Board Minutes August 2009

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Board Meeting

August 13, 2009

Attendance: Michael Kalmanovitch, Ang McCartney, Steve Andersen, Erich Welz, Bill Sellers, Jim Storrie, Alex Hindle, Derek, Chris Chan, Coreen F

Apologies: Scott Harris, Scott McAnsh

Outdoor Signage

  • Jay Moore was hired to create signs
  • He failed to complete the work before leaving town
  • Will be done in a few weeks. Either by Jay or another person
  • Price confusion was discussed
  • result: $500 for artist, EBC pays for materials
  • Alex Hindle will take care of this
  • Signs need to be painted on both sides


  • Parkallen community hall $275
  • Prizes $50
  • Erich will work with Chris to get a discounted member rate on the hall
  • Food: Chris will purchase & prepare the food
  • Send agenda items to Chris
  • Send award nominations to Chris

30 Anniversary of EBC

  • Will be August 8, 2010
  • We are Canada's Oldest Bike Shop
  • Could be a newsletter item

September Board Meeting

  • Next scheduled meeting is three days before the AGM.
  • Meeting will be cancelled
  • New Board will set new date for the meeting at the AGM
  • Subcommittee struck to decide award recipients (Alex Hindle, Chris Chan, Erich Welz)

Board Elections

  • Election process was discussed
  • Future of board was discussed

Heritage Festival

  • ENMAX did parking
  • bikes were left unattended
  • volunteers were paid
  • Chris mechaniced
  • $150 in donations to EBC

Project Coordinator Report (Jim Storrie)

  • parking day
  • Winterlight festival
  • Charity Status ready to go, will wait until new board
  • University - Week of Welcome: EBC part of it, no fees, all the banners we want
  • Bike Maintenance with Mennonites Center refugees: moving forward with Keith
  • No car day in Sept - letter writing to council, publicity
  • Final hearings on Municipal Development Plan coming up in October - Jim & volunteers attending
  • Bike Rentals - Best system is similar to the trailer rentals, Revenue is not the main goal. #1 goal is the service
  • Winterize your bike fair
  • Website projects

Jim & Lauren are taking CanBike2 course

Servicing Emails

  • Jim will be copied on all info emails
  • He will begin taking over email replies

Membership Database

  • No one present to report
  • Alex has a lead on a new program
  • Michael will talk to Scott H


  • Chris Chan moves the EBC spend $300 on a new computer for the shop floor.
  • Erich Welz seconds.
  • Passed.


  • Scott McAnsh working on it now
  • Will be done shortly
  • Reformatted and called the Bike Pump

Earth Day

  • September 19 at Gazebo and Adventure Parks
  • Michael will talk to Janice about EBC's involvement

Cleanliness of shop

  • Not up to par
  • Michael will talk to employees about making this a higher priority

Nigerians lease

  • last meeting had no results
  • Michael invited to a meeting on sunday aug 16
  • utilities are still not reconciled
  • they brought up people sleeping on site, yard cleanliness and front door use
  • Michael addressed their concerns
  • Locks have been purchased for both doors and will be changed on Sunday.

Volunteer Food Budget

  • Ang McCartney moves that EBC give a $200 budget to Lauren Price (Volunteer Coordinator) for volunteer appreciation items.
  • Erich Welz seconds.
  • Chris Chan moves we amends that we give Lauren a cheque for $200 for future and past food.
  • Not seconded.
  • Chris Chan amends that we change the budget to $100 a month.
  • Not seconded.
  • Original motion passed.
  • Chris Chan moves that we give $100 to Lauren Price in recognition of past food work.
  • Erich Welz seconds.
  • Passed.

Bicycle Racks

  • old ones are in Michael's backyard
  • Chris has one at his house
  • Erich will take one
  • They will be donated on a first come first serve basis

Break in

  • Nothing was stolen that we know of
  • Unclear what has happened
  • Michael will speak to employees

Meeting adjourned.