Board Minutes January 2011

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January 26, 2011 6:30pm

Action Items from Last Meeting

Carried Forward

  • ACTION: Anna will send ABA contact info to Steph. Steph will contact ABA.
    • UPDATE: Anna will contact ABA.
  • ACTION: All board committee chairs to look over the policy manual with an eye for their committee. Send to Alex by Dec 22. Alex to have complete manual for approval at January Board meeting (Jan 19, 2011).
    • UPDATE: Done.
  • ACTION: Mission needs to be formally written up. Sub-committee to do this by Dec 15: Steph, Alex C, Chris.
    • UPDATE: Started.
  • ACTION: Derek to send MEC a report to update on rental program grant.
    • UPDATE: ???
  • ACTION: Anna to write a more detailed webpage about ghost bikes. Get Michael's press release to update if necessary.
    • UPDATE: Anna will do this.
  • ACTION: Neil to reformat the timesheet to reflect the stuff in David's timesheet template for Dec 15.
    • UPDATE: Neil to do.
  • ACTION: All committees to write up their own Terms Of Reference (1-2 pg) before next Board Meeting, Dec 15
    • UPDATE: Some still need to do.

New action items

  • ACTION: Alex to follow up with Keith regarding minors and insurance for rental program.
    • UPDATE: Alex needs to contact insurers.
  • ACTION: Alex to talk to Anna regarding documenting EBC's history.
    • UPDATE: ???
  • ACTION: Alex and Anna to decide on specifics of membership length/expiry and present scheme to board
    • UPDATE: Anna and Alex to do for February.
  • ACTION: Alex to research the costs of various options.
    • UPDATE: ???
  • ACTION: Alex to send out sticker quotes for discussion
    • UPDATE: ??? stickers printed already

EBC Board Meeting Agenda for January 26, 2010

  • Time: 6:30pm
  • Location: 9707 - 110 STREET, SUITE 102
  • Food by: David
  • Call to order at 6:40pm.

Approval of agenda

  • Approved.

Approval of minutes

December board meeting minutes

  • Approved

ABA membership

  • Need to call ABA to learn what we require to run CANBIKE courses. Is ABA membership required by EBC for us to run it?
  • ACTION: Anna to contact ABA

Volunteer Policy Manual

  • All board members who reviewed said it looked good. No changes suggested.
  • Age of BW volunteers: 16. Age of Spoke volunteers: under 16 requires adult supervision.
  • Membership price and set up will need to be edited when we decide…

Board retreat

  • ACTION: mission statement to be written by Alex C, Chris, Steph by Feb 5.
  • ACTION: Anna to email Alex C as a reminder.

Rental program

  • rent to minors?: talk to insurance company about whether we have a restriction to rent to minors
  • ACTION: Alex to call Hardeep to clarify.

Ghost bike

  • ACTION: Anna to update.


  • ACTION: Neil to send updated timesheet to employees

Committee TORs

  • Chairs to write TORs
  • have advocacy, outreach, inclusion, BikeWorks
  • ACTION: need Info mgmt, volunteer, education/safety
  • Bernadette to chair education committee
  • Kevin to chair advocacy committee


  • ACTION: Anna and Alex to decide the new membership sales by February meeting


  • new lock system costs and implementation



  • attended TRUE meeting – still getting organized; discussed bikes on buses advocacy (if bus route is scheduled to have a bus rack but doesn’t, should allow bike on bus if there is room); very interested in twitter; will continue attending meetings

TPRAC meeting

  • LRT update; NAIT line is in final engineering stage, construction starting this year; bike lanes are not continuous, probably not a lot we can change now
  • multiuse trail along LRT presentation; have made considerations for cyclists and connections to current trails and routes
  • LRT planners and city council very concerned about the LRT not happening at all because of the contentious land acquisition (right of ways) and pushback from businesses, residents. EBC must keep this in mind for our advocacy.
  • Downtown train platform, 1 lane traffic, 2 bi-direction bike lanes; between stations will be east bound bike lane and west bound bike route shared with traffic
  • Stony Plain 1 lane of traffic but extra wide to accommodate cyclists to ride on wide lane
  • LRT car has not been decided yet so we could still lobby about cars with bike racks!
  • SE LRT line: Mill Creek ravine can be used by cyclists but some concern that women are not comfortable cycling through Mill Creek at night. River Valley trails may not be the best recommendation for night riding
  • IPhone app for City’s walking maps and cycling maps
  • city cycling maps will be updated for this summer
  • summer 2011: bike lane coming on 106st to Sask Dr and 76 ave bike lane to Belgravia
  • lane markings done by same company which does road markings, hence why sharrows have still not been done because the company prioritizes road markings
  • funding opportunities
  • $500-5,000
  • YEEG from Emerald Awards up to $400
  • CIRA $5,000
  • Stollery (via spoke) up to $25,000
  • Office of Sustainability (partner with ECOS?)
  • STEP and Canada summer jobs coming up
  • Casino in December
  • Nick Lees, Edm Journal on winter cycling
  • Interview for men’s fashion mag (insert in Globe & Mail)
  • Anna and Chris did media training with Michael K
  • last Spoke session in January; Access TV was there and a lot of people (including Stollery) saw that
  • received the full BTP from city
  • 1994 and 2005 Household Transportation survey from city
  • “25,000 cycle trips per day” was from sept-nov at 1 degree C so the number is way low
  • presented at Campus Sustainability Summit January 21
  • CSL report for visual marketing

Executive Director

  • Art auction event organizing, EBC history compilation
  • CBC radio media stories, SEE magazine art auction story, winter cycling stories
  • meeting with Michael K, John Collier, Karly C about history
  • Bikeology meetings, Music Is A Weapon meetings, staff meeting
  • ACTION: EBC priorities started, will hone down to 3-4 in first week of February


  • BikeWorks supplies are looking a bit off. BABAC orders are up but sales are same as usual
  • ACTION: Alex make sheets: supplies at off-site events need to be tracked (mechanic stuff off-site, raffle prizes, rental program bikes, etc)
  • ACTION: ALEX H: maitre d’ volunteer position to keep track of time and supplies of patrons more closely. Clipboard (or small white board) with patron name, time in, time out, parts used, etc.
  • ACTION: ALEX H to communicate to volunteers: volunteers must tell Alex about any suspicious patron activity (eg. saying they paid for supplies but not going to the cash register) so that Alex can take action with the specific patron
  • ACTION: ALEX H: include in BW Guide that volunteers can feel empowered to confront patrons (after meeting with all other volunteers on staff at the time to discuss it)
  • ACTION: ALEX H: BW Orientation to go over how to deal with suspected theft by patrons and other volunteers.
  • Example of a white board by front door:
    • Mechanics on staff today are:
    • Bike stand #1: name
    • Bike stand #2: name

New Business


  • ACTION: Committee TORs to be in by Feb 10

New Lock for BikeWorks

  • must get security keys that say “do not replicate” – does this become more expensive than electronic lock?
  • must have a deposit on keys given out and sign a contract about it
  • ACTION: ALEX H: price quotes and rationale for decision to be proposed to Board. How will it be implemented (contract, how to copy keys, penalty for unauthorized copying, how often to change code/lock, etc)


  • lease is up for renewal this spring
  • need to renegotiate
  • could simply email to renew our existing conditions
  • ACTION: NEIL: email asking to renew with existing conditions. If they reject, board will decide how to move forward.

When to charge for services?

  • What is our non-profit rate? What is our govt rate? Business rate?
  • ACTION: ANNA/ALEX: determine rates.

WCB insurance coverage

  • Neil thinks we are under voluntary coverage
  • covers employees and volunteers but not directors (they require personal coverage, which we do not have because it is quite costly)
  • voluntary coverage is ~$600 for both volunteers and employees
  • MOTION: board moved to apply for coverage again this year. Approved.

The Spoke

  • Visioning at their end of session celebration
  • curriculum, volunteer training structure, etc
  • How will EBC run the Spoke? Them to send us a report? We sit on their committee?
  • ACTION: Stollery funding requires a charity to apply for the $25,000. Alex to follow through on grant.


  • ACTION: ALEX: bill the EBC stickers to the MEC grant for rental program


  • anything that is grant funded must be separated out as a line on the timesheets
  • ACTION: ALEX H: timesheets must be more specific! eg. Inventory, Rental Program, General Admin, Spoke, committee time, reports, volunteer communication, external communication, BikeWorks upkeep, volunteer training, BikeWorks filling in for volunteers

Food For Next Meeting

  • James will bring food.

Next Meeting Date

  • TBD
  • February? Send out Doodle poll for best day of the week for people
  • Monday 7/9
  • Tuesdays 2/9
  • Wednesdays 5/9 (Interthink available Wed most often)
  • Thursdays 5/9
  • Fridays 1/9

In Camera

  • Chris C has minutes from in camera session.

End of Meeting

  • Adjourned.