Board Minutes January 2016

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These minutes were approved at the Feb 2016 board meeting.

EBC Board Meeting Minutes for January 20, 2016

Board meetings are open to the EBC members and the public.

  • Location: room 213 Education South, University of Alberta
  • Start Time: 6:30pm

Please RSVP to [[email protected]] if you plan on attending. Please include a brief summary of any agenda item you would like to table. Thank you!


  • Meeting Chair: Dan
  • Minute-taker: Derek
  • Food by: Karl
  • Board attendance: Dan, Karl, Rachel, Adrian, Geoff, Anna, Derek, Jon (640)
  • Staff attendance: Chris
  • Regrets: Jon, Nancy, Jasmine
  • Absent: Kathy
  • Guests:

Call to Order

  • Meeting called to order by Dan at 6:35pm.

Logistics for Next Meeting

  • Date: Wed Feb 17?
  • Location: Education South, Room 113? (there was no opposition to keeping the same meeting place).
  • Chair: Geoff
  • Minute-taker: Dan
  • Food by: Jon
  • Location can be changed in spring if a different location is deemed more suitable.
  • Action Items: Board will fill in Geoff's availability doc to see whether a diff Feb date is possible.

Approval of Agenda, Minutes, Reports (5 min)

  • Motion: To approve this January agenda and the Dec 2015 minutes. Moved by "Geoff." Seconded by Rachel." Motion Carried.

Reports below are for review only, must be approved in Feb meeting.

President's Report - Jon

  • [President's Report (Month) (Year)]

Treasurer's Report - Geoff

Executive Director's Report - Chris

  • [ED Report (Month) (Year)]

H.R. Committee Report - Nancy

  • [H.R. Committee Report (Month) (Year)]

Policy Committee Report - Dan

  • [Policy Committee Report (Month) (Year)]

Strategic Planning Committee Report -

  • [Strategic Planning Committee Report (Month) (Year)]

Current & Completed Business

Updates on Action Items From Previous Meeting (5 min)

  • Everyone log your 2015 board volunteer hours for the past month.
  • Everyone sign reports that you have reviewed each month.
  • Committee Chairpersons to post all committee meetings to EBC calendar - public ones go on "EBC Events", other committee meetings go on "EBC Internal" calendar.
  • May 2015: Geoff, Nancy will draw up an Executive Director performance plan by June 30 2015.
  • May 2015: Dan, Anna, Rachel will review existing TOR and draft new TOR and Policies to clarify responsibilities and accountabilities for committees and board members by September 30 2015.
  • Jul 2015: Jon, Nancy, Anna, Geoff, Chris Chan will meet to get an orientation and see if Asana can be used for board tasks/to do list too
    • Dec 2015: Anna will book 30 min meeting before Jan board meeting for Asana orientation by Exec.
  • Sep 2015: Anna to post final financial policy to wiki.
  • Oct 2015: Anna will post the board vacancy (Alexey/Rachel/Nathan) to website.
  • Dec 2015: Geoff update budget line item for professional fees.
  • Dec 2015: Anna update budget doc for Bike Builder start & end date.


  • Dec 2015: Jasmine will type up Board Retreat notes.
  • Dec 2015: Anna add Geoff's motion to Jan agenda.
  • Dec 2015: Geoff will create 2016 availability survey for board to see if diff monthly date works better for Feb-Dec.

Strategic Plan for 2016 (20 min) Jon TABLED TO FEB

  • Tabled from December meeting.
  • Review of board retreat outcomes
  • Review of committee goals and timelines
    • HR:
    • Policy:
    • Strategic:
  • Discussion notes:

Committee Terms of Reference (20 min) Dan

  • Motion: To ___. Moved by , seconded by . Motion Failed/Carried.
  • Action Items: name will ____ by (date).

New Business

Action Item: Everyone should review the Terms of Reference

Budget Increase for Coordinator Salaries (10 min) Geoff

  • HR Committee would like to retroactively apply additional 10 hours to two Coordinator positions.
  • See FY2016 Budget
  • Discussion notes:
  • Is a discussion required/possible today? We don't want to table everything because Geoff will need some info from the board.

Geoff: We approved a budget increase for the extra hours. The 2016 budget was increased to account for this. In the revised budget, there are some changes in the top line to account for inflation and changes in the weekly hours. There is a now deficit beyond the amount we approved. Jon: YouCanRide2 is still in our budget, Rotary is very eager to give the money to YouCanRide2, Molly has made a claim for a number of bikes, we don't know if we have a line item for purchases of new bikes. Rotary wants us to go out and buy bikes. The Rotary has the money, and it is being administered by Inclusion Alberta. We should approach them for the $18,000 ear marked funding for bike purchases. The question is, have we allocated this line item purchase in the budget under EBC? Spreadsheet test to change the 18,000 to zero. This fixed our balance again. End note. We must ensure the funds required for the new bike purchases will come from the Rotary Club through Inclusion Alberta. This is not something that will show on our internal balance sheet.

• Leslie has resigned. He received an offer from the Government of Canada. • Decision is now to hire a replacement or create a new position to account for the upcoming changes to our Project Coordinator position.

  • Defer the decision until Nancy returns.
  • Jon: Update on charitable status, received phone call, certificate of amendment, went to corporate registry, they printed it off, faxed it from the registry directly, left message "if I don't hear from you I assume that everything is good." If we do become a registered charity, the manner of our funding will change significantly, we should be keep a focus on the needs of the organization, the purpose of the external communication coordinator was intended to take the pressure off our current staff.
  • Jon: we have an obligation to have some documentation of why the board has budget a particular amount to a program, and we have now exceed that budget.
  • Chris: amending the budget seems like a good approach, we present the budget at various events. We presented this approximation, we missed this target, we can still satisfy our bottom line.
  • Jon: in this particular year, the funds (Rotary Club) were there but not in the hands of EBC. It could be a text addition to the budget.
  • Anna: It is really important that we have an accurate budget, and it is something that can be done internally without a member's vote.

Action: Geoff: to prepare a draft budget to include the changes to employee's salaries. We will make a motion to amend the budget at the next meeting.

Anna: leaves at 7:20PM

  • Motion: To ___. Moved by , seconded by . Motion Failed/Carried.
  • Action Items: name will ____ by (date).

Bike Works - North vs South split in budgets/financial statements (10 min) Geoff

  • Assignment of some costs between BWN and BWS are arbitrary, as stock and bikes are moved as needed
  • Geoff suggests we don't track North vs South in financial statements and budgets.
  • Keep information on facilities costs and sales by location (in case we need to make decisions about locations in future), but don't track in financial statements
  • Feedback on this idea is desired - not necessarily a vote at this point
  • Discussion notes:
  • Geoff: does it make sense to account for the inventory as a whole rather than separately for each shop North/South?
  • Jon: charitable status only cares about the sum total of our revenue.
  • Derek: When allocated separately, we will know more about the revenue performance per location. If you want to do an analysis you can determine what is being sold, we will know (a little) more about where the new parts are being sold.

• Chris: for clarification, is there something that we are assigning to North and South that we should not track? Geoff: Coreen said she allocates parts 50/50. The logic being that we don't know where the new parts are actually going so we should not guess. It would be best to sum it together.

  • Chris: most expenses are location specific. i.e. bikes are location specific, but for parts, we'll send 60 chains to the south shop out of 100 chains. Is it important for us to track these items? If it is we have two option, we could track changes of inventory, or we could merge only the one category. Now we have 60/40 (South/North) split. We have the expenses (roughly) and the revenue for certain. If we throw out the separate details we lose that.
  • Geoff: I'm not suggesting that we throw out the revenue information.

• What is our best assessment at any given time of what our inventory is? • Jon: we don't know. We calculate it as an expense. We have a line item that is a shop expense. • Jon: this is a question that we need to look at in the future especially if we are granted charitable status. • We have to balance the needs to accurately account for and record our inventory. It will be costly both in terms of time as a resource for our staff and possibly in terms of new accounting software. Square does track inventory (manual count down of items on hand based on what was originally inputted, but the numbers need to be kept up to date). • Do we order inventory when we run out, or when we predict with our internal systems? (We eye ball the shelves and make a wish list).

  • Adrian it is best to keep the sales separate. It gives us the most research material. Perhaps Bikeworks North requires different supplies than Bikeworks South?

  • Motion: To ___. Moved by , seconded by . Motion Failed/Carried.
  • Action Items: name will ____ by (date).

AB Bicycle Commuters Conference update (5 min) Karl

  • Discussion notes:

• Karl: the conference last year discussed the priorities for the year ahead.

  • Motion: To ___. Moved by , seconded by . Motion Failed/Carried.
  • Action Items: name will ____ by (date).

Canada Bikes (5 min) Karl

  • Canada Bikes doing federal advocacy to fund cycling infrastructure. 5 recommendations submitted to Minister of Infrastructure Jan 19 2016. See letter.
  • Canada Bikes partner organizations listed on p5 of letter, including EBC
  • Discussion notes:

• Jon: we have a mandate from our members, who/what is their mandate, do these new organizations represent anyone, why do they represent?

  • Karl: Making the academic research of active transportation accessible to the government particularly when they have money to spend on active transportation initiatives.
  • Motion: To ___. Moved by , seconded by . Motion Failed/Carried.
  • Action Items: name will ____ by (date).

Bike-friendly businesses (10 min) Adrian

  • Adrian would like to discuss a bike-friendly business program idea.
  • Discussion notes:

• Adrian: Bike friendly businesses, recognition or award to an Edmonton business. We could poll our 1,700 members to gauge the merit of how bike friendly. It was also get at 'what' makes a business "bike friendly." It really is a win, win, win.

  • Dan: this touches on zoning and parking this is a hot topic now

• Karl: There is 12 month program based on how many people they can get to switch to bikes, these people are given an award. (Bike to work week, this is likely the best time to pitch the idea). • Bike friendly employers? (i.e. Stantec, they might change things or want to be labelled that way "Bike Friendly Employer"). • Think of it as a nomination. Businesses can self nominate, employees can self nominate, point system (bronze, silver, gold, you have a bike lockup, you are close to multi-use trail. Etc.)

• Action: Derek and Adrian to draft up a proposal for the bike friendly business concept. The more names we have the better. We want a large list of bike friendly businesses to increase our advertising leverage. Better yet if we can show on a map. Focus on generating P.R for both them and ourselves. ("Paniers are welcome" stickers, etc.).

• No discussion on the Terms of Reference tonight.

• Review of the casino from Dec 30th and 31st. We 'may' have a fill in date for Dec. 23/24th 2016 if another organization can't provide the necessary volunteers. Otherwise our application is submitted for 2017.

In Camera Session

  • Motion: To go in camera. Moved by , seconded by . Motion Failed/Carried.
  • Please list how long you believe your topic will take to discuss:
    • Anna (10 min)
    • Name (___ min)
  • Motion: To close the in camera discussion. Moved by , seconded by . Motion Failed/Carried.


  • Motion: To adjourn the meeting at 8:25pm. Moved by Geoff, seconded by Derek. Motion Carried.