Board Minutes August 2011

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Call to Order

Time: 6:40pm Board attendance: Bernadette, Derek, James, Steph, Neil, David, Chris Staff attendance: n/a Guests: n/a Minute-taker: Steph

Approval of Agenda

Motion to approve by Bernadette. Seconded by Derek. Approved

Approval of Last Month's Minutes

July minutes not yet completed. Need to be approved at next meeting.

Date, Location & Food for Next Meeting

Sunday, September 25 after the AGM. Location: Ritchie Hall. Food will be catered.


President's Report

Treasurer's Report 2011-2012 Budget presented

Executive Director's Report

BikeWorks Report

New Business

Volunteer Appreciation

Motion to nominate dedicated volunteer Chris Chan for Stars of Alberta Award by Stephanie. Seconded by Neil. Approved. ACTION: DAVID to complete nomination.


Motion to approve 2011-2012 budget as presented made by Steph. Seconded by Derek.

Personnel Committee

  • ACTION: Personnel Committee to gather information from various sources on staff performance.
  • STEPH to talk to Micah, artists and David.
  • KEVIN & DAVID to schedule exit interviews with summer staff.
  • CHRIS to talk to Jan and Karly.
  • STEPH to arrange committee meeting with David and Chris to discuss evaluations.
  • STEPH to email Alex & Anna to arrange meetings with them.
  • Motion to renew current staff's contracts for 1 year by Steph. Derek seconds. Carried. (Ratification of motion passed at Strategic Planning meeting in August.)


  • Motion to approve a special resolution to amend the bylaws passed at last year's AGM so as to incorporate technical changes to satisfy provincial requirements by Neil. Chris seconds. Carried.
  • Motion to approve a special resolution to amend the bylaw to clarify board terms to begin November 1 by Steph. Seconded by Bernadette. Carried.
  • Motion to write a policy ensuring Annual General Meetings occur by October 15 each year by Steph. Seconded by Bernadette. Carried.
  • ACTION: ANNA to finish writing Strategic Plan and submit to the Board before next board meeting.
  • ACTION: NEIL to send out AGM announcement to membership.
  • Next meeting to be a brief meeting immediately after the AGM.
  • ACTION: BERNADETTE to do selection for Grange and Allsop Awards.
  • ACTION: BERNADETTE to arrange food for the AGM, with an expectation of 50 peopl and a maximum budget of $500.

In camera session


Adjournment at 7:40pm.