Board Minutes December 2011

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  • Meeting Chair: Bernadette
  • Minute-taker: Stephanie
  • Food: Neil
  • Board attendance: Bernadette, Brett, James, Lee, Paul, Alex, Micah, Stephanie, Duncan, Adam, Neil
  • Staff attendance: Anna
  • Regrets:
  • Absent:
  • Guests:

Call to Order

  • Time: 6:15

Approval of Agenda

  • Motion: Micah moves to approve, Alex seconds. Carried.

Approval of Previous Months Minutes

ACTION: The Board is to read the past minutes, identify any omissions or errors, amend as necessary and vote to approve the minutes by December 15, 2011.

NOTE: It was determined that no Minutes were approved in November because no official meeting took place. Not enough acting board members were present.

Date, Location & Food for Next Meeting

  • 6:30, January 12, 2012.

Micah to contact APIRG to book a room in Law Paul to do food.


President's Report

President's Report No president's report this month as no president elected yet.

Treasurer's Report

Treasurer's Report October report submitted earlier in November. The numbers were disappointing but not disastrous.

Executive Director's Report

Executive Director's Report Anna's interim November report was distributed on Nov. 25.

The AB Cycle building is up in the air: mold removal is ongoing. The City of Edmonton still owns and manages it. It's about 8 months for the permit to be approved and could be another 8 months for the construction to take place. Moving in could be 8 to 16 months.

Motion: Duncan moves to name the future 118 Ave location "Bikeworks North". Seconded by Alex. Carried.

ACTION: Anna to speak with Kris Andreychuk about interim options to continue with the Spoke.

No newsletter distributed in the last three months. There should be one early in December. Some winter classes were cancelled due to lack of registration. The classes are usually advertised in the newsletter so many fewer people heard about them. As well, there was no advertising of the City of Edmonton budget discussions until Chris Chan emailed the day before the hearings.

Email: Chris Chan's email has been forwarded to the board. Since Chris is still involved in the organization, it would be better for him to receive emails and forward Board-specific emails to him. ACTION: Anna to take the board off the Chris Chan forwarding. ACTION: Duncan to ask Chris to email Board-specific emails to the Board. ACTION: Neil to take old board members off EBC Board mailing list.

BikeWorks Report

Written version of the BikeWorks Report was sent December 16, 2011 (after the meeting): File:BikeWorks Coordinator November 2011 Report.pdf

Current & Completed Business

Action Items from November Meeting

  • ALEX Has the [rental program] info but needs to put it into formal report. Will complete by Dec 1 meeting.
  • ALEX will get all MEC grant info from DEREK.
  • ALEX Will try new [BikeWorks user] sheets. Review in January.

Waiting on Alex's report for these three points.

  • ANNA and ALEX are attending the open house on Nov 14. Will update the board by email thereafter.


  • ANNA will ask Elicia if she is interested in coming.


  • ADAM will draft a [Critical Mass] policy for Dec 1 meeting


  • PAUL will take look at the GAIN dates and register for the spring.

Still to do.

  • CHRIS will complete a draft TOR for Spoke committee for Dec meeting

Adam to follow up with Chris and Elicia.

  • CHRIS and ANNA will share draft TOR with Elicia and meet with her for feedback or comments.

Still to do.

  • ANNA to upload Retreat brainstorm of job


  • NEIL will draft job description for January meeting

Still to do.


  • ANNA to send out the board applications from Lee and Chris Co for board review.


  • Proposed Terms of Reference for all standing committees due Nov 23 for review and approval on December Board Meeting (Dec 1, 2011)

Artist In Residence Contract

Micah motions to ask the Artists in Residence to put together a how-to manual/set of notes/ideas for future legacy of this program. Adam seconds. Carried with abstentions from James and Brett.

ACTION: Anna to ask the Artists in Residence to create this manual. Adam to email Anna a further explanation of what is envisioned.

Strategic Goals

  • Confirm info from retreat

ACTION: Anna to send the raw data from the August retreat to the board as well as what is remembered from the October retreat. Attendees of the October retreat will read and provide their recollections of the decisions made.

New Business

Welcome New Board Members

Motion to appoint Chris Corrigan and Lee Vilinski to the Board made by Neil, seconded by Micah. Carried with abstention from Brett.

  • Action: Neil to add Chris and Lee to the Board mailing list.

ACTION: The Board is to consider what their individual goals are for the board for the next year.

Elect New Executive

Motion: Duncan nominates Chris Corrigan to be secretary. Stephanie Seconds. Carried. Motion: Duncan nominates Adam Burgess to be president. Micah seconds. Carried. Motion: Stephanie nominates Neil for treasurer. Duncan seconds. Carried. Motion: Adam nominates Duncan for vice president. Micah seconds. Carried.

Committee Terms of Reference Approvals

  • Each Chair of each committee to submit TOR for board review and approval

James volunteered to become Chair of the Information Management Committee.

ACTION: Micah to talk to Alex regarding the Bikeworks ToR. ACTION: Paul to post Membership ToR on wiki.

Motion: Duncan moves to approve the Education committee Terms of Reference. Paul seconds. Carried with abstention from Brett.

ACTION: Duncan to continue working on the Advocacy ToR. ACTION: Alex to continue working on the Inclusion Committee ToR.

Review Critical Mass/Bike Events Policy

ACTION: The Board will wordsmith Neil's version of the Illegal Bikes Policy for next meeting.

Walterdale Bridge Stakeholder Input Panel

Chris Corrigan volunteered to be the appointee to the committee. ACTION: Anna to send Chris the relevant information on the committee and meeting.

Agreement with APIRG

Anna updated the board on the agreement.

Bernadette moves to approve Anna's unpaid leave of absence from December 5 to 16, 2011. Duncan seconds. Carried.

In Camera Session

9:00 Bernadette moves we go in camera. Micah seconds. Carried.

9:16 Paul motions to leave in camera. Chris seconds.


  • Motion: Duncan moves to adjourn at 9:17.