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December 15, 2010 6:30pm

Action Items from Last Meeting

ABA Membership

  • ACTION: Anna will send ABA contact info to Steph. Steph will contact ABA.

Volunteer Policy Manual

  • ACTION: Keith will go over with Alex to complete.
    • Done
  • ACTION: All board committee chairs to look over the policy manual with an eye for their committee. Send to Alex by Dec 22. Alex to have complete manual for approval at January Board meeting (Jan 19, 2011).

Board retreat

  • ACTION: Mission needs to be formally written up. Sub-committee to do this by Dec 15: Steph, Alex C, Chris.

Rental program

  • ACTION: Alex: rental program credit card deposits need to be checked through EGSā€”check if EGS is ok with this and make sure this is written the contract.
    • Done -- EGS is happy to help
  • ACTION: Rent to minors? We may need additional insurance to rent to minors. Parent must sign? Parent rents it, operated by parent, teen or kid? Chris sent Keith the insurance company contact info; Keith ask insurance company what they would cover.
  • ACTION: Derek to send MEC a report to update on rental program grant.
  • ACTION: We want EBC stickers on all bikes sold from BikeWorks, like we used to do. Alex to get quotes for this (to be approved).
    • Done
  • ACTION: Alex will look in MEC grant for the amount that we specified for branding stickers.
    • Done
  • ACTION: Bike storage under a tarp outside. Alex to get volunteers to install tarp.
    • Done -- (by volunteers?)


  • ACTION: Neil to send report to Anna.

Ghost bike

  • ACTION: Chris to ask Michael not to send messages from public. We still appreciate that he coordinates media and replies to them.
    • Done
  • ACTION: Anna to write a more detailed webpage about ghost bikes. Get Michael's press release to update if necessary.
  • ACTION: Chris will write an email to the woman who emailed her concern to us saying we will go reassess the location of the ghost bike. Keith will go look at it.
    • Done


  • ACTION: Chris will email [email protected] recipients to inform of new policy.
    • Done
  • ACTION: Derek will add outgoing communication policy in wiki before Dec 15.

Time sheets

  • ACTION: Neil to reformat the timesheet to reflect the stuff in David's timesheet template for Dec 15.


  • ACTION: Derek reviewing policies on wiki (ongoing).


  • ACTION: David to send the TOR template by Nov 26. - Done but late
  • ACTION: All committees to write up their own Terms Of Reference (1-2 pg) before next Board Meeting, Dec 15

EBC Board Meeting Agenda for December 15, 2010

  • Time: 6:30pm
  • Location: 9707 - 110 STREET, SUITE 102
  • Food by: David

Approval of agenda

  • Approved.

Approval of minutes

November board meeting minutes

  • Approved




Executive Director

  • Submitted over email; Anna not present at meeting

BikeWorks Coordinatory

  • Submitted over email; not presented at meeting


New Space

  • Chris reports that David Jones spoke to him and told him that EBC has been warmly received.
  • Linda Huffman of the Arts Habitat Association has indicated a formal response should be received by the end of January

CFO Funding

  • David introduces the issue to the board
  • Introductions of guests; Scott McAnsh to provide legal perspective, Kris Andreychuck to provide info on the Spoke and NET
  • Scott McAnsh provides background on Victims Compensation and Restitution Act
  • Scott Answers questions regarding the Act and its use by the Civil Forfeitures Office
  • Scott feels CFO funding is ethically acceptable and encourages EBC to accept it
  • Decision to not formally involved the membership in this decision
  • MOTION by Neil, seconded by Bernadette: EBC will accept CFO funds. Passed (Brett abstains)

The Spoke

  • Kris Andreychuck explains the Spoke's background including his role
  • Spoke run by NET (Kris works for NET), a Neighbourhood Empowerment Team, working on 118 ave to reduce the fear of crime and crime itself
  • Spoke began in an attempt to dissuade kids from crime, particularly property crime involving bikes
  • Spoke later opened up to broader range of youth, not just those with criminal backgrounds
  • Kris fields questions
  • Kris to remain involved with Spoke for as long as NET is in the 118 ave neighbourhood (likely at least 2 years)
  • Kris to continue in the role of fundraising and seeking referrals if EBC takes over operation of the program
  • Kris has no strong feeling about whether or not to increase number of classes
  • Kris informally discusses CFO funding

Rental Program

  • ACTION: Alex to follow up with Keith regarding minors and insurance for rental program.

EBC History

  • ACTION: Alex to talk to Anna regarding documenting EBC's history.


  • Chris proposes changing memberships to rolling expiration dates
  • discussion on pros/cons of various schemes
  • ACTION: Alex and Anna to decide on specifics of membership length/expiry and present scheme to board

Adrian Pearce Resignation

  • Adrian has resigned from the board and his role of VP due to a lack of time
  • MOTION by Neil, seconded by Chris: Derek Pluim will become the new Vice President effective immediately. Passed.

BikeWorks Locks and Security

  • Many people have keys to BikeWorks including many no longer involved
  • No accurate list of keyholders exists
  • This is a potentially security risk
  • Locks could be changed; alternately, we could install some form of numeric keypad lock
  • ACTION: Alex to research the costs of various options.

EBC Stickers

  • Stickers are needed to adorn bikes and for general PR and giveaways
  • Alex has made several designs and received quotes
  • ACTION: Alex to send out quotes for discussion

Food For Next Meeting

  • Kevin Schmidt will present a sumptuous array of hors d'oeuvres tastefully arranged on a mid-19th century silver and crystal epergne.

Next Meeting Date

  • January 26 (Wednesday), 2011
  • Tentatively to be held at InterThink

In Camera

End of Meeting