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These minutes were approved at the August 2016 board meeting.

EBC Board Meeting Minutes for July 11, 2016

Board meetings are open to the EBC members and the public.

  • Location: room 113 Education South, University of Alberta
  • Start Time: 6:30pm

Please RSVP to [[email protected]] if you plan on attending. Please include a brief summary of any agenda item you would like to table. Thank you!


  • Meeting Chair: Jasmine
  • Minute-taker: Anna
  • Food by: Adrian
  • Board attendance: Anna, Adrian, Geoff, Jasmine, Karl, Nancy,
  • Staff attendance: Chris
  • Regrets: Jonathan, Dan, Rachel, Derek
  • Absent:
  • Guests: Elliot

Call to Order

  • Meeting called to order by Jasmine at 6:38pm.
  • Welcome to our guest, Elliot! Introductions all around. Elliot hails from Ontario, moved to Edm 4 years ago, new EBC member, completed a workshop at BikeWorks a few months ago. Doing research on biking in Edmonton. Also sits on another non profit board so interested in board development.

Logistics for Next Meeting

  • Date: Monday August 8, 2016
  • Location: Ed S 113
  • Chair: Karl (back up Nancy)
  • Minute-taker: Anna
  • Food by: Nancy
  • Regrets: Geoff, Adrian

Approval of Agenda, Minutes, Reports (5 min)

  • Edit required in June 2016 minutes. Did not note who moved, seconded or results of motion (carried/failed) on motion for approval of agenda, may minutes, reports. Must approve today.
To approve this July agenda, May 2016 and June 2016 minutes, May reports and June reports as presented below.

Moved: Adrian
Seconded: Geoff
Aye No Abstain
All 0 0


President's Report - Jon

Treasurer's Report - Geoff

Executive Director's Report - Chris Chan

H.R. Committee Report - Nancy

  • [H.R. Committee Report (Month) (Year)]

Policy Committee Report - Dan

  • [Policy Committee Report (Month) (Year)]

Strategic Planning Committee Report - Derek

Current & Completed Business

Updates on Action Items From Previous Meeting (5 min)

  • Everyone log your 2016 board volunteer hours for the past month.
  • Everyone sign reports that you have reviewed each month.
  • Committee Chairpersons to post all committee meetings to EBC calendar - public ones go on "EBC Events", other committee meetings go on "EBC Internal" calendar.
  • Jul 2015: Jon, Nancy, Anna, Geoff, Chris Chan will meet to get an orientation and see if Asana can be used for board tasks/to do list too
  • Dec 2015: Anna will book 30 min meeting before board meeting for Asana orientation by Exec.
  • Sep 2015: Anna to post final financial policy to wiki and (Feb 2016) all new TOR (Executive, Policy, HR) to wiki
  • Feb 2016: Geoff to get access online to Tangerine (ING) account where casino funds are cashed in the interim in order to view balance
  • Apr 2016: Jon, Geoff connect regarding the budget allocated for the Program Coordinator. Regardless if we have charitable status or not, we should know what our budgetary constraints are.
  • Apr 2016: Derek & SP Committee to share program eval criteria with ED/staff to begin testing.
  • May 2016: Geoff will look into putting Simply back ups into Google Drive.
  • May 2016: Nancy will share final copy of Bikeway Design doc when available.
  • May 2016: Jon, Geoff, Derek, Adrian, Chris will meet as ad-hoc subcommittee about membership in May.
  • Jun 2016: Geoff to sort out how do EFT for more prompt payment to volunteers, and make sure Gemma can do this. Treasure still to approve


  • May 2016: Chris committed to complete the Feb, Mar, Apr reports by Friday May 13.
  • Jun 2016: Geoff and Chris to connect on transfering funds to tangerine (for higher interest)
  • Jun 2016: Geoff to confirm that Gemma is using the AGM budget when doing actual vs budget comparisons
  • Jun 2016: Derek to prepare report on grants available for next board meeting
  • Jun 2016: Jonathan will sign an agreement with GWI by end of June.

Revised GWI-EBC Occupancy Agreement (15 min) Nancy

  • From June President Report: "To summarize, Goodwill has received cost estimates for the leasehold improvements that YCR2 and EBC would benefit from; they are greater than anticipated. Goodwill has asked EBC/YCR2 to contribute an additional $25,000 after 3 years of occupancy and a final $25,000 after 6 years of occupancy. They expect a matching grant of $75,000 to defray the cost of improvements that are expected to exceed $500,000. We do have the option to terminate our occupancy and then would not be liable for the additional payments. This [...] will again require board approval before we can proceed as this represents a substantial change from the agreement that was voted on at our June Board meeting."
  • July 8 draft of agreement for consideration
  • Discussion notes:
    • Nancy: Jon has been very clear with Janine/YCR2 that the additional funds would be the responsibiltiy of YCR2 to raise, not EBC as a whole.
    • Adrian: In favour but hard to understand how $50k discrepancy - how did this happen? Chris: My understanding - GW sent draft, Jon reviewed and made some changes, GW approved but did not necessarily notice the changes that Jon had made. Jon did not want EBC to be committed to $75k in the future so we have the opt out each 3 years.
    • Geoff: Good deal. Only committed in 3 year chunks. Better deal than other deal on the table.
    • Karl: Would like to get a sense from everyone - this represents an onus on EBC to go out and earn more money, not to use reserve funds. Geoff: Disagree slightly. YCR2 has quite a bit of funding in their account and very good at sourcing additional funding. The funding side is in good hands. Chris: YCR2 has $25k for the 1st 3 years set aside. In 3 years, if YCR2 hasnt raised the next $25k, EBC is under no obligation to continue in that space. This would be a difficult situation for YCR2 who would have to find other storage space but at least no financial obligations.
    • Anna: The conversation has been very consistent and in general agreement that YCR2 would be solely responsible for raising each round of $25k. We should formalize this on paper so that future EBC boards and YCR2 coordinators are all clear that we (current board and coordinators) were under complete agreement that YCR2 would pay for this. Perhaps this is an MOU? Policy? So far we have only done formal written docs with GW, not internaly with YCR2.
    • Karl: DOes EBC have an ongoing log of motions? Anna: No. Karl: Many orgs have an ongoing log of motions so that future boards know what they are committeed to. This could become part of YCR2's strategic planning, eg. in 2018 goal is to raise $25k. Nancy: Could be done moving forward... Add another doc or section to minutes to have a separate document for "motions." Geoff: Need to only sort motions for budget related issues so that they could be rolled into the budget drafting process. Chris: Wiki could have an added feature to tag motions. Could also use Asana to use note for future planning. Geoff: Could have a "notes" tab in our budgeting document to identify issues for future years.
To rescind the motion passed in EBC June 2016 minutes regarding the agreement with Goodwill Industries.

Moved: Geoff
Seconded: Anna
Aye No Abstain
All 0 0


To approve the July 8 2016 agreement with Goodwill Industries of Alberta to occupy space at their warehouse located at 168 ST and 114 Ave Edmonton.

Moved: Nancy
Seconded: Adrian
Aye No Abstain
All 0 0

  • Action Items: Chris will put note in Asana for 2018. Geoff will add notes into 2017 budget doc for 2018 $25k info for lease. Jon to draft a written document with YCR2 Leadership Team to specify agreement terms, notably that YCR2 will fund raise the full $75,000 on behalf of EBC.

New Business

YCR2 Banking Acccess (10 min) Geoff

  • Currently all YCR2 cheques go through Geoff. This is slow and they are not sure which ones go through and which are still in transit.
  • Allow Heather Burrows on the Lead Team for YCR2 to have online banking view-only access and to act as a signing authority on the Edmonton Bicycle Commuters Society YCR2 account together with any one of EBC existing signing officers (Jon, Nancy, Geoff, Anna)
To add Heather Burrows as a signing authority for Edmonton Bicycle Commuters Society "You Can Ride Two" bank account ending 0540 at Servus Credit Union effective immediately.

Moved: Geoff
Seconded: Karl
Aye No Abstain
All 0 0

To add Heather Burrows as view-only access to the Edmonton Bicycle Commuters Society online banking accounts at Servus Credit Union effective immediately.

Moved: Geiff
Seconded: Adrian
Aye No Abstain
All 0 0

  • Action Items: Geoff will go with Heather to complete the sign on.

Budget 2017 Preparations (10 min) Anna

  • Background docs to help us:
  • 2016 budget approved at Oct 2015 AGM
  • Need all board and staff's eyes and minds to determine next budget details, such as:
    • reporting and submitting all your individual EBC expense receipts to Geoff/pink folder asap
    • all current and future projects - what are rough financial requirements?
    • all past and present financial commitments - what have we agreed to for 2017? Leases, bills, staff, etc.
    • Budget development - YCR2 and Spoke to have their own tabs in our overall budget?
  • Discussion notes:
    • Chris: If anyone thinks of budget items or projects that we didnt capture last year
    • Geoff: Do we need to split budgets into BWN and BWS? Not sure the rationale for this anymore. Chris: For budgeting or for bookkeeping? Geoff: For bookkeeping - eg. is one expense 50% BWN and 50% BWS? Chris: If we have the info and its not too onerous to keep it separate, I'd prefer to keep it separate. Easier to see comparison for BWS - eg. Revenue at BWS is ___. This level of detail is helpful and beneficial. If it is onerous on bookkeeping to split the expenses, then we can review this. Adrian: I think there is some value to keep them separate because they are two diff demographics at each shop. Nancy: How do we evaluate each program if their costs and revenues are dispersed throughout the budget? Chris: We could have a separate tab for The Spoke and it would contribute info to BWN tab. Nancy: Would like to be able to evaluate programs individually. Could be a separate document but would like that info.
    • Chris: Timeline for budget = July 27-Aug 4 Executive + Chris will draft a budget. Aug 8 board meeting with full board reviewing draft budget. August finalize budget. September will be compiling and writing Annual Report. AGM is Oct 2.
  • Action Items: All board send budget related comments or ideas via email to Executive and Chris by end of July.

Membership Committee update (10 min) Adrian

  • Met on May 24 with Adrian, Geoff, Jon, Chris. Purpose: How to increase membership since we have gone from 1700 to 1000.
  • Automation of follow up to members to get more info.
  • Get direct emails to lapsed members to renew.
  • Other ideas: use referrals, posters, social media, shift competitions to sign up more members.
  • Discussion notes:
    • Nancy: Online membership form is a bit long. Is there a min info needed that we could streamline the sign up? Chris: Made the change in May. Only some of the fields are "required" now.
    • Karl: 1700 to 1000... over what time period? Chris: Every May and Nov, there is a drop off because those are the two times per year that memberships expire. Year-over-year, we are actually up about 13%.
    • Jasmine: 1700 was from May 2015 to May 2016? Chris: No, it was a point in time. Many people renew but many dont. Many memberships sold are just part of purchase of a bike, not directly interested in the membership. Mix of membership: dont use shops but support EBC, people using the shops, volunteer memberships...
    • Elliot: I signed up for Bike Maintenance 101 and I thought I became a member at that time but may not? Chris: Instructors are supposed to get new members to sign up but we have a few new instructors who are not remembering.

~ Health break 7:55-815 ~

Elliot's Research (5 min) Elliot

  • Doing research through Cape Breton University on Bike Commuting in Edmonton.
  • Would like to either: Poll EBC members on barriers to commuting, OR connect with a company that has a bike program.
  • Discussion:
    • Adrian: Oxford Properties has excellent bike facilities
    • Chris: City of Edmonton as an employer. Many policies to encourage this but operationally.

In Camera Session

To go in camera.

Moved: Geoff
Seconded: Nancy
Aye No Abstain
All 0 0

  • Please list how long you believe your topic will take to discuss:
    • Nancy (15 min)
To close the in camera discussion.

Moved: Geoff
Seconded: Nancy
Aye No Abstain
All 0 0



To adjourn the meeting at 9:00pm.

Moved: Adrian
Seconded: Nancy
Aye No Abstain
All 0 0