)

  • Doug
  • Discussion notes:
    • Application fee associated with networking event. Any issues with funding the application fee in order to have EBC representation present at the event?
    • No concerns. There are budgets allotted for these kinds of proceedings.
    • Doug will attend on behalf of EBC.

In Camera Session (10 min)

  • Motion: To go in camera. Moved by Bernadette , seconded by Leila. Motion Carried.
  • Please list how long you believe your topic will take to discuss:


  • Motion: To adjourn the meeting. Moved by Derek, seconded by Carlos. Motion Carried.