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Action Items from Last Meeting

Carried Forward

  • ACTION: Anna to contact ABA about CANBIKE
    • FEB UPDATE: No response yet. Tried 3 times.
    • MAR UPDATE: Anna call again.
  • ACTION: Anna to write a more detailed webpage about ghost bikes. Get Michael's press release to update if necessary.
    • FEB UPDATE: Not done yet. Keith will do it based on Michael K and site.
    • MAR UPDATE: No change.
  • ACTION: All committees to write up their own Terms Of Reference (1-2 pg)
    • MAR UPDATE: Outreach, Inclusion, Adcocacy, Info Mgmt are up. To be done: Education, BikeWorks, . Chris to put ones we have on the wiki.
  • ACTION: Alex and Anna to decide on specifics of membership length/expiry and present scheme to board
    • MAR UPDATE: Want to increase renewals. Reminders are necessary. Want to target members who are interested in EBC but not necessarily coming to BikeWorks. Continue recording day in which member signs up.
  • ACTION: ANNA to put EBC priorities into online doc

New action items

  • ACTION: Alex and Anna to ask BikeWorks mechanics about feelings about offsite mechanic fees
    • MAR UPDATE: Volunteers seemed ok with it. MOU must be formalized for any group to have the fees waived. Contract employees will be permitted to accept tips but it will be clearly described that this money goes to the organization. Contract employees will post a sign "Bike Checks sponsored by ___, donations kindly accepted." System of training for contract employees is being written by Alex.
  • ACTION: Alex to update Bike Building metrics with correct numbers so that we can re-analyze

EBC Board Meeting Agenda for March 30, 2011

  • Time: 6:30pm
  • Location:
  • Food by: Chris & Stephanie

Call to order

  • In attendance: Steph, Alex, Chris, Neil, James, Brett, Anna, Bernadette
  • Regrets: David, Alex C, Kevin, Keith,

Approval of agenda

  • Motion to approve Steph. Seconded by Neil. Approved.

Approval of minutes

  • Motion to approve February 2011 minutes Steph. Seconded by James. Approved/

February board meeting minutes

Action items from last meeting



  • Personally awarded for YES grant, $5000 (EBC as a project partner)
    • Submitted MEC grant for $4000
    • Audit John's 7-week mechanic course
  • EBC nomination listed in Emerald Award newsletter
  • Submitted Shell Environmental Fund grant application, $25,000
  • Submitted CIRA Non-profit .CA Award, $5000
  • Advised Saskatoon bike shop
  • Organizing Bake & Bike Sale
  • Helping with Ride to the Symphony
    • Cliff at Redbike was not very receptive to partnering. ESO and Sarah C are both working on convincing him otherwise
  • Met with Gordon Sheppard and Adrian P about CityTV partnership
  • Met with Jim F and Kenneth about redesigning EBC website
  • Reclaiming Lost Spaces/Alley of Light meeting to talk about involving bikes in 104 St alley
  • TRUE meeting
  • VELO meeting
  • Spoke committee meetings

TPRAC update

Downtown LRT plan has been revised. It's not bad now:

102 Ave
  • No left turns for automobiles
  • West of 107 St: bike lanes on either side of the street.
  • East of 107 St, to 99 St: trains run on north side of the street. Then two-way bike lanes. Then one lane eastbound automobile lane. Then one lane of parking. Then the sidewalk.
  • 99 St: bike lane to connect to 102A Ave.
  • 102A Ave, east of 99 St: bike lanes on either side of street

76 Ave & 106 St bike lanes

In communication with engineers and planners about details of new (first) bike lanes.

There are concerns with 106 St curb extensions and interactions with bike lanes. Currently working with community leagues, John Collier, and the City to examine detailed plans.

Executive Director

Bike Art Auction

BikeWorks Coordinator

File:BikeWorks February March 2011 Report.pdf

Alberta Cycle space

  • short term lease looks likely, but ephemeral (moving around as they renovate)
  • They said that we would not get 3000sqft and we'd be lucky to get 1000sqft
  • We need commitment from ArtsHab. Are we the anchor tenant they want?
  • What is their long term vision? We can't/shouldn't take short term space if we dont know this.
  • What space do they see for us in long term? 2000 would be a bare minimum.
  • What is the revo schedule? Will our short term space be significantly compromised?
  • Alex make a list of spaces/buildings which would be suitable.
  • City-owned space is ideal.
  • Alex to write up detailed notes from Tuesday April 5 meeting with Linda. Send to Board for review and discussion. Send notice of intention to city (Scott Peters) by following week.


Attached is this month's financial report. I don't have a lot to say about the monthly report. Our casino money arrived, almost exactly the same amount as last time. Advertising expenses were a little higher in preparation for the art auction. Employee expenses were below budget, this is because Alex's week off at the end of January hit the books this month (this is a mistake, it should have shown up in January, but I miscalculated).

YTD, our spending is still a bit high, mostly due to an unexpectedly large amount of inventory purchased over the winter.

A summary of the art auction results is also attached. One expense is still missing - any cost of processing credit cards that EGS passes on to us. It shouldn't be more than $10-$12. The bank charge already showing is for payments sent through Paypal. It was an amazing event, and did turn a profit. In terms of record keeping, there was significantly more money at the end of the night than was accounted for on the cash sheets. If we do it again, I think we should put some more thought into how we're going to track money on the night.

The substantial amount of employee time involved did reduce the profit significantly, so the bottom line is only $372.40. However, another way to look at it is an event that substantially subsidized the cost of keeping permanent staff over the winter, while providing a highly visible event that brought out a lot of people that we don't see too often anymore.

As always, let me know if you have any questions.

File:EBC Financial Report - February 2011.xls

New Business


MOTION by STEPH/NEIL that memberships expire at end of month, with renewal reminders to be sent out monthly. APPROVED.

Alberta Cycle Building Update

  • A decision is needed immediately on whether to proceed with short term space acquisition. Not making a decision at this time may make it untenable to secure space.
  • Will wait for meeting with Linda H on Tuesday, April 5, for more information.

Bike Building Tuesdays

  • Evaluating this program shows that it hasn't been profitable, and likely won't be a good source of revenue generation for a long time.
  • With changes in food costs, it does pay for itself, and generates a lot of other benefits (training, winter volunteer retention, socially-focused workshop times, etc)
  • Chris thinks we should continue this program through the summer and again through next winter


  • Next meeting: March 27

Board retreat

  • April 16-17
  • Agenda? TBD by Chris, Anna, David, facilitator
  • Food: Anna to solicit donations from grocery stores. Alternatively, potluck.

Recycling Art

  • Parts are being needlessly recycled as scrap; could have one day of parts salvaging and one day of stripping/scrap day
  • Planet Ze may be interested in partnering with us
  • MEC has asked us to pick up their metal recycling

Food For Next Meeting

  • Chris (maybe, looking at schedule)

Next Meeting Date

Date: Wednesday April 27, 2011 Location: Interthink (to be confirmed)

In Camera

End of Meeting