Board Minutes March 2012

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These minutes were approved in the Board Minutes April 2012.


  • Meeting Chair: Bernadette
  • Minute-taker: Chris Corrigan
  • Board attendance: everyone but Lee, James, Paul; Brett, Chris, Adam, Steph, Neil, Duncan, Micah, Bernadette, Alex C.
  • Staff attendance: Alex Hindle
  • Regrets: Lee, James, Paul
  • Absent: 0
  • Guests: 0

Call to Order

  • Time: 6:33

Approval of Agenda

  • Motion: Adam, Alex, carried

Approval of Last Month's Minutes

Pending. Duncan will provide Chris with a Wiki-Tutorial, formatting will be reviewed.

Date, Location & Food for Next Meeting

  • April 5. U of A Law Centre, Room 101. 6:30pm.
  • Micah will arrange room.
  • Alex C. will bring food.


President's Report

President's Report

  • Points for discussion entered under "New Business"

Treasurer's Report

Nothing spectacular. The cost of renovations are hitting, we spent about $1800 in February, and of course the rent was paid, which wasn't budgeted for.

On a side note, I am recognising the rent as equal monthly payments of $2,013 over the course of the lease, instead of the arbitrary swings that result from the way we negotiated it. This number may change from time to time based on changes in our "additional rent" (covering snow clearing, propery taxes and building insurance), but should be fairly predictable this way. The difference between the cash costs and the regular rent charge shows on the balance sheet as either prepaid rent, or as a lease liability.

Bikeworks remained fairly busy in February, and we're entering the season where business picks up, so hopefully we'll see the benefits of that. Donations also remained strong.

All in, we spent about $4k more than budget in February, somewhat offset by $400 extra in revenues. So far this fiscal year, we're still $5,500 ahead of where our budget expected to be, so despite my instinct to get stressed about spending too much money in the winter, we're actually doing quite well.


BikeWorks Report

BikeWorks Report

  • state of the renovations?

The New Shop Location (North) is going well, physically. Completeness of volunteer base is more questionable. As a result, Alex is skeptical whether or not The North Location will be able to operate at similar summer hours as The South Location. Volunteer orientations upcoming.

  • B.W.N. Policy Development?

How will we handle haggling or free parts at B.W.N.? This is one policy that needs development. The type of locks also need to be decided upon. A Fenced-In Area Out-Of-Doors for bike storage would also be a necessary development. Bike Tools for B.W.N. already obtained. However, basic hand tools, compressors, etc. need to be gathered. An opening party or "Space-Shower" would be great! It will take time for the BWN to be running at the same capacity that we all have grown accustomed to. What needs consideration is the greater number of challenges inherent in the BWN's location in a depressed neighborhood. The building code has a $240 fee in order to access the pdf.

  • Title change?

Alex Hindle's title to change to: Bikeworks Director

Abstained Adam, Neil, Chris

Motion Passed!

Advocacy Committee Report


85 ppl showed for Advocacy Day at The Metro Cinema recently.

3 ppl attended the last Commitee Meeting. Duncan stoked on this? Less so.


Adam to draft a spokesperson letter for Duncan.

  • Ward reps

Eyes & Ears in the community in order to promote Bike Stuff. Call for alternative Bike Hotline, other than calling the City @ #311. If we wish to push for more bike lanes, we must ensure that the only ppl who attend civic hearings are not those who are against them.

  • VeloCity

Largest bike conference in the world! Duncan connected to many Planners & Architects who are planning to go. Duncan wishes to form an Edmonton Contigent.

  • Tony Caterina: Personal attack on bikes lanes... Specifically ones planning for 97th Street DT. EBC must be careful what sort of image we project as a result of itentifying those who oppose. We would love to send a Ward or City Rep to the conference, but the possibility of sending someone is low amongst those who simple have never been anywhere where there is a large base of commuter cyclists. Brett suggests that Further discussion in the advocacy committee needed. Shall we sind an EBC Board Member or City Councillor? How can we get an anti-bike councillor to go? All expense paid & sponsored, maybe? Duncan maintains the view that if we create some conflict, the press will pay attention. Bernadette: Shall the EBC sponsor a councillor?

Committee 2 Report

Committee 2 Report

Current & Completed Business

Action Items from Older Meetings

Action item as well for Board Members to review The Job Description.

Action item for Micah: Keep on top of Casino Stuff.

  • Alex H will submit grant report to MEC
  • the Board will make adjustments to Neil's policy on bike events

Action: Everyone to look at Board-member 'job' description &cycling Events Promotion policy (flawed)


  • February 14, 2012: Motion to deliver the attached letter (to be kept in

personnel files) to Anna Vesala in a personal meeting as soon as possible. Motion: Stephanie; Second: Paul; Carried.

  • February 16, 2012: Motion to revise the terms of the letter (to be kept in

personnel files) to Anna Vesala as recommended by Neil Carey and deliver it to Anna. Motion: Alex C; Second: Paul; Carried.


  • Actions taken to date? Anything new the board needs to discuss?

Bikeworks North

  • The only hard action item coming out of last meeting was getting a quote on locks.

New Business

Public Bike Lane Consultations

  • Discussion of our message and our involvement in public consultations. See President's Report for details. The Dubious Safety of some of the new bikelanes is being highlighted.

Provincial Election

  • Look at Bike Calgary's message [1]. Discuss whether we see ourselves joining in a substantive way.

Province-Wide Discussion... While AB is very Urban in population... no one knows we exist!

We will need a Member?

Yes. Chris & Duncan will have a Pow-wow.

Position Statements Policy

  • Carried.

In Camera Session

Motion moved by Micah, Alex C. 2nd.


  • Motion:

Paul will fix our 1990's Bylaws.

Bernadette & Micah Move to Adjourn.