Board Minutes July 2011

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Call to Order

  • Attending: Stephanie G, James P, Kevin S, David F, Neil C, Chris C, Alex C, Alex H
  • Call to order 6:30pm

Approval of Agenda

  • Alex moves to approve meeting agenda; Chris seconds

Approval of Minutes


  1. President's Report
  • servers
    • InterThink donated some servers to EBC.
  • contract written for airs; one clause needs to be added; have not signed yet; issue of intellectual property ownership kill date.
  • Issue of revenue of artists. how do we record? another column in cash sheet; action item: alex to work out recording with Neil; empower me
  1. Treasurer's Report
  • Budget circulated for review; we’ll have a surplus one year and deficit the next as a result of casino income
  • Neil wants feedback from Anna.
  1. Executive Director
  2. BikeWorks Coordinator Report
  3. 2nd Location Committee Report
    • There was some discussion about how to encourage timely reports
      • One suggestion was to meet with the staff in person
      • Staff must feel that their reports are being read
        • ED report would be built on other staff reports
      • Board members must produce their own required reports as well
      • Another suggestion was a more structured day with working from home discouraged
  • Issues with The Carrot as a second space
    • potential difficulties of sharing space with cotenant
    • issue of cost; higher than ideal
    • space division a difficult point
    • timeline not good on carrot space; taking too long
  • However, new opportunity to use newly acquired Eastwood School building. Timeline for move in is midwinter. Opportunity for more solid launch. Rotary and Stollery both fine with change.
  • MOTION: Chris moves to approve the transition to the Eastwood school and abandoning carrot option. Alex seconds. passed

Current or Completed Business

New Business

  1. Ian Helgesen memorial
  • Ride to be planned.

In Camera Session

Date and Location of Next Meeting