Board Minutes February 2012

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These minutes were approved in the Board Minutes April 2012.


  • Meeting Chair: Adam
  • Minute-taker: Chris Corrigan
  • Board attendance: Neil, James, Micah, Bernadette, Lee, Alex, Paul, Brett, Steph
  • Staff attendance: Anna,
  • Regrets: Duncan,
  • Absent:
  • Guests:

Call to Order

  • Time:6:36pm

Approval of Agenda

  • Motion: Steph, Adam, carried

Approval of Last Month's Minutes

  • Motion: Neil, Alex, carried

Date, Location & Food for Next Meeting

  • discussion @ end of meeting

Thursday March 8th, 6:30 Rm 101 Law Centre, U of A Campus

Bernadette will return as chair Steph will bring food


President's Report

President's Report

Treasurer's Report

Working through the financial statements, and producing forecasts including the new North shop has revealed a picture of financial strength that I wasn't expecting. We're performing as expected on the Revenue side of the equation, and our expenses are below expected. Of note is that we haven't ordered new parts for a while, so will probably have to restock at some point, probably spending around $4,000 to do that. Our food budget remains very high this year, as Bike building nights are spending about $10 more per week than budgeted, and several events (AGM, Board Retreat, and Board Development Workshop) have been professionally catered.

James inquiry: $70-85 for phone & int service, for Bikeworks North?

Neil suggests that we cut back on catered lunches (ie: watching out pennies...)

Executive Director's Report

Matt Halton was planning a SPOKE Fundraiser, Was there a possibility that bikeworks north could be used for such an event? All told: more detail about his plans & date are needed. Anna: not without huge* liability issues... not appropriate for a public event... yet. There is no washroom, and the 2nd floor cannot be accessed (there is no railing on the stairway, currently.) It's far too soon (in amongst renovations) to have such an event. Alernative location, is needed, or a later date preferred, in order to promote SPOKE & bikeworks north. The fundraiser 'should' coincide with Bike Month ***Bang!*** A media-launch, a party, inc. food etc. would ensue. Yayyyy!!! Come one, come all.

Other notes on raising & saving money -A summertime donation drive -Only one summer staff hire -reduction of off-site events, ie: problems with contractors (Art Auction... pt.1) -two bike shops @ full capacity -advocacy! be selective for off-site events, while refocusing on ON-SITE Events -what would the summer student do? a two-fold responsibility for bike-building & teaching maintenance -an event which focusses on our locations would be more appropriate, this time around... rather than too many off-site events and their volunteers -cost/no cost... how much help do you need? the difference we need to make is between our co-operative-style shop vs. the relative slavery of bike mechanics in a traditional, full-service shop -Neil: maintain our position at Heritage Days, it took us two years to get back in and the exposure is well worth the trouble. -Bike Lanes, there was backlash from the community leagues, & admin councelors, the backlash includes critisism about their userbase, or that they're unsafe. However, the complaints were getting are not from all community members. Long-term change, into the 21st century, may include a lack of a car-parking in front of your home -Can we prove that bikes reduce auto-traffic congestion? (and relieve its attendent problems.) -The summer student... would be hired to build bikes/ Alex wants to spend more time building bikes, lets have more bikes available to be ridden away from the shop, for a more affordable & attractive rate than new. Also, emphasiiz the notion of recycling which our practice promotes. -Paul: John Collier's course has been popular!!! Can we do this more regularly? Not under John, but perhaps our summer student can. Anna: Shadow-instructors. -Get Alex on more of an instructive level; get him there, and have the new volunteers take care of the more rudimentary jobs.

Executive Director's Report

BikeWorks Report

Micah: Bikeworks TOR vote: Who (public/volunteers/exec board...) creates policy? 'Board has final say & must ratify all decisions.'

BikeWorks Report

Information Management Committee report

$150 external hard drive purchased for information back-up. Back-up at both locations.

      • Plan data retention and security
      • Maintenance of EBC's IT infrastructure.
      • Network with other organizations experiencing similar challenges
    • Specific Annual Objectives (so far):
      • Document the establishment of Bikeworks north (By August 31, 2012)

Committee 2 Report

Committee 2 Report

Current & Completed Business

E-mail votes

  • Advocacy Committee TOR passed

Duncan, Adam, approved

  • Membership Committee TOR passed

Motion Paul, Bernadette 2nd

Action Items from Last Meeting

  • James will set up EBC website to participate in SOPA blackout. (Done, as outlined in IMC report.)
  • the Board will attend Board Development Workshop
  • Duncan to organise Beyond the Automobile event at Metro Cinema, Feb 20.

Action Items from Older Meetings

  • Neil will draft job description for Board Members
  • Alex H will submit grant report to MEC
  • the Board will make adjustments to Neil's policy on bike events

Action: Everyone to look at Board-member 'job' description &cycling Events Promotion policy (flawed)

New Business

Volunteer to Coordinate the Casino

  • and maybe document necessary steps for the future?

West Edmonton Mall -Micah & Bernadette

Position Statement Policy

  • Adam will try to e-mail a draft beforehand.

-Helmet Policy -Sidewalk Policy -Position Statement Policy

All need to be approved.

Bikeworks North

  • Determine an oversight mechanism for the renos.
  • (We need an agreement in principle as to what the maximum total budget is for the renos.)
  • (We need to hear about the meeting with Shafraaz, which should have happened this morning.)

Some small things may not be exactly to code.

  • (We need to come to a decision about locks.)

Electronic swipe card locks vs. Trad lock & key -card locks expensive but highly secure

Alex has provided us with a draft plan for the layout of Bikeworks North. -No decision from the board, yet

The floors, currently bare concrete, will need to be resurfaced, as per the conditions of our lease. -Material?

Motion for Alex to get a hard quote on the card lock and to proceed with it if can be installed (possibly by volunteer) for under $1750.

Neil, Steph, approved. passed.

Motion to go in Camera. 21:00

In Camera Session

Motion to go back out of camera. 22:10

Steph, Micah passed


  • Motion to Adjourn: James, passed