Board Minutes January 2010

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Edmonton Bicycle Commuters' Society
Board Meeting Minutes
Thursday, January 7, 2010



  • Chris Chan
  • Erich Welz
  • Neil Carey
  • Lauren Price
  • Keegan McEvoy
  • Jason Ponto
  • Sharon Barker
  • Derek Pluim
  • Bill Sellers


  • Jim Storrie
  • David Feldman

Summary of Action Items

  • Jim to post minutes on Google Wave with a voting option.
  • Chris to get actual dollar amounts of expenses/profit on the Christmas party, for the record.
  • Jim to write application for Ecotrust Youth Grant, and send to Jason and Derek for review, then submit.
  • Keegan and Lauren will arrange for volunteers to table at King's University College Environmental Stewardship Challenge, February 26.
  • Jim will draft a letter to the editor in regar ds to the news article Steve Anderson forwarded us, and to send to Chris, Derek and Keegan for approval.
  • The board wishes to remind itself to follow up with Karly Coleman in regards to tabling at Mountain Equipment Co-op.
  • Jim will share the draft of the HR handbook with the board of directors via Google Wave.
  • Jim will research whether it will be legally necessary for EBC to provide helmets along with bicycle rentals.
  • Chris will arrange for all committee chairs be given access to post to EBC's general Google Calendar.
  • Jim and Sharon will provide food at the next EBC board meeting.


  1. Call to Order
  2. David calls the meeting to order at 6:49.

  3. Approval of Agenda
  4. Keegan/Lauren move to approve the agenda and last meeting's minutes.


    David directs Jim to send meeting minutes out over Google Wave with a voting option, in order to facilitate more efficient approval. David will assume that if a board member has not voted disapproval within one week of the minutes' posting, they approve of the minutes as posted.

  5. Reports
    1. Project Coordinator
    2. Jim reports that the Christmas party planned by Alex Hindle and Leila Sidi was a full success. All expenses were recouped and there was a moderate profit.

      ACTION: Chris to get actual dollar amounts of expenses/profit, for the record.

      Jim proposes applying for an Eco-Trust youth grant to plan a 'build-a-bike' youth workshop, to be planned by Jim and overseen by EBC.

      David suggests that the actual schedule of the plan be decided by whatever instructor is hired.

      Keegan/Sharon move that the board approves Jim's proposal.

      Jasonand Derek request cc's on the application.

      ACTION:Jim to write application and send to Jason and Derek for review, then submit.

    3. Treasurer
    4. Neil reports that EBC has lost approximately $5000 in the first quarter, which he explains is reasonable. Neil suggests however that EBC may not have sufficient funds to increase our mechanics' paid hours, as it has taken on significant new expenses: increased paid hours during the winter, renovations in BikeWorks, and recently the paid hours on womens'/transgendered persons' Sundays.

    5. President
    6. Chris reports that Alex has begun building bikes and Esjay continues building bikes for spring.

      Chris reports that he presented project opportunities to two Community Service Learning classes at the University of Alberta, and expects at least two volunteer interns who will be working on a media project and on the development of EBC's point-of-sale/database system.

      Chris reports that King's College has asked us to donate to, and table at, their Environmental Stewardship Challenge. He has agreed, and the board approves.

      ACTION: The event takes place on February 26, and the volunteer committee (co-chairs: Keegan and Lauren) will arrange for volunteers.

  6. Old Business
    1. D&O Liability Insurance
    2. Chris reports that EBC has D&O insurance: $2 million directors' liability, $5 million general liability.

  7. New Business
    1. Additional Mechanic Hours
    2. Keegan reports that Alex Hindle has requested more paid hours.

      Keegan/Erich move to go in camera to discuss.


      After some discussion,

      Jason/Sharon move to to continue the meeting in public.

      Keegan/Lauren move that due to EBC's increased expenditures, the board should decline to alter Alex Hindle's paid hours.


    3. Capital Purchases
    4. David tables the long-term purchasing discussion for lack of time.

  8. Adjournment
  9. Keegan/Sharon move to adjourn.