Board Minutes August 2013

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Approved at the September 2013 board meeting

EBC Board Meeting Minutes for August 21, 2013

Board meetings are open to the EBC members and the public.

  • Location: BikeWorks North (9305 111 Ave)
  • Start Time: 6:30pm

Please RSVP to [[email protected]] if you plan on attending. Please include a brief summary of any agenda item you would like to table. Thank you!


  • Meeting Chair: Bernadette
  • Minute-taker: justin/Kristen(8pm onward)
  • Food by: Leila
  • Board attendance: Caylie, Kristen, Jason, Leila, justin (out at 8:00), Bernadette, Neil, Paul (in at 7:43)
  • Staff attendance: Chris Chan, Coreen (6:43)
  • Regrets: Anna, Sarah, Lee
  • Absent: Chris Corrigan
  • Guests: None

Call to Order

  • Meeting called to order by Bernadette at 6:35 pm.

Approval of Agenda

  • Motion: To approve agenda. Motioned by Kristen. Seconded by Leila. Motion Carried.

Approval of Last Month's Minutes

  • Motion: To approve July 2013 minutes pending addition of the vote count from last meeting. Motioned by Bernadette. Seconded by Leila. Motion Carried.

Logistics for Next Meeting

  • Date: Sept 18, 2013
  • Location: BikeWorks South
  • Chair: Leila
  • Minute-taker: justin
  • Food by: Caylie


President's Report (__ min)

President's Report

  • Discussion notes:
    • Leila: I have been thinking about break-ins and thefts and what they mean for an organization run by a community. Are there ways we can prevent that, culturally? The break-ins appear to be getting more frequent, and I wonder what that means and why. Is there a sense of ownership around volunteers? Our mandate is to be accessible. Neil: don't need to spend too much time on this. We can't reach everyone, it is likely that the break-ins are just 2 or 3 people. Coreen: seasons have some thing to do with it, no break-ins over the Winter. 6 over the past year. Jason: is there a way to make a motion-sensor alarm? Chris Chan: bought a cheap one but it doesn't work the way it's supposed to. Caylie: what about not locking it? Coreen: we tried to identify the things that are enticing people and keeping those things inside. What took the most time is the huge mess left, not the break-ins themselves. Neil: Not locking the gate could have a negative impact on our funding. We make money off used bikes. Leila: The bikes outside aren't worth much. Kristen: could we have a free day? Coreen: have been leaving bikes outside, not sure if it's not encouraging the problem. Kristen: Is there liability in that? Bernadette: Could label some bikes in the yard as free. Kristen: could interfere with our income from bikes. Leila: I don't know about liability, but in some kind of partnership with inner-city organizations, emphasize that we have some bikes that will be scrapped and can go to those who need them. Kristen: free bike day would not get in the way of bike sales. Jason: We could get around liability by explicitly stating that the bikes are as-is. Chris Chan: There is explicitly policy against giving away bikes for free - free things are not valued. We will find them in an alley. Many scrap bikes are not roadworthy at all. People will not come to buy bikes on other days if we have a free bike day. Coreen: Another thing we did last fall was put low prices on bikes going into the scrap pile. This didn't get more bikes out the door. Kristen: This also might affect our overall image to be giving away bikes that are not roadworthy.

Motion: To approve the August 2013 President's report as presented. Motioned by Neil. Seconded by Jason. Motion Carried.

Treasurer's Report (__ min)

  • Treasurer's Report
  • Discussion notes:
    • Neil: we've done enormously well this year. Growth has really contributed to the numbers. Our revenue is up 30% this year (Interestingly there wass also a 30% increase in bike theft in city). Looking at finishing the year at 35-40k in profit. BWN has grown more in the earlier part of the year, is on track for the year overall. Kristen: what is budgeted for BWS rent? Neil: pay 1200, can afford twice that. Caylie: has it stayed stagnant mostly? Neil: yes, we are due for an increase.

Motion: To return/approve the August 2013 Treasurer's report as presented. Motioned by Caylie. Seconded by Leila. Motion Carried.

Executive Director's Report (__min)

Executive Director's Report

  • Discussion notes:
    • Chris Chan: Brought out bike racks to a number of events. Haven't had time to do anything else with BWS space other than checking Minvera storage near us. Researched a phone plan, found a cheaper one than budgeted. Membership is stable. Portable bike rack rentals have been popular this summer. We used to loan them out for free but now we charge money. Advocacy committee hasn't made progress. Not sure if Chris Corrigan is still interested. Started working on election material but haven't yet finished that. Edmonton Opera wants to do bike to the symphony style collaboration. Sept/Oct they have special events. Their season doesn't start until late October. Hesitant to pursue something in the colder season.

Motion: To approve the August 2013 ED report as presented. Motioned by Neil. Seconded by Kristen. Motion Carried.

BikeWorks Report (__ min)

BikeWorks Report

  • Discussion notes:
    • Coreen: Taking time off. Hopefully the timing isn't bad. I will come back refreshed for the challenges ahead. Mostly business as usual. Lots of bikes going through both locations. Bike stripping parties. W&TO days and strategies for making them go more smoothly. Chris Chan: Have you had a chance to ask volunteers about hiring someone for bike building? Coreen: No. There are lots of donations, still kicking around the idea of hiring someone to build up bikes. Tuned up bikes are money in the back for us. 4 hours of labour per bike, 1/4 to 1/3 of the bikes in BWS yard could be tuned up quite easily. Chris Chan: Back to school liquidation. Coreen: should be looking to clear things out. Last year had a winter beater sale. Not necessarily more successful. Big bike sale in the spring generates a lot of interest. Tuned up bikes are what we want to be selling. Kristen: Hiring mechanic - over Fall and Winter in preparation for the Spring? Coreen: Yes. We have a lot of donations in the Fall. Kristen: This has been a recurring item, is there a way to put a timeline on this decision. justin: Chris brought up to ask volunteers, want to make an informed decision. Coreen: It is important to determine how it will affect volunteer morale. Chris Chan: I want to make sure this happens as fast as possible. We want to sell them more quickly. We should hire for now until we're out of BWS, deplete the reserves. Bernadette: It would make it easier on volunteer morale. Leila: We should set a cap date on donations so we can ensure we aren't having to put huge amounts into the scrap yard. Neil: no big deal to be taking more, we get money for scrap, even if it's not sorted. Chris Chan: A volunteer had an idea about letting people take our scrap and keep the money if they have a truck or trailer. Bernadette: We could hire multiple candidates. It would let the repairs happen faster. Leave this in Coreen's hands right now. Leila: Is it in our lease that BWN landlord can rent out the parking lot? Coreen: No, we have two parking spots in the lease. Had an issues with a class night. There are also parking bans all over the neighbourhood. Complicates things. Eskimo games are now on the BWN calendar. Getting a lot of new volunteers of all skill levels and backgrounds. Scheduling volunteers has been an issue. They have not been using the google calendar. Regular volunteers have been good about letting me know when they can't make it. Rental program has been going well. We need to get overhauls on rentals. The program has been very popular. BWS losing space - NCA gets grants for programs, so looking to renovate their space into a larger one. Looking at Fall move out. Kristen: Do we have volunteers in real estate or construction? Chris Chan: We can just get a realtor. Jason: I can do some tasks. I have a friend who is a commercial realtor. Paul: Contacted my landlord who is a real estate developer. Bernadette: Are you available to be in a subcommittee? Paul: I can.
  • Action Items: Bernadette will send out an email re: hiring bike builder by next week
  • Action Items: Paul, Sarah, Jason, Coreen will be in a subcomittee for finding a new location for BikeWorks South. Keep Chris Chan in the loop by email.

Motion: To approve the August 2013 BikeWorks report as presented. Motioned by Kristen. Seconded by Jason. Motion Carried.

Current & Completed Business

Updates on Action Items From Previous Meeting (5 min)

  • Anna met with Caylie and Kristin to do a mini orientation on August 6.

AGM (5 min)

  • Discussion notes: Parkdale/Cromdale Hall booked, 12-4:00, need to go and sign rental agreement and pay deposit before Oct 6.
    • Bernadette: Is there anyone who can drop off a deposit? Kristen: I can. Bernadette: I will get you the information. Sarah and I will talk about the rest of the planning but the venue was the most important item. Paul: We need to email the proposed changes to the Bylaws out to members with 21 days of the AGM. I have copies of the changes here. Leila: Everyone who attends the AGM gets a free membership? Bernadette: No. Neil: That was the case in the past, have said that we should be charging for memberships. Chris Chan: This goes back to giving away things for free. I knew committed volunteers who didn't want to buy memberships because they knew they could get them for free. Bern: What about requiring potential board members to be members 30 days in advance? Paul: That is on the revision list. Just have to pass the special resolution before voting.

BWS Lease (10 min)

  • Discussion notes: update?
    • Already discussed.

Alberta Bike Conference (0 min)

  • Discussion notes:
    • Bernadette: Sent out invitations this week. AB bike swap wants to give money. Feel free to forward invite to anyone who might be interested or in the area or in the right focus.

New Business

Meeting Dates for Sept-Dec (5 min)

  • Have typically scheduled the 3rd Wednesday of each month.
  • Decide dates for meetings: September __, AGM October 6, October __, Board Retreat Nov 1-3, Nov __, Dec __
  • Discussion notes:
  • Motion: . Motioned by . Seconded by . Motion Failed/Carried.
  • Action Items: Name will... by (deadline)

Budget (__ min)

  • Discussion notes:
    • Neil has created the budget, Paul still involved in making deposits
    • Revenue based on how this year has gone, amounts that are reasonable to expect
    • Budget doesn't includes minimal grants because less are expected in the upcoming year
    • Not counting on outside help
    • This is business as usual scenario
    • Additional scenarios based on interruptions
    • Likely we will have a casino year, will likely have one next summer but won't affect funding until the following year
    • Expenses
      • Business as usual
      • Employee benefits and wages included
      • Factored in a raise for Coreen and employee benefits
      • Includes full-time hours for Coreen during the winter and 40 hrs/week in the summer
      • Increase in the budget for food for volunteers and board
      • Rent cost is what we are currently paying
      • Results in break-even
      • Cost for bookkeeping was included, not based on a researched quote, doing deposits and keeping the books for two shops
      • Likely need to come up with a list of tasks we would ask for and get a few quotes
  • Action Item: Paul can come up with a list of tasks of what he think would be involved for a bookkeeper and will send it to Neil to review, Paul will also get a few quotes, we will review the info at next month's meeting
      • Neil thinks we can maybe find grants if we need them
    • Scenario B is the temporary disruption
      • moving out end of October, nothing November/december, renovations until May
      • Storage fee of $500/month from November to March
      • Some of the business from BWS would come north, approximately 20% of the revenue
      • $10,000 to get the shop ready
      • Rent fees of $2,500/month
      • In the end we are short $36,000 which we would be able to support
      • If nothing is lined up by November may need to revisit spending at that time
    • Scenario C
      • Same assumptions except that we dont find space on the south side
      • No renos
      • Would likely result in long-term loses
      • Not finding space may not be an option
    • Are there other things that could be done in terms of raising other lines of revenue, corporate donations, running a fundraiser, etc.
    • Discussion ensues around the value of a Southside location, necessary for community? necessary for raising revenue?
    • Coreen would like to be working full time over the Winter, previously worked part-time hours over the Winter
    • Never a shortage of work to be done, even in Winter, especially with the renovation coming up
    • All of budget projections had increased salaries as a foundation

In Camera Session (__ min)

  • Motion: To go in camera. Motioned by ???. Seconded by ???. Motion Carried.
  • Motion: to approve Bikeworks Manager at 40 hrs / week plus enhanced benefits and vision at $17/hr. Motioned by Bernadette. Seconded by Paul. Motion Carried.
  • Motion: to keep Executive Director salary as-is, including enhanced benefits and vision. Motioned by Leila. Seconded by Caylie. Motion Carried.

Moving Bank to Servus Credit Union (__ min)

  • Discussion notes:
    • Moving bank accounts over, Paul has looked into several banks
  • Motion: to have Paul to tranfer accounts to Servus Credit Union, initiate getting a credit card, subject to as-yet undeclared fees. Motioned by Paul. Seconded by Bernadette. Motion Carried.

Other Business

    • Looking for volunteers interested in following up on voice mail project, Bernadette can keep doing it until we find someone else but would like someone to start looking
  • Action Item: Coreen to look for someone to take care of voice mail
    • Neil will update the information on nominations online and Paul will send out the information
    • Are there additional awards this year over last year? Have several small gifts that could be given to volunteers in recognition.
    • AGM committee will have a discussion around how to recognize volunteers
    • Currently have two ongoing annual awards
    • Rest of recognition will be internal
    • Coreen would propose adding one more ongoing annual award
    • Currently have two prizes of $100 each, could have 4 awards of $50/each plus an added prize
    • Volunteer recognition as an item on the next agenda


  • Motion: To adjourn the meeting. Motioned by Leila. Seconded by Kristen. Motion Carried.