Board Minutes August 2010

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EBC Board Meeting Minutes Wednesday August 11, 2010 6:00pm at EFCL office


  • Welcome
  • Approval of Agenda
  • Minutes – approved next time
  • Marketing prentation – DDB Ad Agency
  • Board Chair report
  • Alexa’s report
  • Budget
  • AGM and bylaws
  • Vote: ad campaign
  • Next meeting: food and date
  • In camera

DDB presentation

  • took our feedback and made some changes
  • “matching people with bikes” broadened to “start a two wheel love affair”
  • DDB went to BIkeWorks to take actual pictures to make samples of the personals ad for the website
  • “lets ride into the sunset together”
  • “I’m a cheap date” (a bit beat up)
  • “zero interest in speed dating” (bike with no chain)
  • “my last relationship was a disaster” (frame only)
  • “I’ll bring the chain. You bring the oil.”
  • each poster has the tagline “Start a two wheel love affair.”
  • hero bikes are stationed at hotspots around the city with sign in middle with one of the taglines
  • stunt scenario with a hero bike
  • volunteer tshirts that say “start a two wheel love affair” and/or “”
  • website landing page: click on one of the ‘personals’, goes to a more detailed, humourous page with

link at bottom to EBC main website or specific EBC webpage (eg. Donation page, BIkeWorks maintenance courses, etc)

  • website could also be a live site with a message board where people could comment and EBC could


  • include a section where cyclists can submit their own ‘love story’ with photo
  • personals ads in SEE and VUE magazine ;)
  • radio ad productions, likely a PSA not a true ad
  • campaign has longevity, can be changed to keep fresh, pulls some attention from many people
  • Board feedback:
  • radio campaign timing: begin in May rather than now?
  • can we handle the traffic?
  • good opportunity to encourage people to extend their biking season (autumn, winter)
  • need to give attention to advocacy work too, not just BikeWorks

Board Chair report

  • Folk Fest handbilling. Need to be there properly next year!
  • postponed CANBIKE to Sept due to low registration
  • internal meetings
  • Chris was in Avenue Magazine
  • Chris did an interview with OMNI TV yesterday
  • David, Chris had one-on-one meetings with all the staff

Alexa’s report

  • Heritage Days. Lots of people! $613 cash and $130 worth of food tickets. 6 volunteers throughout


  • Folk Fest
  • DDB feedback
  • lobby document for election. Elaine is currently reviewing it. Will create an election page on the

website to interview candidates. We can be a non-partisan source of information on cycling

  • newsletter sent out
  • bike parking suggestions sent to City
  • next week meeting with the Mayor.
  • Michael suggests asking Mandel for what he recommends how EBC should get to accomplish our goals.

He was a developer, has been in office for 3 years, he knows what we want, he knows what other cities have and what Edmonton needs to get there. How can we integrate cycling into future developments (City Centre airports, arena, EXPO 2017)? Get him the lobby doc before we go talk to him so he can review.

AGM and bylaws

  • Half the board is leaving. Need to find replacements
  • Michael and Lauren brainstormed capacities that the board should look for
  • Board members should start having coffees with potential candidates
  • should poster around BikeWorks to give attention about AGM and need board members
  • committees for non-board members should come back. Committee members are great candidates.
  • Date must be 3 weeks after our next meeting because we need to set the new motions.
  • Sunday October 3, 2010 at Parkallen (Michael will book space with Bev Zubot) at 1:00pm
  • should we give free memberships at AGM? Target people for committees, advocacy, etc. Have signup

sheets for volunteers. Get them to fill out a survey about what they would be able to do for EBC.

  • food budget: ~$200
  • need volunteers to help with food. Erich, Neil, maybe Keith
  • Chris, David will organize EBC stuff for AGM

Ad campaign decision

  • budget for advertising is $3500. This campaign is under $3000.
  • the marketing in the past was for newsletters and magazine
  • can be marketing and advocacy in one!
  • magazine could be covered under MEC grant
  • Sept roll out date is fine: students, and other new Edmonton residents will be here
  • focus on cycling not selling bikes
  • we need to promote non-BIkeWorks things that we do: advocacy, etc.
  • promotes the love of cycling
  • need to put a link on bottom of page to sign up for EBC newsletter and what their interests are
  • don’t necessarily use BIkeWorks bikes. Can grab pics of folding bikes, whatever. Need to represent

and interest all cyclists

  • get local bikeshops involved. Showcase their cool bikes. Partner with them and get the cycling

community in. They can put up posters at their locations. United Cycle has an in-house printer.

  • will we be able to manage this? Partners and new ads and everything? Do it ourselves now, and

approach the bike shops for round two. Have waves of promotion.

  • should acknowledge DDB on the webpage, if they like. Or at least thank them on EBC page.
  • start date: Symphony Under the Sky festival – perfect bike hero stunt spot!
  • Derek motioned to approve the campaign. Erich seconds. Motion approved.

Next Board Meeting Thursday the 2nd September

  • Tentatively: October 6th
  • Suggestion: First Wednesday of every month

Motion to move in Camera: Erich, seconded by Chris- all in favor. (in camera 8:07)

Moved Ex camera 910: Janz/Erich - all in favor


Moved: Neil, seconded Chris - All in favor!

Action item: Neil to contact SLS re: bike rentals

Adjournment 930 Moved: Janz, Second Jason - All in favor