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These minutes were approved in the Board Minutes May 2012.

EBC Board Meeting Minutes for April 5, 2011

  • Time: 6:30pm
  • Location: Law 101, U of A
  • Food by: Bern, Steph

Call to Order

  • Time: 18.35


  • Meeting Chair: Bernadette
  • Minute-taker: Micah
  • Board attendance: Bern, Chris Corrigan, Steph, Adam, Lee, Duncan, Micah, Neil, Brett
  • Staff attendance: Chris Chan
  • Regrets: Alex Choby, James Phillips
  • Absent:
  • Guests: -

Approval of Agenda

  • Motion to approve by Steph. Seconded by Bern. CARRIED

Approval of Last Month's Minutes

Minutes style

  • At minimum, our minutes need to include all of: motions made, who by, who seconds, and whether they pass or fail. Having proper minutes is critical both from a legal standpoint (as a registered society), as well as for funding (granters will ask for copies of our approved minutes). All or parts of this is missing from a number of minutes (e.g. names are listed, but not whether or not the motion passes or fails, nor the text of the motion). Minutes should also include start time and adjournment time. Cwc 01:48, 5 April 2012 (PDT)
  • Motion: Move to approve February 2012 minutes. MOVED BY: Bern. SECONDED: Duncan. CARRIED
  • Motion: Move to approve March 2012 minutes. MOVED BY: Adam. SECONDED: Duncan. CARRIED

Date, Location & Food for Next Meeting

  • Date: 10 May @ 6.30
  • Location: Micah will attempt to book same room again, Law 101
  • Food: Lee


President's Report

President's Report

  • 116 St lane consultation
    • tried & failed to go to 1st consult, next week is more imp; opposition cos 1st row of houses to W of uni that would lose on-street parking but they all have lots for like 6 cars, not losing actual parking just income from illegal selling of parking spots. AB doesn't feel like quite understands how imp consult. mtng is, maybe youtube video or numbers to say how important it is.... guidance please: how imp is this, how should we handle this.
    • Duncan: find by-law that states it is illegal to sell on-street parking. Adam: not by-law? but they have enough parking constructed into their lots.
    • Steph: plenty of parking avail. in the area for residents. Adam: so how should I approach this?
    • Duncan, Neil: pretty informal. Not like LRT.
    • DK: just need enough cyclists to say Yes bike lane please, maybe only a few homeowners will show up to say Hey parking! Or vice-versa: can depend on numbers of vocal turnouts. Maybe take photos of humongous driveways, bring to mtngs.
    • AB: but what about homeowners calling up and complaingin about lanes?
    • DK: hopefully we have enough connections in dept that we'll hear about controversy.
    • AB: we've already heard about it. Chris Chan: get 100 people to go or write letters saying I'd love that, I'd use it every day. **Steph: might do mailout to advocacy and/or general membership.
    • DK: Could we get letter to action out by Tuesday?
    • DK will use FB and advocacy committee; mention outcome in next newsletter
    • Chris Chan: Public consultations don't have any more weight than letters, really.
    • Meeting is 11 April 4-7 Windsor Park Hall
    • Action item: DK: FB event & advocacy email; CCh will update in next newsletter
  • ideas for using the Velo-city opportunity?
    • AB: publicity: pump it up on FB, release video every day of conference of CCh doing stuff? Maybe too much to ask of Chris?
    • DK: Presentation with City person as EBC event, 30-45 min presentation present to interested parties & memebers (in addition to lunch & learn); we could nicely ask them (CoE) to present at our own thing too.
  • Projector? Yes?
    • For the Spoke, with attendant grant (just checking in, approval not required, in Spoke budget)

Treasurer's Report

Treasurer's Report

  • Comments
    • SG: budget shot, so, any idea when we can revise budget accordingly?
    • Neil: according to forecasts that I've done is an option, but as far as knowing how much $ north shop will bring in, still vague until maybe summer's over
    • SG: worthwhile trying to revamp budget?
    • NC: can certainly approve changes to budget, but not really worth it; can make it better but not necessarily accurate.
    • DK: re: membership numbers being low...
    • NC: yes, a bit concerned, lots of people buying bikes but not memberships. Shop folks need to be more diligent at checking membership cards and charging for shop hours. Membership purchase becomes a benefit when you are being charged shop hours!

Executive Director's Report

Executive Director's Report

  • discussion points?
    • benefit of attending BikeBike: networking, information-sharing, seeing what other shops are up to and how they are organised
    • Alex still needs a bit of overseeing to make sure things move forward at BWN re: parts, tools, etc., at appropriate pace; Alex is in process of ordering fingerprint lock for shop.
    • where did mailbox key go? Oh AB still has it.
    • membership: CCh has ideas! will enact.
    • shelving: find some!
    • Action item: Micah will find email about library getting rid of shelving; might still be in ualberta account
    • storage: big room we don't really use (meeting space): could use for storage somehow? Somehow using it better ourselves. Don't have to close shop every time their is a class going on.
    • Alex H wants to go to BikeBike; discussion is should he? Hell yeah, and we won't expect funding though we could pay his reg fee.
    • re: Vue article: highlight bike routes, getting info from Chris; should add volunteer or something? Bring more ideas and bike routes? But apparently you can't do that with the media, they just want to meet with one person, and that's CCh.
    • re: archives: apparently Chris is working on EBC archives; MBC says Oh that was going to be my project but I've been super-busy. Can we collaborate?
    • Action item: CCh and MBC will discuss library-archives.
    • AB: SCIP interns: what to advert for? market BWN; fundraising/event mgmt; telephone/it/server; advocacy (somehow)
    • AB: Heritage festival donations would go to Food Bank? Really? Should they not come to EBC? Yes.
    • AB: Callingwood mrkt: who would do that? volunteer? staff? CCh- we could do it and make $ off of it. Our fees should really be higher, in order to cover our costs. Our currents rates don't do that. AB: As long as you can get at least one person to do it. SG: no prob with doing them as long as we follow through once committed. CCh: I could do this since it's close to my house. Rest of Board: As long as it doesn't interfere with your other jobs.
    • AB: Sustainable Food Edmonton? What is it? (Brief descrip. of organisation.)
    • Action item: Report to be done 3 days in advance of each meeting.

BikeWorks Report

BikeWorks Report


Information Management Committee

File:IMC Feb-Mar2012 report.pdf

James Phillips (not present) writes: I am going to say the Terms of reference will not be ready for the meeting. They are still on Google Docs linked to in the February meeting minutes. I will be moving the document to the wiki since no collaboration is happening, and I can no longer edit the Google Docs document effectively after an interface change.

Advocacy Committee Report

Committee 2 Report

  • Community conversation re: SLRT: basically an angry pitchfork meeting.
    • Mill Woods line: Have largely lost battle for parallel bike lanes. Road right-of-way is priority, alread losing enough road space to LRT, no-one wants to cede more to bikes apparently.
    • How to get bike onto LRT: DK keeps bringing it up.
    • ample bike parking at stations; SLRT existing is basically ridiculous.
    • bike infrastructure: ride to stations & stops
    • Action item: way for us to lead the way re: bike parking/public art? Larry (someone) keen to have art=bike parking. Next step for us: making contacts with metal artists and metal sculptors. approach, put together short proposal, speak to LRT/transport people. General consensus among board. MBC: make sure art is also actually functional for locking your bike to. DK: we have those resources.
    • couple of bike lane consultations, pretty chill, looking forward to upcoming.

Current & Completed Business

Board Job Description

Job Description: Board Member

  • any changes being made will be made to main article
  • slightly heady discussion re: # of hours; on avg 3 hours per month?; AB thinks better to illustrate possibilities by saying between 3-10; BR: but we're talking about minimums; BB: so put low-end commitment or small range; SG thinks should put 'minimum' in there. Changes being effected in main article by DK.
  • CCh: translation services? Board expects its members to be able to participate in board discussions conducted in English, both verbal and written.

Motion: Steph; Seconded: Adam; carried.

Cycling Event Policy

Cycling Event Promotion Policy

  • any changes being made will be made to main article
  • discussions on a few points but were pretty straightforward, non-contorversial.
  • CCh: might want to define 'representative of EBC' for legal purposes. Or attribute same def as 'leader of EBC'. Great big discussion about talking to people casually in shop about Critical Mass etc. Emphasising self as individual and not as representative of organisation. Perhaps we need more word-smithing. Spoken rules diff from written rules. But as long as we're clear in convo that we're disassociating ourselves.

Action item: AB will further obsess over wording.

New Business

Upcoming election

  • SG: should we be lobbying? General response is no.

Edmonton Free School launch party on 7 April (Micah)

  • letter for AGLC licence - edit? approval?

Moved: Duncan; Seconded: Steph; carried.

  • some details/questions:
    • screen for projecting (Malcolm?) Brett says there is one there.
    • Free School members allowed upstairs? Restrict side rooms, offices. Empty cash drawer: count out 100$ for float; say how much moving on cash sheet; move to safe. MBC will do it.
    • are there tables? yes.
    • should we warn our irascible neighbour? no, but keep door closed and keep quiet outside
    • security for space: Brett, me
    • parking: remind people not to park in alley

Casino volunteer recruitment letter (Micah)

  • feedback on content
    • to be done online
    • include CCh
  • distribution?
    • send to lists and separately through newsletter
  • BB: let's have a spreadsheet

In Camera Session



  • MOVED BY: Steph. SECONDED: Chris Corrigan. CARRIED TIME: 8.55.