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Action Items from Last Meeting

Carried Forward

  • ACTION: Anna will send ABA contact info to Steph. Steph will contact ABA.
    • ACTION: Anna to contact ABA
      • UPDATE: No response yet. Tried 3 times.
  • ACTION: All board committee chairs to look over the policy manual with an eye for their committee. Send to Alex by Dec 22. Alex to have complete manual for approval at January Board meeting (Jan 19, 2011).
    • ACTION: Approve & adopt policy manual.
      • UPDATE: Approved.
  • ACTION: Mission needs to be formally written up. Sub-committee to do this by Dec 15: Steph, Alex C, Chris.
    • ACTION: mission statement to be written by Alex C, Chris, Steph by Feb 5.
    • ACTION: Anna to email Alex C as a reminder.
      • UPDATE: To draft for board retreat.
  • ACTION: Derek to send MEC a report to update on rental program grant.
    • UPDATE: MEC was contacted in early December 2010 and we have received a extension on the reporting timeline until May.2011. This was discussed at the January meeting.
  • ACTION: Anna to write a more detailed webpage about ghost bikes. Get Michael's press release to update if necessary.
    • ACTION: Anna to update.
      • UPDATE: Not done yet. Keith will do it based on Michael K and site.
  • ACTION: Neil to reformat the timesheet to reflect the stuff in David's timesheet template for Dec 15.
    • ACTION: Neil to send updated timesheet to employees
      • UPDATE: Done.
  • ACTION: All committees to write up their own Terms Of Reference (1-2 pg) before next Board Meeting, Dec 15
    • ACTION: need volunteer, education/safety, ?
    • ACTION: Committee TORs to be in by Feb 10
      • UPDATE:
  • ACTION: Alex to follow up with Keith regarding minors and insurance for rental program.
    • ACTION: Alex to call Hardeep to clarify.
      • UPDATE: Our insurance has been extended to cover the rental program and is already in effect. It covers minors using this program.
  • ACTION: Alex to talk to Anna regarding documenting EBC's history.
    • UPDATE: Done.
  • ACTION: Alex and Anna to decide on specifics of membership length/expiry and present scheme to board
    • ACTION: Anna and Alex to decide the new membership sales by February meeting
      • UPDATE: Done. Will be sent out.
  • ACTION: Alex to research the costs of various lock options.
    • ACTION: ALEX H: price quotes and rationale for decision to be proposed to Board. How will it be implemented (contract, how to copy keys, penalty for unauthorized copying, how often to change code/lock, etc)
      • UPDATE: Quotes sent out. Best option identified--but wait before taking action.
  • ACTION: Alex to send out sticker quotes for discussion
    • UPDATE: Alex has sent quotes to board.

New action items

  • ACTION: EBC priorities started, will hone down to 3-4 in first week of February
    • UPDATE: Done. We need to make online doc.
  • ACTION: Alex make sheets: supplies at off-site events need to be tracked (mechanic stuff off-site, raffle prizes, rental program bikes, etc)
    • UPDATE: A Google docs spreadsheet has been created; hard copies will be printed and available to take to events and filled in. Instructions will be provided clearly explaining that the numbers must be entered into the spreadsheet upon completion of the event.
  • ACTION: ALEX H: maitre d’ volunteer position to keep track of time and supplies of patrons more closely. Clipboard (or small white board) with patron name, time in, time out, parts used, etc.
    • UPDATE: "Shop Host" position is being promoted at volunteer orientations as an important role we need filled. Relatedly, a Shift Supervisor position has been created and will ensure all necessary tasks are completed by volunteers on any given shift. The BikeWorks Committee decided the time/parts tracking clipboard would be useful but should be optional. I have started a simple form and will send it out when complete.
  • ACTION: ALEX H to communicate to volunteers: volunteers must tell Alex about any suspicious patron activity (eg. saying they paid for supplies but not going to the cash register) so that Alex can take action with the specific patron.
    • UPDATE: This is being clearly addressed in the volunteer orientations. A section on Difficult Patrons has also been added to the BikeWorks Guide to help our volunteers negotiate such tricky situations.
  • ACTION: ALEX H: include in BW Guide that volunteers can feel empowered to confront patrons (after meeting with all other volunteers on staff at the time to discuss it)
    • UPDATE: This is now clearly addressed in the BikeWorks Guide under the Difficult Patrons section.
  • ACTION: ALEX H: BW Orientation to go over how to deal with suspected theft by patrons and other volunteers.
    • UPDATE: Done/doing - please see above.
  • ACTION: NEIL: email asking to renew lease with existing conditions. If they reject, board will decide how to move forward.
  • ACTION: ANNA/ALEX: determine rates for services (off-site events, etc).
    • UPDATE: Done.
  • ACTION: Stollery funding requires a charity to apply for the $25,000. Alex to follow through on grant.
    • UPDATE: Done. Kris is submitting.
  • ACTION: ALEX: bill the EBC stickers to the MEC grant for rental program
  • ACTION: ALEX H: timesheets must be more specific! eg. Inventory, Rental Program, General Admin, Spoke, committee time, reports, volunteer communication, external communication, BikeWorks upkeep, volunteer training, BikeWorks filling in for volunteers
    • UPDATE: Done.
  • ACTION: ANNA to identify needs and write up job descriptions and send to board to review.
  • ACTION: ANNA to apply for STEP, CSJ, etc.
    • UPDATE: 1 STEP Cycling Education Coordinator, 1 CSJ, Summer Programs Coordinator applied for.

EBC Board Meeting Agenda for February 28, 2010

  • Time: 6:30pm
  • Location: 9707 - 110 STREET, SUITE 102
  • Food by: James
  • Call to order: 7:20pm.
  • In attendance: James, Alex C, Keith, Stephanie, Derek, Chris, Anna, David.

Approval of agenda

  • Motion to approve STEPHANIE. Seconded by DEREK. Approved.

Approval of minutes

  • Motion to approve January 2011 minutes DEREK. Seconded by ALEX C. Approved.

January board meeting minutes

Action items from last meeting



  • Applied for YES grant, $5000
    • In discussions with JP High, EFCL for education project
    • Talked to potential trainers as well
    • Drafted MEC grant for $4000, just waiting on letters of support
  • Set up several computers for shop
    • Installed "Welcome to BikeWorks" computer
  • Made some bike art and posters
  • Talking with someone from Saskatoon about setting up community bike workshop
  • Staff meetings to set priorities
  • Emerald Award application submitted
  • Created and populated "EBC Metrics" spreadsheet to quantify progress
  • Attended RePower Alberta municipal lobbying how-to
  • Signing authority changed!

Executive Director

  • Grant Mac has PR person that we've applied for that can coordinate Bike Friendly Business.
    • Photograph student is interested in coming to EBC.
      • Do 1 month internship, general photos of EBC stuff
  • STEP applied at 6:15pm today
  • Applying for STEP cycling education instructor
  • CSJ has summer programs coordination -- offsite festival events, outreach, etc.
  • U of A CSL student position available as well. Will apply

Bike Art Auction

  • will be sending out mini-newsletter tonight, inviting EBC members to Friday's event
  • need commitment from board members to volunteer for specific tasks
  • 4 bands coming to play, music and stage powered by 10 bike generators from Music Is A Weapon. Expensive, but free catering provided by NAIT culinary art students.
  • specific duties requiring board help:
    • wear name tags
  • 7pm auction starts. 7:30pm and every half hour will be music set. Between music sets will be clips of EBC history (speakers, slideshow). Auction closes at 11pm. Wireless internet available. Paypal, manual credit card through Michael K, cheque, cash.
  • Rental is from 5pm-1am precisely.
  • Capacity is 300.
  • Food is free (mostly).
  • Alley Kat beer. Wine.
  • 3pm: loading stuff, incl. bikes, display material, auction items.
  • 5pm: setup tables, equipment.
  • teardown at 12:10.
  • DAVID: rolling table closure will help excitement and sales. Mix of values (don't save expensive for last)


Attached is the January financial report, along with a restatement of December. The primary change to December is the inclusion of casino costs, along with an offsetting advance that we received from AGLC - basically just inflated both income and expense by $2k. The overbudget amount is basically the same, and we discussed it last month. The other changes are an instructor that filed for payment for a December course (clockmaking).

We did miss a little in January, mostly due to below-expected revenues. February numbers aren't all in yet, but it's looking like we'll offset January's miss in February. I don't think there's anything too exciting to say about either month. Not much going on this time of year.

We did finally complete the changeover in signing authority on both of our bank accounts this month.

New Business

BW Report

  • AB Cycle
    • We'd want space if we can move in by May, and can get confirmation from AHA about what's going on (i.e. no use for us to move in if we have to leave in the fall). Also need to confirm reno plans: it also impacts what we can do in the intermediate time (e.g. building
    • We don't want space if move in after M
    • Check to see if January
  • Stickers: yes. Top-tube retroreflective. Follow budget.
  • Bike rental helmets: Yes, get an appropriate range of sizes (incl. kids). Contact MEC to confirm purchase of helmets using grant.
  • Locks: the cheap, secure option. But not until lease is renewed.
  • Fee schedule
    • EBC offers unique services.
    • Pay mechanics $20/hr
    • Offsite events only
    • Trained mechanics only
  • Need to have volunteer role (e.g. Bikeology) as a very specific, well-defined roll
  • Hire-out positions will be a contract employee
  • Need to be clear on distinction
  • Send out feelers to BikeWorks mechanics
  • Google forms?

Ratify E-mail vote

  • On February 7, 2011 the board conducted a vote via e-mail to approve the Bike Polo Fundraiser at BikeWorks. The relevant email messages have the heading: "Vote Only: Bike Polo Fundraiser"
  • Motion: (text by David F) We approve the EBC event of a Bike Polo Fundraiser in Bikeworks on Feb 19(?), 2011 after Bikeworks closes. Under the conditions that there is at least one designated person who will not drink or do anything that may effect their judgement present throughout the entire event that will be responsible for the safety of the guests and of the property of EBC. The EBC Board requires that no money raises during this event go to benefit any person as a individual but must be used for the overall benefit of the group as a whole. All EBC policies that would effect events of this nature must be respected. These include number of people in the space, safety codes, etc. And that the space will be cleaned returned to good working condition after the event. No EBC staff time may go towards this event. It is important to note that EBC insurance will protect EBC staff and Board member in these capacities if anything happens but will not cover the group organizers.
    • Moved by Kevin. Seconded by Alex C. Total Yes Votes: 6; Total No Votes: 0; Total Abstentions: 5 (Kevin was counted as an abstention).
    • STEPHANIE moves to ratify. Seconded by Chris. Approved.
  • Concensus is: e-mail votes are okay for urgent/emergency decisions.
  • E-mail vote should have quorum saying "YES".
  • Non-reply will be abstain.
  • Agreed that we expect board members to check EBC Board e-mails at least once every 3 days. If unavailable for longer, responsibility to let board now.
  • E-mail votes span 5-days. Anything less can be made by executive decision.
  • Unexcused non-votes count as abstains. E-votes require standard quorum.

BikeWorks Guide Policy

  • CHRIS moves to approve BikeWorks manual and included policies. DEREK seconds. Approved.

Anna GAIN training

Art auction budget

  • Budget is ~$1800
  • All bike shops have been approached for sponsorship
    • Show bikes
    • Cash
    • Door prizes
  • KEITH moves to approve. STEPHANIE seconds. Approved.

Priorities update

Bike Building Tuesdays

  • CHRIS: Analysis indicates it's not worth it. We need to either stop paying Alex to be there, or stop buying pizza. Or both. Or else cancel it altogether.
    • ALEX: We need to reconsider Bike Building. We don't want to be losing money but the program has important non-monetary benefits: education and practice for volunteers; the retention of volunteers through the quiet winter months; providing a fun and social volunteer opportunity. I would like to try cutting out the pizza and replacing it with cheaper snack food (say $10-15 a week instead of the $60 that was approved for pizza). I believe the idea of Bike Building has great merit and would like to try to turn it around rather than immediately cancelling it. Spending only $60 a month on food ($15x4) in addition to approximately $200 in pay for myself for a total expense of approximately $260 should allow us to at least break even based on past figures of added value. It's also important to note that I typically work on a variety of things additional to Bike Building while supervising Bike Building. When reading the Bike Building Metrics please also note that figures for 'Parts Expenses' are based on what we charge for new parts and not what the new parts cost us. One last consideration is that finished bikes are more likely to sell than unfinished bikes and this form of added value is not fully accounted for.
    • CHRIS: Please update the expense numbers to reflect what the new parts actually cost us. I may have given you seemingly different instructions on something similar, but in this case, we need to know what it's actually costing us for an effective evaluation. The value of the part when considering the sale price of the bike need not be the same as the value of the part when considering our costs. Used parts can "cost" us money too, and may need to be included in our the "parts cost" here, but generally that's going to be the "as-is" value of it, similar to the bike's initial value. That as-is value of used parts is usually only a couple bucks, though, except for the nice parts. e.g. If you put that carbon seatpost in one of the bikes, it's going to cost us whatever we surely would have sold it for on its own.
      • ACTION: Alex needs to keep better numbers. The initial values of bikes is either far too low (wrong bikes) or the numbers are incorrect. Reduce food costs. Re-visit next month.


  • Anna has called caretaker committee. They have rent cheques, which we delivered to their premises to the NAA. Anna asked the CC for the cheques to be returned.
  • Our cheques are made out to the NAA.
  • No access to the NAA space.
  • Send letter to both parties saying we have not been and do not wish to be involved in internal NAA disputes, and we wish to continue our good relationship and tenancy.

Board retreat

  • Lots of turnover coming up
  • Long term strategic plan needed
    • Grants
    • Vision
  • 2-day weekend
    • First day: morning open/public to membership
    • OR have public/open meeting on an earlier date, spend full weekend with strategic plan
  • Date doodle poll:
  • What do we need to cover on a retreat?
    • What long-term standing committees do we need? How do we structure them? e.g. Spoke. BikeWorks.

Training workshop registration

  • Nonprofit facilitation
  • ~$150
  • Derek is interested
  • David is unable
  • Keith is interested
  • Chris is interested
  • Anna?
    • needs to look at the program again
  • Alex?
  • Who should we pay for?
  • how do we pay?
    • interested in 50% pay?
  • Further online discussion

Food For Next Meeting


Next Meeting Date

Wednesday, March 30, 2011. 6:30pm.

Location: Interthink (tentatively)

In Camera

CHRIS moves to go in camera. Seconded by STEPHANIE. Approved.

Moved ex camera.

End of Meeting

9:30 adjourned.