Board Minutes July 2012

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These minutes were approved in the Board Minutes August 2012.

EBC Board Meeting Minutes for July 9, 2012

  • Time: 6:30
  • Location: Room 101, U of A Law Building.
  • Food by: Duncan

Call to order

  • Call to order: 6.37
  • In attendance: Paul, Micah, Bern, James, Chris Chan, Steph, Neil, Adam, Duncan, Lee, Chris Corrigan (tardy).
  • Regrets: Alex C.
  • Absent: Brett
  • Guests:
  • Chair: Bernadette
  • Minute-taker: Micah

Approval of agenda

Steph: I move to approve; Duncan seconded. Carried.

Approval of minutes

  • Some minor amendments to tone (Letters of Awesome --> reference letters. Replaced super-stoked with something more specific and descriptive.)
  • Micah: I move to approve; Adam seconded. Carried.

Next meeting

  • Date: Thursday 16 August 18.30
  • Location: Law 101 (Micah to book)
  • Food: Bern
  • Chair: Bern


President's Report

None this month, as he has not been taking the lead on any projects.

Treasurer's Report

Full financials not yet available for this month. Revenue is down from last year at the South shop and is less than was hoped at the North shop, as was conveyed in Neil's recent email. Bikeology has asked for the $5000 we set aside for them.

Executive Director's Report

Executive Director - Report - July 9, 2012 - Monthly Report

We ran through it. No remarkable discussion.

BikeWorks Report

None this month, as Alex has been away.

Committee Report

Information Management Committee Report

File:IMC June2012.pdf

Ran through it.

Old business

Action Items from Last Meeting

Carried forward from earlier meetings

  • re: Stollery grant: new action item: produce new invoice: Neil and Paul.
  • re: Nigerian Ass'n: continuous attempts at communication
  • re: fence: assigned to Justin
  • re: parts etc: done
  • re: others: done

New action items from last meeting


New business

Casino call-out

Volunteer sign-up is going fine.

Use of BW space for functions

  • this is a staff-type decision
  • but maybe we should have a policy?
  • Adam: last party was super-awesome but super-loud and doors open - should have policy for what's acceptable for noise levels etc.
  • Draft policy - what should be in it? EBC rep present? Paid staff time? Deposit? Hours (end-by time)? Alcohol liabilities/insurance? (might exclude a lot of things we have been doing - but can get event insurance maybe? pricy) David Feldman might know about this. For future development; Steph will try to write up a draft.
  • Lee: if this could be a potential source of revenue, do we want to advertise our space?

LRT bike racks/art

  • Duncan has talked to 7(!) community leagues who are interested and will write letters of support.
  • Has mtng scheduled with mayor's chief of staff and other VIPs: 24th. Will say that the project has much community support, etc.; let's make it happen!
  • Regarding the LRT it seems that the existing footbridge near the Muttart will be removed.

Board development workshop progress review

In Camera

Duncan: I move we go in camera; Adam seconded; carried.

End of Meeting

  • Start thinking about AGM and its organisation
    • 30 September 13.00-16.00
    • Adam: can we try not to close BW? Published hours --> disappointing/inconveniencing patrons. Maybe have it in the evening? Or send out email for volunteers interested in keeping BW open at the time? It will be Women & Trans Day at both shops...
    • There will be some vacancies due to board members leaving. Reminder: all directors are responsible for recruiting new directors. action item (for all): Recruit!

Steph: I move to end; Paul seconded; carried.