Board Minutes January 2013

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Approved at the February 2013 Board meeting.

EBC Board Meeting Minutes for January 23, 2013

For EBC members interested in attending this meeting, here are the logistical details:

  • Location: Room 306, Education South, U of A campus
  • Start Time: 6:30pm
  • Food by: Duncan


  • Meeting Chair: Bernadette
  • Minute-taker: Sarah
  • Board attendance: Chris, Neil, Anna, Duncan, Adam, Lee, Sarah, Justin, Bernadette,
  • Staff attendance: Chris Chan
  • Regrets: Micah, Paul, Leila
  • Absent:
  • Guests: Alex and Brett

Call to Order

  • Meeting called to order by Bernadette at 6:45 pm.

Approval of Agenda

  • Motion: To approve agenda by Duncan. Seconded by Lee .

Approval of Last Month's Minutes

  • Motion: to approve December 2012 minutes by Aadam. Seconded by Duncan .

Date, Location & Food for Next Meeting

  • Date: February 20th 6:30pm
  • Location: TBA - Adam will check with Micah
  • Food: Adam

Meeting Process

  • Review of our meeting process (Rusty's Rules)
    • Board member job description - Moved to discussion on job descriptions
  • Discussion and decisions on meeting hand signals

Agreed upon hand signals to assist in facilitation:

    • Twinkle (outstretched hands, fingers wiggling): Agreement
    • Hand up (or finger in): point on topic
    • C (hand creates a 'C' shape): question or clarification (priority over point on topic)
  • Review of group agreement and accountability
    • The board is in full agreement to keep 'Group Agreement' that was created at the Orientation Retreat


President's Report (5 min)

  • Nothing to report

Treasurer's Report (5 min)

  • Discussion notes: Full report to come in February

What can we do to help Paul? Neil has assisted in training Paul. Paul asks questions as needed.

Executive Director's Report (15 min)

Executive Director's Report January 2013

  • Security system overview and discussion (10 min)
  • BWN Motion sensor hooked to Chris Chan's home phone line. The camera is pointing towards the yard. Chris is unsure if it records sound.
  • Alex - Should we inform people that there is surveillance?
  • Chris says it was originally a temporary measure for when the alarm goes off.
  • Alex - We need to advertise this to the public. There is theoretical potential for abuse of viewing the camera feed. Alex urges the board to consider what kind of message this sends and if it is an ethical issue of having a camera but not telling the public. Maybe a more professional security system is needed.
  • Duncan - action item - Put up signs
  • Adam - Are there plans to adjust the system?
  • Chris - currently testing the system
  • Final Decision Leave this in Chris's hands - he knows the concerns and can make necessary adjustments and changes to the system.
  • Poor working webcam at BWS
  • Anna requests more information in ED Report - at least two sentences of more information for each section would be acceptable

BikeWorks Report (5 min)

BikeWorks Report January 2013

  • Discussion notes:
  • The report was made available to the board the day of the meeting. This is not enough time for board to read it before the meeting.
  • Focus on the north shop because it needs attention and growth in the new community.
  • Could each board member be at the shop once on Saturday to open and close from now until AGM?
  • Too much to commit.
  • Volunteer orientation - board should attend?
  • Adam - notes on conveying information to Coreen about board assistance with volunteer appreciation.
  • Sarah - How do we address complaints and suggestions for members.
  • Prompting participation in volunteer feedback by asking specific questions - question of the month?
  • Operational concerns - Coreen is asking for ideas from a wider knowledge base.
  • Brett (guest) - Tough issue and the way things are right now, Chris has full authority over shop issues and I have yet to be in a state where I can deal with it. Especially because this regards personal health issues for me, so explaining my situation outs me and my personal situation. So I don't feel comfortable explaining this to the board at this time. I may respond by email. I would like to address Chris in the future as well. It's unfortunate the way things went down.
  • Alex - Questions about cameras.
  • Action item to respond - Adam will liaise about volunteer appreciation and volunteer orientation with Coreen. Reiterate that this is within her scope but remind her that she is free to run with ideas.

Retreat Committee Report (5 min)

  • Retreat Notes and Retreat Evaluations
  • Lee, Sarah, Anna suggest a mid-point check in on our board goals and personal goals. This could be a half-day (eg. similar to our Saturday retreat, 1-4:30) in end of May?
  • Action Items: Add to calendar building will today (deadline)

Advocacy Committee Report (10 min)

Advocacy Committee Report

Current & Completed Business

Updates on Action Items From Previous Meeting (10 min)

From December meeting:

  • Everyone to calculate and report your board volunteer hours to President by January 22. -1/12 board members completed-
  • Paul to coordinate new signing authorities with bank. -not here-
  • Duncan will change password for backup board email address and make passwords available to board only. -done-
  • Duncan will send Coreen another note of thanks and praise for another excellent report. -done-
  • Anna will ask Carbon about monitors for the shop. -still looking-
  • Leila will liaise with Coreen to see what she would like to see in terms of OH&S; bring recommendations to the board for next meeting. leilas notes - send to the board
  • Unassigned to review Bylaws and draft edits re: board election of members in good standing by (deadline). -no one has volunteered for this-

From Retreat:

  • Anna will type up group notes from Retreat. -done-
  • Sarah will type up and circulate the SMART goal for the Charitable status goal. -done-
  • Duncan will type up and circulate the SMART goal for the financial goal. not done - Sarah requests that the goal which the board agreed upon at the Retreat, be typed up as is on the brainstorming page.
  • Justin will type up and circulate the SMART goal for the HR goal. -done-
  • Sarah will circulate the Non-Violent Communication handouts and consensus decision-making map. -done-
  • Duncan will contact Bikeology to initiate discussion around this year's partnership details. Staff can follow up. Board to review partnership details at Feb board meeting. -Duncan will bring Chris Chan to the meeting in order to confirm EBCs operational capacity is not over extended.
  • Leila will contact staff asking to complete a [Governance-Management-Implementation chart] to compliment the board one
  • Micah will send out info to board on how to use wiki and how to save folders/docs in Google Drive. not done
  • Unassigned will discuss how Board can help Coreen with or take over the upcoming Volunteer Appreciation event to engage volunteers and give “face” to the board. Adam will mention that to Coreen.

Board Job Descriptions (10 min)

(Ethical) Funding Committee (5 min)

  • December meeting we passed a motion to "start an Ethical Funding Committee." Who is Chairing/bottom-lining this committee?
  • Action Items: Sarah will chair the Funding Committee. First meeting Feb 27.

New Business

Vision, Mission, Values (15 min)

  • Adam, Bernadette, Chris Corrigan to present final draft.
  • Discussion notes: still discussing words to use. Take out advocacy. Use "civic representation"
  • Motion: Adam motions to pass Vision Statement as it appears in the email, and the Mission Statement using the words 'civic representation' instead of advocacy and "without the third sentence".

Vision: Everyday cycling in Edmonton is safe, widespread, and accessible to people of all comfort levels.

Mission: EBC is a non-profit society dedicated to making everyday cycling in Edmonton safer and more widespread by providing bicycle services, education, and civic representation. We promote the bicycle as a healthy, economical, and ecologically sound mode of transportation.

Duncan seconds this motion. Motion passed.

Calendar for 2013 (20 min)

  • In order to allow everyone on the board as well as committee volunteers (and potential committee volunteers!) to plan for full participation, we need to decide on and advertise dates (on EBC public and/or internal Google Calendar) for:
  • board meetings for 2013
    • Feb 20th
    • March 20th
    • April 17th
  • board committee meetings: HR, Advocacy, Funding, etc.
  • Volunteer Appreciation event(s)
  • Mid-term evaluation session for our Board SMART goals (possibly a half day session)
  • Facilitation Workshop date (Sarah and Justin will book APIRG workshop)
  • Discussion notes: Divided discussion on planning in advance - approx 50% present seems interested. Several people note that they don't know their schedule that far in advance and this kind of planning is challenging, especially with not everyone present.

Logging Board Volunteer Hours (5 min)

  • Spreadsheet to track board volunteer hours could include time spent on:
    • email and communications
    • preparation for board meetings (reading reports and preparing comments/questions, editing wiki with agenda items, etc) and attending board meetings
    • preparation for board committee meetings (chairing, submitting monthly report, volunteer engagement, etc.) and attending committee meetings
    • Note: service volunteer hours (i.e. shop volunteer or off-site event) should be logged
  • Spreadsheet could have 1 summary page (total hrs for easy staff use on grants) and 12 individual pages with details of date, total hours and nature of activity (similar to BW volunteer log)
  • President could review and report on total board volunteer hours in monthly report. As per the draft Pres job description, this hours log would also allow for individual board member evaluation, support, and appreciation.
  • Action Items: Adam will create and share a Board Member Volunteer Hours Log spreadsheet and share by January 30.

Board Committees 2013 (5 min)

  • Simply formalizing what was discussed at the retreat about committees for this year. Which standing and ad hoc committees are being active? Who is Chair of each committee?

AB bicycle commuters conference (10 min)

  • Proposal to organize a conference to meet with commuter groups from around AB to share ideas, difficulties and solutions to problems we all face.

In Camera Session (25 min)

Motion: to go in camera: Duncan Seconded: Adam

  • Review new process for In Camera sessions (from the Special Meeting) (10 min)
  • Security system (10min)


  • Motion: