Board Minutes April 2011

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Action Items from Last Meeting

Carried Forward

  • ACTION: Anna to contact ABA about CANBIKE
    • MAR UPDATE: Anna call again.
    • APR UPDATE: Scheduling underway.
  • ACTION: Anna to write a more detailed webpage about ghost bikes. Get Michael's press release to update if necessary.
    • FEB UPDATE: Not done yet. Keith will do it based on Michael K and site.
    • MAR UPDATE: No change.
    • APR UPDATE: Chris updated.
  • ACTION: All committees to write up their own Terms Of Reference (1-2 pg)
    • MAR UPDATE: Outreach, Inclusion, Adcocacy, Info Mgmt are up. To be done: Education, BikeWorks. Chris to put ones we have on the wiki.
    • APR UPDATE: Chris updated wiki. Missing are: Outreach, Inclusion, Advocacy, Education & Safety. BikeWorks and Volunteer are somewhat incomplete. CHRIS to e-mail everyone to resend if available.

New action items

  • ACTION: ANNA to put EBC priorities into online doc
    • APR UPDATE: Not done yet.
  • ACTION: Alex to update Bike Building metrics with correct numbers so that we can re-analyze
    • APR UPDATE: Can't be done.

EBC Board Meeting Agenda for April 27, 2011

  • Time: 6:30pm
  • Location: BikeWorks
  • Food by: Chris

Call to order


  • Regrets:

Approval of agenda

  • Motion to approve by BLAKEY. Seconded by CHAN.

Approval of minutes

  • Motion to approve March 2011 minutes by BLAKEY. Seconded by CAREY.

March board meeting minutes

Action items from last meeting

Next Meeting Date

Date: Wednesday, May 25, 2011, 6:30pm Location: (TBD - BikeWorks, ENTS?)

  • Chris will arrange ENTS booking.

Food For Next Meeting

  • Neil? if at ENTS...



  • Allison from Carbon meeting
  • Bike & Bake sale success!
  • EBC MEC night: ~30 members, sold 1 membership
  • SEF update

Executive Director

  • April busy event month. Lots of Volunteer org. events. Offsite events have been poorly attended; payment of mechanics isn't working great yet.\
  • STEP funding for Events position. 12 wks, budgeted amount awarded.
  • Part-time for other positions possibly, no additional funding yet.
  • Business plan requested from Artist in Res.
  • Education position should help pay for itself.
  • Target date for resolving hiring: mid-May.
  • Planning for Bikeology through May
  • Shop hours for 118 Ave needs to be considered

BikeWorks Coordinator

  • BikeWorks is getting very busy
  • Over $1000 on Saturdays, almost $10000 for the month
  • Lots of new volunteers
    • Well attended orientations, online application forms
  • Seems like most people are paying hanging fees
    • ACTION: Will try using a hanging clipboard from bike stands
  • Volunteer pricing questionable
  • First bike rental
    • ACTION: Will update website
  • Met with Linda Huffman
  • E-mailed Scott Peters, haven't heard back, will call
  • Neil: Can we post hours, rental, etc. information sheet by the telephone
    • ACTION: Will post info by phone


Attached are the numbers for March. The Art Auction took place in March, so both revenue and expenditure are well above their budgeted numbers. Crappy weather kept Bikeworks revenue somewhat below budget. Wages are a bit higher that budgeted to account for the additional overtime that we now owe to Anna. Other items are more or less as expected. End result is that the bottom line was about $1400 better than expected.

As always, let me know if you have any questions.

File:EBC Financial Report - March 2011.xls

New Business

BikeWorks policy on safety equipment

  • Reminder

Bike to the Symphony

  • Ticket sales slow
  • Partnerships strong
  • Espresso cart in Da Capo parking lot
  • Donation of prizes from redbike
  • Best dressed cyclist contest?
  • Backstage tour
  • Poster distribution

Rental bike program reporting

  • Derek's happy
  • Will wait for some more data from launch
  • Financial: Alex to report to Derek
  • ALEX to update webpage with bike rental details and photos

Alberta Cycle Building Update

  • MOTION: (via e-mail on April 8, 2011) CHRIS CHAN moves that EBC begin negotiations with the City of Edmonton to acquire space in the Alberta Cycle building in the immediate short term.


  • ALEX: no response yet from City. Will call.
  • Fair number of people ready to help setup. Not concerned about shift volunteers.
  • Not there until June, likely.
  • Spoke awarded Stollery. Spoke will invoice the City to be reimbursed.
  • 2 days a week, plus the Spoke.
  • After confirming space, start ordering equipment/parts.
  • QBP distribution?

Board retreat

  • No date set yet.
  • New doodle poll?

Instructor course fees

  • RE: fees paid to instructors teaching courses primarily at BikeWorks (not offsite events)
  • In Feb., BikeWorks & Outreach committee meeting decided on payment to instructors.
  • Alex understood: instructor paid 70% of gross revenue from instructor, incl. membership sales.
  • BLAKEY moves that instructors are paid 75% of course fees (considering new member payments as if they paid non-member rates). PLUIM seconds. Carried.

Governance of The Spoke

  • David has been meeting with Kris.

Bike building

  • Will continue through summer

Update on charitable status

  • Anna hasn't looked at the work from the U of A legal students yet. They mostly rehashed the research we had already done. Forms, application, etc. not done. Planned work for May.

Bike month contract/MOU

  • Draft MOU is written and edits are complete/nearly finalized. Almost ready to be signed.


  • CHAN moves that Anna Vesala is granted authority to enter into contracts on behalf of EBC. Contacts which entail a financial commitment greater than $500 must be approved by another member of the executive committee. Seconded by PHILLIPS. Approved.

Hiring committee

  • Derek Pluim, Bernadette Blakey, Keith Hallgren, James Phillips.
  • BLAKEY moves that hiring committee be given authority to decide and hire. HALLGREN seconds. Approved.

In Camera

CHAN moves to go in camera. Seconded by HALLGREN. Approved.


End of Meeting

  • CHAN moves to adjourn. Seconded by HALLGREN. Adjourned.