Board Minutes July 2009

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EBC Board of Directors Meeting

July 9, 2009

Present: Steve Andersen, Michael Kalmanovitch, James Storrie, Ryan Kerwin, Chris Chan, Scott McAnsh, Scott Harris, Erich Welz, Bill Sellers, Keegan McEvoy, Ang McCartney

Apologies: Alex Hindle

Introduction of paid summer staff

  • Ryan Kerwin – Outreach Mechanic
  • James Storrie – Project Coordinator

Board Development programme

  • Michael met with a woman from Action for Healthy Communities.
  • She recommended that we go through this program
  • Province of Alberta offers 'development mentors' with this program
  • Michael would like the board to go through this after the AGM so that it will be more organised
  • Some board members have done this program with other boards and said it was interesting but not useful
  • board agrees some board development needs to occur but that this program does not meet our needs

Meeting length

  • Michael does not want meetings to be rushed and thinks that board members should set aside three hours
  • All board members agreed to make this commitment

Meeting procedures

  • Chair needs to keep the board on course
  • Board members need to focus on discussions
  • Discussions need to be followed by decisions, reading of the decision and action items so there is more clarity
  • From now on Scott Harris will be a much stricter chair. Board members need to raise their hands and be recognised by the chair to speak

Hiring Committee report

  • Chris Chan moves that the board proceed in camera.
  • Scott Harris seconds.
  • Minutes of this discussion not available.

Bike Month update

  • VELO meeting was last night
  • there was a risein numbers at all events except salons
  • VELO was pleased with EBC's Volunteer Coordinator Lauren Price
  • Areas to improve for next year are communication between EBC and VELO

Employee Supervision

  • Michael will be away July 10-22
  • Erich Welz will take over his supervision duties

Bike Works Orientation

  • Two have been held
  • One and a half hours long
  • 3 volunteers recruited
  • 5 keys handed out
  • every shift now has two key holders
  • Erich will hold one more to catch any one who missed it
  • Michael would like to see these held at least twice a year
  • Chris & Erich will write an article for the newsletter


  • Nothing has happened yet
  • Scott McAnsh will draft a new one in the next two weeks

Membership database

  • Kent sent a form
  • Scott Harris did not understand it and has not had a chance to follow up
  • Scott H will email Kent within 3 minutes of the meeting asking for it in EXCEL
  • Scott H will be the Director in charge of the Database


  • Ang has been the only person on the committee since February
  • Some work was done before burn out
  • Ang will send an email in two weeks either forwarding all work or asking for more help
  • Erich moves that James work on creating a procedures manual
  • Some members thought it was too much to give James in the beginning of his contract
  • Erich withdraws the motion. He believes it's premature in their contracts


  • Chris set the date
  • September 13, 2009
  • He is looking at trying to book a hall and requests $300 for hall rentals
  • Scott McAnsh moves that EBC allocate $600 for the AGM.
  • Scott Harris seconds
  • Passed unanimously
  • Board Election procedures were discussed
  • This year we will be trying to recruit new board members and bylaws will be followed strictly
  • Steve will create a mail out article for the newsletter and website in two weeks


  • We are insured with Cooperators
  • 5 million liability
  • $1300/year
  • no sports insurance
  • insurance for events and bike works

Bissell Centre

  • wants tools for an in house program
  • Chris Chan moves that EBC donate excess tools to the Bissell Centre.
  • Scott Harris seconds
  • Passed
  • Chris will ask Alex to do this.

Bicycle Sound System

  • $5000 for a pedal powered stage
  • Michael will ask James to try finding funding for this purchase

Bike Rental program

  • 9-12 bikes are ready to go
  • insurance does cover this
  • James will research contracts and babysitting options
  • Erich will email James
  • This program will be up and running within three weeks

New Signs

  • no one available to speak on the issue

MEC Bikefest/bike swap

  • Chris is loading trailers and going down to sell stuff on behalf of EBC


  • NAA meeting is Sunday at 4:30pm
  • we have no lease
  • Utilities need to be reconciled
  • Bill Sellers and Alex Hindle will go on behalf of EBC
  • Scott McAnsh will forward the lease he prepared to Bill Sellers

Bike Trailer

  • Was stolen at a bike month event
  • will we replace it?
  • Scott Harris moves that we buy an adjustible trailer and spare hitches.
  • Erich Welz seconds.
  • Passed
  • Steve Andersen will place an order

August meeting food

  • Steve Andersen will get the food
  • Scott Harris will not be attending

Scott Harris moves to adjourn the meeting at 7:41pm