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EBC Board Meeting Agenda for June 23, 2011

  • Time: 6:30pm
  • Location: ENTS (#201 10575 114th Street)
  • Food by: James

Call to order

  • In attendance: Alex C, Derek, James, Steph, Neil, Brett, Chris, Anna
  • Guests:
  • Regrets: David, Bernadette, Keith, Kevin

Approval of agenda

  • Motion to approve by Alex C. Seconded by Derek. Approved

Approval of minutes

  • Motion to approve April 2011 minutes by CHAN. Seconded by JAMES. Approved
  • May minutes: need to add motion about AiR:
    • Motion: Approve dual Artist-in-resident position. Pay scheme is to be as a contractor paid out in bi-weekly increments. $8,000 fee, plus disbursements at cost to a maximum of (proposed budget plus 10%). Moved by CHAN. Seconded by DEREK. Approved.
  • Motion to approve May 2011 minutes by DEREK. Seconded by ALEX. approved

Action items from last meeting

Carried Forward

  • ACTION: All committees to write up their own Terms Of Reference (1-2 pg)
    • MAR UPDATE: Outreach, Inclusion, Adcocacy, Info Mgmt are up. To be done: Education, BikeWorks. Chris to put ones we have on the wiki.
    • APR UPDATE: Chris updated wiki. Missing are: Outreach, Inclusion, Advocacy, Education & Safety. BikeWorks and Volunteer are somewhat incomplete. CHRIS to e-mail everyone to resend if available.
    • MAY UPDATE: Chris will ask board members to resubmit directly to Chris.
    • JUNE UPDATE: Inclusion, Outreach, Volunteer.
  • ACTION: ANNA to put EBC priorities into online doc
    • APR UPDATE: Not done yet.
    • MAY UPDATE: Partial doc sent to Chris.
    • JUNE UPDATE: Chris will combine with spreadsheet by July 20.

New items

  • ACTION: ANNA to have a timeline of completion for charitable status by June 3.
    • JUNE UPDATE: Hasn't happened. Steph and Kathy can help. If paperwork can be given to Kathy, she can do a lot of it.
  • ACTION: CHRIS, DAVID, ANNA to list what we need for the strategic plan.
    • JUNE UPDATE: Haven't met. Strategic Plan Development program. 16hr. ANNA will look into booking a weekend for this program.
  • ACTION: Anna to update VELO MOU with exact number of hours per week of EBC staff hours that can be for Bikeology.
    • JUNE UPDATE: Didn't do number of hours per week. Will add note for next year.
  • ACTION: Anna to contact NAA ASAP. Prefer a 2 year lease. Anna to negotiate – must bring the offer to the board for approval.
    • JUNE UPDATE: New "residential" lease agreement signed to 2013. NEIL has concerns about AGLC reception of this. Gas is still gone. ANNA will ask about reconciliation, security/fire exits, and will re-write lease as a commercial lease.

Next Meeting Date

  • Date: Wednesday, July 20, 2011, 6:30pm
  • Location: BikeWorks

Food For Next Meeting

  • Not James.
  • Anna - food?
  • Alex C - if Anna can't



  • Lights workshops
  • Got Wheels at Credo Cafe was a success. Lots of bicycles, good video:
  • Interview with Alberta Primetime about Bike to the Symphony
    • Symphony ride a success: over 60 cyclists, lots of photos this time
    • redbike forgot they were involved?
    • Da Capo was wonderful, as usual. But a lot of people didn't realize Da Capo was serving free espresso. We need to clarify that next time so that we can publicize ahead of the event.
    • Ideas for next time: partnering with a sponsor to reduce ticket prices
    • Still have trailer & bike racks at my house. Don't have a bike to bring them back.
  • Interview with VUE Weekly. EBC comes off as having a bit of a contradictory position on things in the article, but in general positive to get the exposure.
  • Took on AiR contract writing on the 10th. Sent out to artists on the 18th. Not signed yet--waiting to hear back from arists.
  • CBC [email protected] interview on bicycle infrastructure
  • Attended TPW meeting on Active Transportation. Funding target of 5% rescinded: instead, dept. is instructed to ask for $10 million per year for Active Trans.
  • Emerald Awards on the 15th. Lots of support around the room for EBC; Agrium won.
  • Staff training on CANBIKE
  • Received $4000 MEC grant to accompany $5000 YES grant
    • ACTION: Chris will send product list to Neil
  • CBC Radio One interview on biking in the rain
  • Bike mechanics at various events
  • Led Midnight ride
  • Led Pride Ride
  • TPRAC wrap-up
  • BikeWorks clean-up
  • Working on PBX for EBC
  • Completed online membership registration/renewal for EBC

Executive Director

  • Staff logistics, networking, coordinating
    • Need IT support to reconnect computer networking
  • Jayson: keeping up with Bike Month, offsite events
  • Ed Coordinator: trial course this weekend, upcoming courses for the summer are scheduled
    • Issue: Insurance caveat doesn't cover "sporting" things. Michael called ABA. $50/ course from ABA insurance. Michael will confirm with Hardeep whether or not our courses can be covered.
    • Chris has about $1000 to contract education for community leagues. Make sure Michael contacts Chris. ACTION: Anna will talk to Michael about community leagues.
  • Mechanic payment reconciliation:
    • ACTION: Neil will finish paying other mechanics
  • ACTION: Neil will write cheque to ESO
  • Printing round of signs, rules, pop-up displays for events, brochures incl. rentals, education, etc.
    • If anyone has additional items, submit to Anna by June 30.
  • Canada Summer Jobs grant:
    • Still in communication with CSJ administrator to cover Jayson
  • Edmonton Operating grant: $10000 received
  • $1600 from donation matching Community Spirit grant
  • ANNA: Written report will be sent by June 30

BikeWorks Coordinator


  • May also did well, again with Bikeworks pulling in $10k. The additional $10k from the City is also pulling up our performance. We also received a rebate from WCB for not having any claims the past year. The new parts gap widened again, though admittedly we were stocking up for summer.
  • The missing grant revenue ($3375) is the remainder of the MEC grant. Not sure what's happening with that, as Derek is taking the lead on that one.
  • Not sure what else to say. The additional income we've been bringing in will allow us to offset the additional spending we've authorised (AiR and two summer staff), so that's alleviated some of my concerns.
  • Donations are fantastic this year, from every stream.

File:EBC Financial Report - May 2011.xls

New Business

Staff training

  • ANNA will re-train staff on appropriate behaviour, anti-discrimination

Staff reports

  • Needs to be done

Utilities reconciliation

  • This is maybe important for AGLC funding, but hasn't received comment lately

Bike Month

  • MOU
    • Signed
    • Digital copy can be made.
  • Invite VELO rep to give written report on how they feel our relationship is
    • ACTION: Anna will invite VELO


  • Steph can provide advice on what needs to be kept.
  • Micah wants to write a grant for archival research at EBC.
    • Will send 2-pg proposal

BikeWorks loss prevention

  • We are losing money on new parts.
  • Report on problem, and solutions?
  • Better inventory control--too time-consuming to do without computer system.
  • About half of our new parts aren't accounted for.
  • Greeter/cashier/floor supervisor/shop host may be very useful in reducing loss.
    • Volunteer orientation has included this
    • ANNA will focus Alex on shop host invitations, and one-off tasks
  • BRETT: Revisit having new parts on shop floor:
    • New parts on veranda?
  • SEE: BikeWorks Coord in April minutes: action items

Network accounting/business infrastructure

  • Needs RedHat
  • David F has donated a server computer


  • We have done 0 events and reached 0 people since January.
  • We have recruited 0 volunteers since March.
  • We have built and sold 0 bikes since March, but have spent hundreds on food.
  • We have rented 0 bikes and 0 trailers.
  • ACTION: ANNA will update metrics.


  • EBC membership is declining.
    • 657 at the end of April.
    • 585 at the end of May.
    • 621 to date.
  • Online membership: has an e-mail been sent instructing volunteers on form usage? If the concern is too many e-mail to volunteers, the thinking should be: getting too many e-mails may not be great, but being a volunteer and not having any communication is far far worse: not knowing what's going on is an extremely frustrating experience when you're just trying to help.
    • Household rollout for online renewal?
    • ACTION: Neil & Chris to chat about Paypal
    • Renewal reminder sent out at start of June. Had a couple bites.
  • Member benefits: is there a write-up? Have we figured out our sponsorship/discount partners to include? Getting this done is quite high on our priorities list (ranked 2-3, with 1 being highest)
    • Jayson to establish formal agreements with partners
  • Member renewal notices: are they being sent out? 100 members == $2000.
    • Sent out
  • Member sign-up
  • Member look-up

Personnel Committee

  • Performance review
  • Contract renewal
  • Derek, Steph, Chris.
  • Before giving feedback on wages, budget for next year needs to be set
    • Get input on desired wages, make recommendation


  • CHAN moves to remove Keegan McEvoy from the board for lack of attendance. STEPH seconds. Approved.

AGM Date & Committee

  • Sunday, September 25, 2011
  • Book Parkallen Hall?
    • Capacity is 75
    • No internet access
    • Kitchen
  • Strathcona Library program room?
    • No kitchen
  • Board position descriptions
    • Nominations
    • Steph staying
    • Chris gone
    • Neil maybe staying, but not treasurer
    • Alex staying (unless job takes away)
    • Derek going back to school. Not sure.
    • James not sure.
    • Brett staying.
    • Keith likely not staying.
    • (David gone)
  • ANNA on vacation for early Sept.
  • Need people not coming through BikeWorks
  • CHRIS, ANNA, NEIL form committee.
  • AGM followed by late September meeting and a late October meeting including both the old board + new board
  • New board takes over on November 1

Work involved includes any of the following:

  • Book venue
  • Publicizing the AGM
    • Creating posters
    • Putting posters up
  • Recruiting new board members
  • Awards committee:
    • Seek nominations for awards. The Dale Allsopp Award is awarded to people for bringing something special to the organisation (innovation, volunteering, energy). The Jack Grainge Award is given to celebrate a life-time commitment to cycling in the broader community.
    • Select award recipients
    • Apply for award gift certificates from MEC
    • Pick up award gift certificates from MEC
  • Door prizes:
    • Seek door prizes from donors and sponsors
    • Handle door-prize ticket distribution
  • Membership registration at the door
  • Secret ballot voting
  • Set-up the hall (move tables and chairs)
  • Tear down: put away tables and chairs, sweep up
  • Annual report
  • Food
    • Menu selection
    • Food preparation the day before?
    • Food transportation to the hall?
    • Food preparation the day-of
    • Food serving the day-of
    • Clean-up
  • Taking minutes
  • Developing the agenda
    • Last year's:
    1. Welcome
    2. Organization Overview
    3. Introduction of Board Members
    4. Description of Board Positions
    5. President's Report (presentation of Annual Report)
    6. Treasurer's Report (presentation of audited financial statements)
    7. Recognition (thanks to partners, and awards to volunteers and community members!)
    8. Elections
    9. Door Prizes

Spoke space

  • Re-affirm: go ahead.
  • ACTION: Chris to e-mail Kris. Please go ahead. EBC will give feedback on layout, but we like the Carrot space.

Strategic plan

  • N/A

In Camera

CHRIS moves that we go in camera. Seconded by Alex. Approved.

End of Meeting

Adjourned 8:59pm.