Board Minutes June 2010

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Edmonton Bicycle Commuters' Society Board Meeting Minutes Wednesday June 2, 2010


Voting: Michael Janz, Chris Chan, Neil Carey, Lauren Price, Derek Pluim, Erich Welz, Jason Ponto

Non-Voting: David Feldman, Alexa Pendzich, Anna Vesala

Agenda Overview

  1. Actions from last meeting
  2. Report from Acting Executive Director
  3. Report from Project Coordinator
  4. New Business
  5. Committee Reports
  6. Food

Summary of Action Items

  • All: Review May and June minutes for July meeting.
  • All: need EBC priorities for advocacy to give to staff
  • All: board positions in bylaws need to get job descriptions
  • Keith, Molly: complete a Risk Assessment
  • Lauren: contact Campus50 regarding U of A bike donations.
  • Chris, Alexa: will prepare letter for Alberta Cycle building.
  • Alexa: email Board full report of staff work
  • All: members can create a list of publicly accessible downtown bike parking spots
  • Alexa: contact City to ask to put out the 40 bike racks that they have in storage.
  • Alexa: create EBC sticker to put on Momentum. Give zines out to EGS, MEC, local bike shops, 16 EPL branches, etc.
  • Neil: calculate current number of EBC members
  • Sub-comittee: set goals for the summer on Monday June 7 @ 4:15 at Faculty Club.
  • Board, Victoria: write the objects for EBC on Monday June 14 at 6-7:30.
  • David: send out survey on who is leaving the Board, who is staying, board needs, etc on GoogleWave by mid July.
  • Derek: write a guide on how to organize the Bike to Symphony event.
  • Derek, Keith: letter to present to businesses re: Bike Friendly Business discounts
  • Alex: determine BikeWorks capacity for dance party (Fire Dept capacity)
  • Anna: go to Registries to find out what our charitable objects are (from 1980).
  • Anna: register 2 stalls for Park(ed).
  • Jason: EBC history and details for report to Eco Trust grant.


6:25pm Lauren moves to approve agenda. Derek Seconds. Motion passes.

  1. Actions from last meeting
    • Chris/Alexa will prepare letter for Alberta Cycle building
    • Risk assessment to be to be completed by Keith, Molly
    • Keith liason with Sports Central
    • Bike donations
    • Chris contact Lauren about UofA bikes. Lauren will contact Campus 50 tomorrow.

  2. Report from Acting Executive Director (Chris Chan)
    • has trained staff
    • has been updating computers for staff

  3. Report from Project Coordinator (Alexa Pendzich)
    • will email full report
    • Victoria and Lauren will work with International House students for presentation and tour of BikeWorks (June 23 and another in the fall)
    • trial survey for downtown business community completed. Will create a presentation for downtown businesses to encourage cycling.
      • connect with DBA and Downtown Edmonton Community League
      • Board members can create a list of publicly accessible downtown bike parking spots
      • take photos of lack of bike parking or congestion on available stands for presentations (stock photos)
      • create a downtown bicycling guide? Send to EBC members to go into businesses to ask about bike parking
      • City has 40 bike racks in storage but they are looking for new manufacturers because these ones rust
        • ask City to put out available racks! Get new ones too.
    • Bike month orientations and volunteer needs
    • Alex organized movie (Rad), compiled database of current and potential volunteers, mechanic orientation, shop maintenance, education classes, worked with Spoke
    • free ad agency = Alexa’s mom. Can be used for new EBC promos.
    • Heritage Days letter: donations to Food Bank (Chris)
    • City of Edmonton bike parking umbrella in Churchill Square (partner with UofA Industrial Design?)
    • ongoing: secure members for EBC (goal= 1,000). Current count: ?? (Neil)
    • membership kit to be created for new members
    • Sticker Momentum magazines and vend at EGS, MEC, local bike shops, EPL branches
    • Alexa attending The Way We Green meeting tomorrow
    • Attended The Way We Live meeting to be a speaker at public hearing
      • need EBC priorities for advocacy
    • Victoria attending Vitalize (grant info, etc). Erich is interested in attending too.
    • Stantec corporate challenge is tomorrow (Steve Anderson is the coordinator ). Is Stantec supporting us for this?
    • Next Gen Community Challenge all month
    • Board will meet to decide on ways to move forward with the staff (goals, priorities to complete by end of summer, etc). Chris is moving back into a President role at this time and volunteering.
      • sub-committee of board members to deliberate on goals. Add/modify the list.
      • need to prioritize grants, even before bike events. Grant deadlines are coming up fast; need to secure funding for extended staff budget.
      • 1 staff: Bike Month and volunteers. 1 staff= charitable status and grants. 1 staff= grants and advocacy
        • look into private businesses for funding re: sustainability, healthy living, environmental, etc.
        • charitable status?
        • Motion: Neil moves that we pursue charitable status. Decide what our charitable objects would be before AGM. Derek seconds.
          • Board and Victoria to write the objects on Monday June 14 at 6-7:30. Check with Zoe if she wrote objects. Check 1980 Society registration for our current objects (need to find). Anna will go to Registries to find out what our charitable objects are.
      • Board to meet to set goals for the summer on Monday June 7 @ 4:15 at Faculty Club.
      • Board to meet with staff to compare goals later

  4. New Business
    1. 11 year old interested in volunteering?
      • greeter? Pull bikes apart? Outside shop hours? What is our liability? Chris and David will meet with mom to see if we can make it work.

    2. Board members leaving
      • Janz, Erich, Jason in Sept. Bill, Sharon?
      • send out survey on who is leaving, who is staying, board needs on GoogleWave by mid July.
      • need to talk about what skills we need so we can recruit incoming board members (board selection committee with Janz and Lauren). Minimum board is 5?
      • board positions in bylaws need to get job descriptions. Vote on for AGM.

  5. Committee Reports
    1. Magazine
      • Keegan is away. Will check in with Keegan via email.

    2. Community events
      • Bike Porn
        • Derek reports about 80 people attended. Short films were shown.
      • Bike to the Symphony (first Bike Month event)
        • video on website. Edm Journal took photos and small article.
        • more people joined the ride than bought tix. Should invite people just to ride next year.
        • will do this event next year. Derek to make a one-pager on how to plan this event.
          • Should charge a bit more next year to pay for Security.
      • Bike Month
        • get 2 stalls for Park(ed). Go on city website to register.
      • Dance Party on 25th: what is max BikeWorks capacity. Alex to determine our capacity. Who will be counting people at the door? *Yard needs to be cleaned up, marked off for off limit areas, advertise that space is limited.

    3. Sponsorship & Fundraising
      • MEC Grant
        • 173 applicants from across Canada. 39 recipients. March 10 and Sept 10 each year. $220,000 total. EBC got $8,050. We have $6750 in cash (50% will be released June 15) (25% released upon written description) (25% released upon completion via photo description) and $1300 in MEC products (helmet, tire tubes, pumps, etc).
        • need to make a list of products we want for 10 rental bikes.
        • Derek to oversee what to buy
        • How will we manage rental bikes? Do we need to hire a rental coordinator or current staff? Will be use donated fixed bikes or buy new bikes?
          • rentals by the week therefore BikeWorks hours should suffice for availability. We are a community service not a business so people can work around our schedule.
          • Pay Alex to build/fix used bikes, not buy new so we continue to practice what we preach.
          • helmet assigned with the bike but waiver can have box to say “I choose not to take the helmet.”
          • rentals to underage is ok with parent consent.
          • intelligent and progressive wording on the waiver
            • not too legally limiting but covers our end.
          • will generate a profit for us even using conservative rental rates.
          • daily, weekly or longest rental duration is 1 month.
          • rental program to include how to lock up bike, basic bike cycling rules, traffic laws, etc.

    4. Bike Friendly Businesses
      • Carbon Enviro Boutique, ReFresh, Lucid, Velocity contacts with Derek. Keith has some contacts too.
      • we will promote partners on website, at events, publications, etc.
      • need a written letter to present to businesses, brochures, city maps, stickered Momentum, sign to put on till/window, etc.
      • EcoTrust needs reports from us. Jason will look into our history and details.

    5. BikeWorks
      • now open 6 days a week
      • no more bike stripping Sundays

  6. Food
    • There’s been less food lately. Let it be clear: EBC will reimburse board members for food. Everyone can provide receipts for food.

End time 9:10 pm

Next meeting

Thursday July 8th at 6:00pm at EFCL.