Board Minutes April 2016

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These minutes were approved at the May 2016 board meeting.

EBC Board Meeting Minutes for Monday April 11, 2016

Board meetings are open to the EBC members and the public.

  • Location: room 113 Education South, University of Alberta
  • Start Time: 6:30pm

Please RSVP to [[email protected]] if you plan on attending. Please include a brief summary of any agenda item you would like to table. Thank you!


  • Meeting Chair: Adrian
  • Minute-taker: Derek
  • Food by: Jasmine
  • Board attendance: Derek, Jon, Adrian, Kathy, Rachel, Jasmine, Karl, Anna
  • Staff attendance: Chris,
  • Regrets: Dan (is in Portland!), Geoff (is in a plane returning from NZ!),

Call to Order

  • Meeting called to order by Adrian at 6:43 pm.

Logistics for Next Meeting

  • Date: Monday May 9
  • Location: rm 113 Education South
  • Chair: Jon
  • Minute-taker: Karl
  • Food by: Adrian (brown bread...)

Approval of Agenda, Minutes, Reports (5 min)

  • Motion: To approve this April agenda, the March 2016 minutes, and only the Strategic Planning Committee report. Moved by Derek. Seconded by Jon. Motion Carried.

Treasurer's Report - Geoff

Executive Director's Report - Chris Chan

Strategic Planning Committee Report - Derek

Current & Completed Business

Updates on Action Items From Previous Meeting (5 min)

  • Everyone log your 2016 board volunteer hours for the past month.
  • Everyone sign reports that you have reviewed each month.
  • Committee Chairpersons to post all committee meetings to EBC calendar - public ones go on "EBC Events", other committee meetings go on "EBC Internal" calendar.
  • Jul 2015: Jon, Nancy, Anna, Geoff, Chris Chan will meet to get an orientation and see if Asana can be used for board tasks/to do list too
  • Dec 2015: Anna will book 30 min meeting before board meeting for Asana orientation by Exec.
  • Sep 2015: Anna to post final financial policy to wiki.
  • Feb 2016: Geoff to get access online to Tangerine (ING) account where casino funds are cashed in the interim in order to view balance
  • Feb 2016: Anna will post Executive, Policy, and HR TOR to wiki


  • Oct 2015: Anna will post the board vacancy (Alexey/Nathan/Kathy) to website.
  • Mar 2016: Nancy will communicate the CSJ funding update with Chris asap.
  • Feb 2016: Geoff to check with Neil Carey or Guy regarding BWN rent cheques, (we think this is done?)

Board Member Resignation (1 min)

  • Kathy formally submitted her resignation on March 16, 2016 to the Board.
  • Motion: To accept the resignation of Kathy Turnock from the EBC Board effective March 16, 2016. Moved by Anna, seconded by Nancy. Motion Carried.
  • Action Items: Anna will close the EBC account. DONE

BWN rent payments (5 min)

  • Geoff calculates that we've overpaid $170.03 for the past six months ($1020.18)
  • Discussion notes:
    • We have not actually over paid. We are now at a zero balance and are good.

New Business

Board and Staff Social (5 min)

  • Plan a social event to welcome our new staff and discuss the new season.
  • Last year, held at 5:30 before EBC/MEC Club Night, at Nosh Cafe on 124 St, each person paid their own way.
  • Possible date: Fri Apr 15 before the Paths For People event?? Wed Apr 20 to join the Spoke graduation ride??
  • Discussion notes:
    • What day would work best for the staff and board? Wednesday or on the weekend? Anna suggested meeting before the Spoke bike ride, which is at 6:00PM. This is on April 20th.
    • Doesn't require a great deal of effort, it is a meet and greet for the new staff to meet the board. It may be best to contact the staff following the meeting to determine what is the best time for them and we will work around it. Chris requested 2 or 3 options to account for the varied schedules. April 20th, May 4th, are both options.
  • Action Items: Anna to email the staff regarding the best date for the Board meet and greet event. The event will likely be 4:30PM or later.

YCR2 and Spoke Reporting Structure (15 min)

  • Feedback from Program Coordinators about their budgets? Resources?
  • Should draft a program relationship for each in advance of charity application.
  • Discussion notes:
    • This was an agenda item added by Anna. We should keep the question of the reporting structure clear so by the time we arrive at the AGM in October we will be able to better present on the performance of our program(s).
    • Our budget is currently set up as Bikeworks North, Bikeworks South, and Overhead. The staff at the Spoke were asking for clarity on what is this budget amount. We can be more specific about defining what the budget and scope of the budgets are for each program. Geoff has been having conversations with the program coordinator.
    • There is a participant survey for YCR2. The Spoke may or may not have a participant survey? Qualitative data (ex. how many people started vs. finished the program?).
    • Documentation would prevent our staff from each having to learn the lessons "the hard way." A regular narrative of how the program is going would be beneficial for knowledge retention.
  • Action Items: Jon, Geoff connect regarding the budget allocated for the Program Coordinator. Regardless if we have charitable status or not, we should know what our budgetary constraints are.

AGM date (5 min)

  • Our financial year end is August 30. Typically hold AGM in end of Sept or early Oct.
  • Discussion notes:
    • The Alberta Bicycle Commuters conference is the weekend of September 17th and 18th.
    • We should aim for October to allow for information from the Alberta conference and it allows more time to prepare for our annual report.
  • Decided on Sunday Oct 2

Financial Report discussion (20 min) Jon

  • Jon: In reviewing the Feb financials, we seem to be digging ourselves deeper into our budget than we intended. There is one item that is responsible for the significant shortfall: website for YCR2.
  • Discussion notes:
    • Chris: If it was not budgeted it was an oversight. We had a grant ($15,000) so if we forgot to include that in the budget, that is our fault. The grant was marked as deferred grant revenue.
    • Chris (via email follow up): I misread our financials on my phone last night. I read the YTD line as a monthly amount. The ~$8000 website cost for Feb was a partial payment for the YCR2 online registration system development. YTD ~$15900 is the $15k for YCR2 plus some other costs. Without the $15k, we're still overbudget on website; I suspect some of that excess is also coming out of YCR2 costs. (The remainder is due to the low CAD-USD exchange rate, as well as development of our new website.)
  • Action Items: Jon, Geoff to reconcile the budget to reflect this 15,000 grant as well as the money we recently received from the Kinsmen Club.

Strategic Planning discussion (20 min) Jon

  • With our CRA application pending and AGM coming up, we need a plan A and B to present to members about how to address our current deficit.
  • If we are approved for charitable status, what are the tangible grants that we will be applying for and in what order or priority? Will these grants address all or some of the deficit?
  • If we are not approved for charitable status, what are our proposed methods of reducing costs and increasing revenue?
  • Discussion:
    • Karl: Strategic Planning committee is doing an analysis of current EBC programs and services. Jon: Programs are already essentially paying for themselves or revenue-generating. Need to look at our overhead costs.
    • Anna: Strategic Committee does not have the data to implement the program/service analysis. The criteria have been set by the board and now should be implemented or tested by the staff. Perhaps they can begin to use the criteria in their monthly reporting and give us feedback whether the criteria are adequate in capturing the benefits and costs of the programs. Exec Committee could take on the task of researching and developing a financial plan for the AGM.
  • Action Items: Derek & SP Committee to share program eval criteria with ED/staff to begin testing.
  • Action Items: Jon, Nancy, Geoff, Anna (Exec Committee) to meet before May mtg to make plan for best and worst case scenario of charitable status application to report at AGM.

Alberta Bicycle Commuters Conference (10 min) Karl

  • The 2016 conference will be Sept 16-18 in Canmore.
  • Registration likely higher than 2015 ($80). Maybe closer to $100.
  • Last year we donated $500 and funded $500 for registrations (received one free registration).
  • Discussion notes:
    • Should EBC send a delegate to the conference? Karl feels we should send a cross-section of our staff and board members to engage with the provincial organization. Maybe there is some way to put some prize behind it to get people down there? Are there any advocacy based grants that we could apply for to help get travel compensated. It would nice if we could sponsor a few volunteers to go to the conference and possibly recruit new board members.
  • Action Items: Karl to determine the specific 'ask' from the Alberta Bicycle Commuters.

8:05 - 8:15 Break

Derek departed at 8:10pm.

BWN Incident (10 min) Chris

  • See March ED report section of BW.
  • This is for info to board, no action required at this time.

In Camera Session

  • Motion: To go in camera. Moved by Rachel, seconded by Jon. Motion Failed/Carried.
  • Please list how long you believe your topic will take to discuss:
    • Nancy (20 min)
  • Motion: To close the in camera discussion. Moved by Jon, seconded by Jasmine. Motion Carried.


  • Motion: To adjourn the meeting at 8:47pm. Moved by Nancy. Motion Carried.