Board Minutes June 2012

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These minutes were approved in the Board Minutes July 2012.

EBC Board Meeting Minutes for June 11, 2012

  • Time: 6:30
  • Location: Room 101, U of A Law Building.
  • Food by: Adam

Call to order

  • Call to order: 6.36
  • In attendance: Duncan, Chris Chan, Chris Corrigan, James, Steph, Adam, Neil, Lee, Micah
  • Regrets: Paul, Alex C., Bern
  • Absent: Brett
  • Guests: none
  • Chair: Duncan
  • Minute-taker: Micah

Approval of agenda

  • Steph: I move to approve the agenda as amended. Seconded by Chris Corrigan. Carried.

Approval of minutes

  • Adam: I move to approve. Seconded by Lee. Carried.

Next meeting

  • Date: Monday 9 July
  • Location: Law 101
  • Food: Duncan


President's Report

Sent via email. Everyone has read it. No concerns.


Treasurer's Report

  • Sent via email.
  • We did get our money from the city which as of the report being written we had not received. ~10 000$
  • Getting people into the shop needs to be a higher priority in order to make this thing viable.
  • Still needs help dealing with Stollery grant. Does not have time! Deadline - probably long past.
Action item: Chris Chan will do it!
  • Nigerian Association concerns. An interesting circuit of trying both to give them money (rent) and get money from them (outstanding utilities that we have paid for to keep the building running).
Action item: Chris Chan, who communicates with them anyway, will make sure that cheques leave drawer and get to Association - registered mail perhaps. Or wait until they ask for our rent money.

Executive Director's Report

Action item: Chris Chan: north shop publicity
Action item: Chris Chan: north shop fence
  • Adam: do we have a plan to get parts etc over to the north shop in the next 1-2-3 weeks?
Action item: Chris Chan to coordinate the execution of this.

BikeWorks Report

  • We went over Alex H's email of 7 June.

Committee Report

Information Management Committee Report

File:IMC may2012.pdf

  • What does it mean to "open lines of comunication with the Spoke people over the use and

configuration of their computers" and is that appropriate? -Adam

  • Discussion of licensing agreements/setup vs. practicality for average user.
Adam: please don't make any changes that are not approved by the board, even if it seems obvious. Can do stuff individually as volunteer under Chris and Alex - check with them. But not in purview of IM committee.

Old business

Action Items from Last Meeting

Carried forward from earlier meetings

New action items from last meeting

  • Action item: all board members to read James' TOR, edit at will within reason. Or at least initiate email discussion if concerns

see Adam made notes this morning New action item: It would be great if James could revise TOR with intent to focus on items 5 and 6 from the TOR.

  • Action item: MBC & CC: still to discuss library-archives

We're going to talk about it after the casino is over.

  • Micah: action item: get back to emails from folks interested in casino volunteering!

Going out tonight in newsletter. Have a few names, a few offers. See me to sign up!

  • Action item: Chris will tell AH to purchase exterior sign and investigate cheaper alt for interior sign

We have signs! Int. and ext.

  • Action item: Chris to talk to Alex about talking to Kris. (re: Stollery grant: what do we know? still 5000$ left, to be allocated how? re-allocatable? Kris A might know - AH to talk to him apparently)

Neil: see Treasurer's report above.

  • Action item: CC will make legal-sized B&W posters. (re: North Shop)

Carry forward.

New business

Transportation Reimbursement Policy

Transportation Reimbursement Policy

  • We are going over it now.
  • Neil: I move to approve this. Steph seconded. Carried.

Update on Bike Parking/Public Art from Duncan

  • Giving presentation tomorrow to King Ed. Park Comm League, Thursday to North Millbourne, Strathearn at end of month, BD sometime.
  • Getting letters of support from comm leagues on LRT route.
  • On front page of Journal a couple of weekends ago!
  • Adam: any specific concerns? Duncan: Not that I know of, maybe Chinatown will want some Chinatown-specific art, but no-one's brought anything to me.
  • Will hit up Velo (Bikeology) and ArtScene for reference letters.
  • Talked to Ben Henderson; DK's own comm league is very excited about the idea. Remember 99st redesign? They got together to express concerns to city and got money to do some beautifying. So...

In Camera

  • Steph: I move to go in camera. Seconded by Adam. Carried.

End of Meeting

  • Steph: I move to adjourn. Seconded by Duncan. Carried.

Adjourned: 8.06.