Board Minutes February 2010

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EBC Board Minutes for Monday, February 15, 2010

EBC – BOARD Meeting
Date: February.15.2010

Location:10554 – 83rd Avenue Start: 6:10PM End:8:45PM

Present: Chris Chan, David Feldman, Michael Janz, Erich Welz, Neil Carey, Derek Pluim, Jason Ponto, Keegan McEvoy,
Guests:Alex Hindle, Coreen F., Molly Turnbull, Karly Coleman
Regrets:Bill Sellers, Keith Hallgren
Items on the agenda:
1. Velo Presentation: Karly Coleman,Molly Turnbull

·“Velo fest” (Bikeology/bike month) summery ·Velo is its own non-profit society, a board of directors has now been established ·Seeking support from EBC as has been customary in previous years (10 years to be exact) ·Previous contribution has been $4,000 and our ‘Project Coordinator’ for the month of June, as well as volunteers and miscellaneous EBC resources, (i.e. trailers, facilities, etc.) ·Currently there are 27 events being proposed for Bike Month ·A Ciclovía event is also in the works and the Velo group has requested a larger donation to aid in putting it on ($6,000 in addition to volunteer and project coordinator contribution) ·The benefits to EBC are increased exposure in an ever growing event mandated to promote “cycling culture” in Edmonton. ·This is important to note because a portion of EBC’s funding hinges on meeting our mandate of promoting commuter cycling. ·ACTION:Board – Velo group has requested a response by April.15.2010.

·An invitation was extended for EBC to attend the Velo board meetings for additional information (next meeting Feb.23)
2. EBC Mechanic: Alex Hindle

·There was a fair deal of history leading up to this event. ·The board had previously decided it was not appropriate to be increasing mechanic hours; primarily due to budget constraints at this time ·Alex addressed some of the causes behind the perceived antagonistic relationship between himself and the new board. ·His feelings were that this stemmed from him first a board member with EBC, a volunteer, and now an employee ·It was also said he appreciated the work this board is doing. ·He openly apologized for coming off as “angry or bitter” which to best of my knowledge was accepted by the board. My personal impressions are that coming to the meeting and making an apology in good faith speaks volumes about him as a person and (now) employee. ·In regards to the bike shop, the mechanics have now switched over and are working on completing bikes for the spring sale/rental program ·At a loose approximation he expects there may be 50 bikes completed by spring, (depending on donations and the intensity of repairs required)

3. Action for Healthy Communities (Project Coordinator): Chris Chan

·Chris, Sharon, and David met with the people from Action for healthy communities. ·It was observed that their contact there was cautiously optimistic regarding the status of our Project Coordinator Position. ·EBC has an obligation to do what it said it would do. ·David and Chris met with her a second time to review the draft report. ·Our previous Project Coordinator has resigned for personal reasons ·Original completion date for grant was November.2009 ·Action for healthy communities would like to have this completed as soon as possible. The funding has now been paid out in full on their part, (after carrying it over for 2 fiscal years). ·There will be a new posting to hire a project coordinator for a 3 month term. This may need to be combined with our Volunteer coordinator position and have it extended to the fall. ·ACTION:Ad Hoc Committee – Meeting to discuss Project Coordinator role. ·MOTION:Michael Janz – To give the Ad Hoc Committee power to write and submit grant application. oSeconded: Derek Pluim oAll approved. oMotion Carried. ·ACTION:Ad Hoc Committee – Grant writing. STEP Grant deadline is Feb.28.2010. In order to meet the deadline this group will write the grant proposal and submit them prior to receiving board review.

4. Financial Update: Neil Carey

·“Lost” $10,000 in December. (primarily due to babac order) ·“Lost” $5,000 in January (typical expenses, little to no revenue) ·We have recently reduced expenses and will be receiving more revenue in the spring · ACTION:Chris Chan– Send Neil Carey a copy of the budget. ·For future consideration: oImplement prepaying for anyone looking to add an item to the babac order oReconcile the cash box at the end of each day ·ACTION:Board – Agree to pay ($20.00?) for Neil to attend the ‘Charitable Status Information Session’

5. Events Coordinator: Keegan McEvoy

·Chris Chan: Eco-Fair, March 3rd. JG O'Donoghue building ·Discussion regarding Grant MacEwan Sustainability week oEvent runs through March 9th,10th, and 11th oEBC asked to attend March 9th and 10th oEBC has been requested to give a one hour presentation oAim to have completed enough of the ‘lobby document’ to form the basis of a 5-8 minute presentation to. ·Eric Welz: Kings University College oEBC has agreed to donate a bicycle as requested for this event oTabling at the event is an option; but not compulsory. oConsider including a number of either A) Free memberships, B) Gift Certificates for free shop time, or C) Gift Certificates for free basic bike mechanic courses ·ACTION:Erich Welz – Set preliminary 2010 dates for the basic bike mechanic course, (as per popular demand)

6. H.R Committee: Jason Ponto

·Summary of progress on the ‘lobby document’ ·General welcome to new EBC employees Coreen (and Leila) ·Discussion of pay schedule: Neil Carey ·For future consideration: oImplement a time sheet system oAllow a one week hold back period on pay checks

7. Sponsorship Committee: Derek Pluim

·Summary of progress on sponsorship letter ·Discussion on MEC Grants: oDeadline March.10.2010 oGrant application in process for “Access and Activity” Grant. ($500 to $15,000) oThe grant proposal will focus on EBC’s bike rental program as it best fits the requirements in place for this specific grant. ·ACTION:Derek Pluim – Complete and submit “Access and Activity” grant application.

8. Newsletter Committee: Keegan McEvoy

·Next meeting Feb.21.2010 ·Goal is to have the first edition ready for May.2010 (prior to Bike month) ·Attempts will be made to source green printing companies; however cost savings will take precedence.

9. Misc.

·Anyone who is interested in receiving a “[email protected]” email account just needs to contact Chris to get one set up. ·MOTION:Erich – To declare Chris Chan the acting Executive Director for EBC, in order to formally receive recognition for his contributions to the organization. oSeconded: Keegan McEvoy oAll approved. oMotion Carried.

Minutes recorded by Derek Pluim
Next Meeting:

March.5.2010 6:00PM – 9:00PM BikeWorks - 10047 80th Avenue