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Approved at the March 2013 Board meeting.

EBC Board Meeting Minutes for February 27, 2013

Board meetings are open to the public.

  • Location: Education South 327, University of Alberta
  • Start Time: 6:30pm

Please RSVP to [email protected] if you plan on attending. Please include a brief summary of any agenda item you would like to table. Thank you!


  • Meeting Chair: Micah
  • Minute-taker: Adam
  • Food by: Adam
  • Board attendance: Lee, Chris Corrigan, Duncan, Adam, Micah, Neil, Anna, Paul
  • Staff attendance:
  • Regrets: Bern, Justin, Sarah, Leila,
  • Absent:
  • Guests:

Call to Order

  • Meeting called to order by Micah at 6:30 pm.

Approval of Agenda

  • Motion: To approve agenda by Duncan. Seconded by Chris Corrigan.


Approval of Last Month's Minutes


Date, Location & Food for Next Meeting

  • Date: 20 March
  • Location: Ed S 327
  • Food: Anna

NB - the facilitator at the Feb 20th bike lanes consultation mentioned there would be a "final consultation" on April 17th, which is scheduled as a board meeting --Adam

  • Decision: We'll know more later. ACTION: Adam-- put on next month's agenda.


President's Report (__ min)

A busy month that was chewed up with a lot of time spent on advocacy as you might expect.

Met with Anna Vesala to finalize board job descriptions. Voting on final versions at next board meeting Coordinated press release and media availability with Chris Chan on the same day.

Wrote up SMART goal for BWN. On Google Drive.

Jan. 30 - Chris Chan and I met up with Karly Coleman at Credo. Talked about VELO issues. Coleman worried about further support from EBC. Assured her that there was nothing to worry about. Wanted some help promoting Local Bike Shop day during Bike Month. Duncan promised to set up some meetings with bike shop owners and promote it. Talked generally about the future of Bike Month, Karly wants more EBC involvement.

Attended both public consultations for the 2013 on-street bike routes. The one at Hazeldean School on Feb. 12 and the one at Crestwood School on Feb. 20. Did several media interviews at both - Almost all TV except for one CBC radio interview on the 20th. Did an interview with Jodie Sinnema of the Edmonton Journal who was doing the follow up story on the mayor's "nightmare remark.

Feb. 6 - Gave a presentation to Oliver Community League board. Prep for the Feb. 27th event. Talked basic traffic safety, road design and Edmonton cycling stats. Feb. 20 - Attended Complete Streets public consultation put on by the City of Edmonton. Fairly high-level stuff. Not a good use of my time.

Multiple phone calls and emails on the Advocacy Google Group and Chris Chan as we gathered information and tried to stay on top of 2013 on-street bike lane issues. Unfortunately we were reacting to both Kerry Diotte and the mayor. Included calls to the mayor's chief of staff and the principal of St. Cecilia school. Sent email to my councillor and the mayor as per Chris's call to action.

Prepped for CACCL meeting on Feb. 21 for Complete Streets Strathcona. Attended the meeting as president anyways to meet the people involved and because bike lanes were on the agenda. Generally sympathetic at the community league level. Ben Henderson was there. Reiterated a lot of my points on the change in the city's agenda - quality over quantity etc.

Prepped for Feb. 27 at Oliver Community League Hall. The idea is to get a broad coalition going like we have for 83rd for 100, 102 and 105 Aves. Getting more familiar with the Prezi format.

Made some preliminary inquiries about getting Mayor Ryback of Minneapolis up to Edmonton for Bike Month for an event, possible coordinating it with Bike to the Symphony as Bill Eddings (the ESO's music director) is a Minneapolis resident. Ryback has presided over Minneapolis becoming one of the premier bike cities in North America. All in a cold climate city with a giant river cleaving it in half that also has a lot of sprawl and is dominated by cars.

Registered to speak March 13 at the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee.

  • Discussion notes:

What is CACL? -coalition of south-central community leagues, those relevant to Complete Strathcona

Treasurer's Report (__ min)

  • Treasurer's Report
  • Media:EBC Financial Report - January 2013.xlsx
  • Media:EBC Financial Report - December 2012.xlsx
  • Media:EBC Financial Report - November 2012.xlsx
  • Media:EBC Financial Report - October 2012.xlsx
  • Discussion notes:
  • We have been short in some of the cash deposits. Staff seem to be taking appropriate steps. It comes out to $600 over 3 months.
  • Neil: last year we were often over. So some money is not being recorded as it comes in, and some money may be going missing. So because of our loose system, it's hard to really know how much is going missing.
  • Paul-- I understand we're curious about North Shop revenue specifically, so ACTION: PAUL-- will send that out.
  • ACTION: Paul to get short PayPal tutorial from Neil tonight.
  • November - a big Babac order put us in the red, no grant money came in. December - the opposite. (but a lot of that grant money is committed to particular stuff-- it shows as revenue, but we should really show the corresponding program expense, since it's dedicated to stuff that also wasn't in the budget.)
  • How is Paul finding his job? --Has monthly duties written down, believe he understands relatively well except some things written down to ask Neil tonight. Will swing by both shops in next day or two to pick up monies in the safe ... Duncan-- in future could you draw out the important stuff in bullet points as part of your report? Paul-- of course. Anna-- can we do anything for you? Paul --no I'm fine, but I can be a procrastinator, especially when I don't understand things. You will get monthly reports, with bullet points highlighting important points. Anna-- acknowledges that no one wanted to take over Treasurer, so thanks! Neil-- you might want some help with cash handling come the summer. Paul-- thanks, I have appreciated Neil and Chris's assistance and patience.

Executive Director's Report (__min)

Executive Director's Report February 2013

  • Discussion notes:
  • Why is the wiki not working? --It is, it's just slow sometimes. It's probably at our hands, having to do with our hosting.
  • Is the external events section an aritfact? --No.
  • Coreen's report says party left the shop cleaner than they found it? --True, but they also left alcohol. That cannot happen, especially when the Spoke is there next.
  • Is there a plan regarding the missing money from BWS? --Chris: I've just heard about it now. We were supposed to be doing daily cash-outs already. She says she's doing them now. We've never trained volunteers to do that before; it sounds like we are now.
  • How are we engaging with the City's process on bike lanes? --Feb 13th: Mandel calls bike lanes a nightmare, asks for a report to come back about the consultation process. That will come back on March 13th to the Transportation Committee meeting. It will probably be a recap of last 6 years of consultation and a rationale, explaining their job. There's no motion yet to fight. This committee would recommend any changes/cancellations to council.
  • Do we have a sense of where things are at? --Amarjeet is the chair, the mayor has influence ...
  • Where should EBC board/membership be focussing? --supporting the staff who are working on bike lanes ... We've only had a little pushback from members saying "these lanes aren't good enough."
  • Is more of the same useful, or do we need a new message? --depends on mayor at transportation meeting. Unfortunate that we're being reactive, but it's out of our hands. We'll get people to request to speak ... so round up some folks!
  • We need to line up some allies who can speak positively about bike lanes from their own areas (fitness, education)
  • New costs associated with Canbike? ABA membership seems trivial, are there other costs? --Probably not much. Chris is not completely sure we have the capacity to offer CANBIKE this year.
  • They want CANBIKE for city staff, they want us to offer it. They don't have any money right now for an urban cycling skills class for the general public.
  • Anna: at work, I'm helping community leagues set up "Ride to Survive" (hate that name) classes. Offered on a demand basis, so we'd have to do more promotion at the League level. Chris: I still have some money I'm sitting on for adult education, we should work together on that. Community Services might be a good way to go rather than Sustainable Transportation.
  • Could some Ride to Symphony money go to Minnesota mayor for speaking fees? Something to keep in mind.

BikeWorks Report (__ min)

BikeWorks Report

  • Discussion notes:
  • She asks us about doing something celebratory for volunteers. Maybe roll it in with the Spring bike/bake sale? Yes, people like this idea. Lee-- it should be at the shop. House parties in the past have not been well-attended by volunteers. Yes, people say, and make it the North. That's April 27th, folks! We need someone to bottom-line that ... Lee is interested, Anna if she's not the only one, Micah except there'll be finals, Duncan's down with being there for the day. ACTION: Anna, Lee, and Micah form an ad hoc committee on that.

Advocacy Committee Report (__ min)

Advocacy Committee Report

  • Discussion notes:

EBC Advocacy Committee Meeting – Jan. 29/2013

Location – Bikeworks South Time: 7 pm In attendance: Dan Thomson, Adam Burgess, Duncan Kinney, Chris Chan on the phone Next meeting – Feb. 28, 7pm at Bikeworks South


1. Analysis of proposed bike routes for 2013 – Brainstorm response 2. Complete Streets Edmonton – Dan will go 3. Oliver Community League bike infrastructure info session planning – talking to the board on Feb. 6 and the community session on Feb. 27 4. CACCL meeting on Feb. 21 for Complete Streets Strathcona

1. Proposed bike routes for 2013 A couple of bike buttons on 115 St. which is encouraging – good news Push for a single file sign on 115 st Feb. 12 public meeting – Hazeldean School – Duncan, Adam, Dan, Chris Chan will be there Feb. 20 – Crestwood - falls on a board meeting but Chris Chan will find community folk to make sure the cyclist voice is heard – Do we integrate frontage/access roads into the bike infrastructure What do we say when people use the access roads instead of the bike lanes EBC is going to come out against the planned bike lanes for 95 Ave between x and y in Crestwood – Modify to the route to make it better and incorporate frontage/access roads – Action Item - Chris Chan and I will contact Audra Jones and Tyler and tell them how we feel about this – we’d rather have quality infrastructure than what we’re getting

2. Complete Streets Edmonton The part that we’re concerned about is the reconstruction of streets in existing neighborhoods. Goes to council in 2013 – Opportunity for both Chris and I to speak to council about this issue – Action Item – Email Tyler Golly to keep us in the loop in regards to when this is going to council Action Item: Dan will post a recap of the night and his reaction to the session on the EBC advocacy google group Action Item – Fill out the Complete Streets Edmonton online questionnaire - - Everyone - Send Chris a note so he can put it in the newsletter

Talk about in terms of “by adopting these complete streets guidelines it will make it easier to plan and implement bike infrastructure in the future to make sure it fits together with these principles”

3. Oliver Community League bike infrastructure info session planning – talking to the board on Feb. 6 and the community session on Feb. 27 Action item – Draw up prezi with Chris on Jan. 30 Action item – Promote event through EBC and OCL channels – Create a handbill, write some copy 4. CACCL presentation for Complete Streets Strathcona Get the stats on the CACCL communities bike riding numbers from Tyler Talk about their current plans and what they’ve done which are inadequate Talk about what our plans are – a cycling friendly backbone through these communities on these routes – Ask for feedback Draw up a letter of support to get the various community leagues on board Have a slide talking about ped safety – community benefits – social benefits We need bike infrastructure grandmas and seven year olds

  • This is old news.
  • Tomorrow: Public meeting in Oliver. Thursday: Advocacy committee meeting.
  • Anna: has Duncan worked closely with Old Scona CL recently? Because the city has a fairly unheard-og grant called neighborhood engagement strategy or something ... they want to have CLs reach out to local groups to ... engage a community. This could be an opportunity for EBC. One group was allocated $30,000. Anna can send info to Duncan, but it must be done through the league. ACTION: Anna will send this info to Duncan.

Current & Completed Business

Updates on Action Items From Previous Meeting (5 min)

  • Adam will liaise about volunteer appreciation and volunteer orientation with Coreen. Reiterate that this is within her scope but remind her that she is free to run with ideas. --done
  • Add something about retreat goals check-in to calendar building - will today (deadline) (who?) --keep this in the ACTION items going forward
  • Paul to coordinate new signing authorities with bank. --not known
  • Anna will ask Carbon about monitors for the shop. --done. They don't do that anymore.
  • Leila will liaise with Coreen to see what she would like to see in terms of OH&S; bring recommendations to the board for next meeting. --not here. ACTION: Leila to do for next.
  • Someone, hopefully, will review Bylaws and draft edits re: board election of members in good standing by (deadline) -- ACTION: PAUL.
  • Duncan will type up and circulate the SMART goal for the financial goal. --done
  • Duncan will contact Bikeology to initiate discussion around this year's partnership details. Staff can follow up. Board to review partnership details at Feb board meeting. --done. Chris and Duncan met up with Karly. Yes, we support them. No, we can't commit big staff time. MOU from last year still applies: $5000 and access to our volunteer list, plus we're doing bike-to-ESO and repair-a-thon.
  • Micah will send out info to board on how to use wiki and how to save folders/docs in Google Drive. (not done) --Do ppl still want this? ACTION: Micah to find some good links and send them out. Deadline: March 19th.
  • Someone, hopefully, will discuss how Board can help Coreen with or take over the upcoming Volunteer Appreciation event to engage volunteers and give “face” to the board. Adam will mention that to Coreen. --done. ACTION: Lee, Anna, and Micah are forming a committee.
  • Action Items: Duncan will consolidate comments in two weeks by Feb 6th - Final review and vote at Feb meeting --done

Approval of HR Policy Committee TOR (5-10 min)

  • HR Policy Committee TOR
  • Discussion notes:
  • It's an ad hoc committee to write policy for 6 months.
  • Motion: We pass the TOR as written. Moved by Anna, 2nded Adam, passed.
  • Action Items: Name will... by (deadline)

Approval of Board Member Job Descriptions and Code of Conduct (10-15 min)

  • Discussion notes:


  • Seal? -- we don't have one.
  • Annual returns? -the deadline is Sept 30th. You sign the form saying you still exist, send in the financials signed by two "auditors" (members or qualified professionals)


  • Duncan: this took the longest. NB: Rusty's rules, rotating chair (no more than twice in a row). If you're next to chair, read this before you do so! Plus also online stuff about Rusty's.

Committee Chairperson

  • This could be a board member or an external chair.


  • all good


  • ok


  • Replaced "chairs a major committee" with "takes a leadership role secondary to the president."

Board Member Job Description

  • clarified "financial support of EBC" could mean just buying a membership
  • ACTION-ANNA: a link will be added to our insurance policy. Chris: it covers everything that's not illegal. It's D & O insurance, sides A,B,C.

Code of Conduct

  • note: ACTION-unassigned for the future; make a policy covering this. (Maybe this policy could be drawn from APIRG/the HR Policy Committee.)
  • Motion: That we pass these descriptions as written in the google docs now. Moved: Duncan. 2nded: Chris. Approved
  • ACTION Items: Anna will post all these to the wiki.

Signing authority transfer (5 min)

  • Discussion notes:
  • Motion: Signing authority be removed from previous delegates and be delegated to Duncan, Leila, Paul, and Micah. Moved by Adam, 2nded Anna, carried.
  • ACTION Items: Paul will coordinate this.

Mid-term checkin (5 min)

  • We'll do it in the first half of July.

In Camera Session (5 min)

  • Motion to go in camera: Micah, Chris, carried:


  • Thanks to Chris for his recent communications work! --Chris: this is the first time I've felt this much support behind me on advocacy work.
  • Motion: to adjourn. Adam, Duncan, carried.